Unbelieavable MP game


Jun 24, 2008
So, i was playing free for all,and i got a great,and really really exciting game.


I was spanish
Human Player(HP) 1 was japanese
HP 2 was France
HP 3 Russia
And the AI was Greeks.

4000 BC:So first, i started at a kind of a cape, where i had a thin but long area of land at my use. The Madrid was built in a pretty worse place, because it growed population really slowly and had only 1 hammer. But there was water and therefore i had pretty good science.

1000 BC:I had 2 cities, both in pretty worse places, only good in science. My whole army was 1 warrior. I knew that science was my only way to win.

about 200 AD:Then i met the Japanese.Trapped. I had about 15 tiles of land and space for two cities. I thought of quitting, but my good state of tech kept me going.

about 1200 AD: i met France. Soon he culturally converted Barcelona(the other city near Madrid) across two tiles of water(!). Then i had built cities to nearby island. All of them had just a litlle population and hammers. I got a few Great humanitarians throughout the game; they seriously saved my population.

Since my army was really weak i was really afraid of war. But Japanese had democracy, France was afraid of my tech(or so it seemed) and the russians were really far away for me,i was safe.

1200 AD:-2038 AD: everyone pushed towards their own victory. I and Japan with democracy and France with monarchy.

Because of the civ abilities x2 exploration cash and +50% gold production i was somewhat rich. Now(1990 AD) it was clear how everyone tried to win.
The Russia was constantly at war with someone, and got elimnated to the japanese at about 2000 AD.

I was going for tech victory(40/48)
Japan was going for ecopnomic victory (4/8)
France was going for cultural victory(16/20(!))
And i have no idea about the greeks, i met him at really late in the game.

2038 AD:France was building wonders like crazy, and i thought the game would end soon. Then i just had invented space flight, i switched to communism and as i was pretty rich, i could rush all of the parts. then France sent me a message that if i send anything to space he will nuke me. He had built the manhattan project.

2042 AD:I still sent all of the parts and launched the spaceship.

2044 AD:I had almost all of my units in Madrid,and France nuked Madrid. Then he captured madrid. I was screwed. I had two tank armies and 1 bomber wing. I did not have almost any money so i could not rush units.

2050 AD:France had 20/20 to cultural victory.I tried sending spies to him but i failed.

2056 AD:Now my spasechip arrived at Alpha Centauri. But i had to take my capital.I had my tank armies in a cruiser near Madrid, and i could send the to a hill square 1 tile away from Madrid in one turn. France had 20/20 and Japan 7/8, but he had his capital Kyoto with 31 population and probably a lot of hammers. France sended a spaceship to space with lots of parts,it would take only 4 turns for it to reach Alpha Centauri.

2058 AD:I captured Madrid from france, there was only one modern infantry army defending it. If i could hold it for one turn, i would win a technological victory. But i highly doubt it.

2070 AD: I won! France did not attack Madrid. I still wonder why. Near madrid there was Barcelona that France had and there was a road form Barcelona to madrid.

Every turn for the last 20 turns, the game was really exciting. I never thought a turn-based game could make such excitment! All the time in the game France,Greeks,Russia and France had somekind of wars with each other. Now that i think of it later, i think the wars saved me.

Thanks for reading.


Mar 21, 2007
Hallways of Always
That's quite the win!


Jun 22, 2008
he probably flipped the city with a great person, and its funny how he sent you that messege, "if you send anything into space, i will nuke you."


Jul 17, 2008
That's awesome that he did that though. Ultimatums are good for business.


Jul 22, 2008
I would sure hope I experienced a kickass game like this one.
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