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Ultimate People Collection

Oct 25, 2000
Bakersfield, CA USA
Hey Guys,

I am going to be updating the Ultimate People Collection for
CIV II! If you have designed or created a PEOPLE.GIF or PEOPLE.BMP file...now is the time to post it here or email it to me.


It's perfectly alright to post it here...I've gotten a few in the email already...

Thanks to everyone for participating and especially for designing new graphics for Civ II!
Here is a little collection of some people by Captain Nemo, by myself (marked with a *) and some other ones.


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Here are some people for my upcoming Dicator II scenario,

Made by myself and mostly by the good Captain N. (may the legend live on!)

Hey Guys!

You've got some cool stuff here...Koby...I'll be sure to add your ST:Dominion people...

Some good combinations here too...

Special thanks to those who have taken the time to post their graphics both here at my email address...this will be very helpful!

I'm going to leave this up for about another week...and see if there are any still out there....I'm about finished with this project...it's getting a lot bigger!


Hey thanks--nope didn't have it...the more the merrier :)

DV...those look wartime...another great addition...

I'm also looking for some more unusual stuff...there are a lot of new scenarios and I've been seeing some neat things lately...the UPC has grown another foot...I'm not sure what that is in cm...


Originally posted by JValdezToo
Hey Guys!

You've got some cool stuff here...Koby...I'll be sure to add your ST:Dominion people...

and my Star Wars people (suggest you get the original, changing to jpeg here has reduced the quality a bit)

BTW which starwars junkie would know who these characters actually are?


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I'll make sure to get the originals...these are great

Ok, this is really rockin'-- keep up the good work...Civ 2 is here to stay, I can clearly see that with all the good art that is available...

Not sure if that many of these are new (infact I think most of them are modified versions of allready existing ones), oh well I'm posting them anyway.
Its for my "Europa" scenario.


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Oh yes,

Definitely a couple new faces on that list Henrik...I know I downloaded Europa not too long ago too...

It would also be nice to have a few ideas here aboutr what kind of people graphics are needed...this is also a good place for requests and maybe somepeople have some things on their hard drive already ;)

Originally posted by JValdezToo
I know I downloaded Europa not too long ago too...

My europa? Thats impressive considering I haven't released it yet ;)
There are a few playtest versions about (They are all very outdated though, as I am remaking the scenario pretty much from scratch now). ;)
J Valdez,

If you're taking requests....;)

I am finishing up a Bonaparte II scenario right now. I really could use some neat British, Western European and Russian people gifs.

The scenario is set 1803-1815. Thanks for anything you and the guys come up with....

Originally posted by JValdezToo
I know I downloaded Europa not too long ago too...

Yes, I was mistaken...It was European Wars, and you were not the author...I shall not comment on it...it was not what I thought it was...please forgive as I download so many scenarios, some names look so similar... :crazyeye:

And Curt...I expect to keep my promise to so many that I will dedicate more time to ToT...Mercator is tutoring me in the forum about the advantages of ToT...and after Monday, no more school for a while...thank goodness!

And most certainly, people can feel free to add more people.gifs but give credit if you use something from this thread--you have no excuse when its posted with a name!

I keep saying I'll leave this thread open for a week and then close it, but more good graphics keep coming in the door...I say let's leave it open until the end of June...I don't want to miss out!

But I will release the UPC update in July (just so you know).

I made these ones for my Armadas scenario but as i dont know if someday I will finish it:rolleyes: , here you are some people :D


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Oh yes, ...thank you kIndle :)

Now, these guys look tough! I can see the glory of Espana in their eyes...isn't civ great? I've been wanting to play something with conquistadores too...hmmm...

We really need more nationalized faces, guys. People that represent more of the cultures of some of the nations out there...I was thinking of that yesterday...I haven't been inspired lately to draw any new people...maybe I will this weekend.

Any udates or suggestions?

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