Undecimber 2020 mafia - ended - Mafia victory

Wow, well played Nagisa!
You played really well too!

Hey I actually got half the scum team sussed out in like my 3rd post.

Once more my quality work wasted.;)
If only you hadn't forgotten, maybe this game's conclusion would have been different XD

Yeah thanks for hosting this, Tak!

GG town! WP Nagisa!

Was of course mildly frustrating to get tunnelbussed by my only scumbuddy from day 0 until I was dead but OK, all is fair in love and mafia and all that. At least it sent Nagisa deep enough to bring home the bacon. Would love to scum with you again but perhaps consider a slightly more refined opening next time. :)
Would love to play as woof with you again too!
As for refined openings, you can't expect that from me XD
Nagisa-kouhai showed proper dedication to the ideals learned from Snerk-sempai, and honoured Snerk-sempai by surviving his downfall and massacring all his enemies.
"If the goal of a Snerk/Nagisa team is to bus Snerk today, I feel like Snerk should be trying to fake spew Nagisa town post-lynch which isn't really happening." lol at this. If Snerk/Nagisa is a thing I honnestly hope for them they don't open the day thinking they will bus because their goal is to live.

On point as always :lol:

Amazing job @Snerk and @Nagisa. I thought about Nagisa early D3 but totally dismissed the idea based on wagonomics... you live (die rather) and learn I guess. Not sure I would have been able to reeval and find the team correct I'd been left alive.

For next game, the town should really post and solve more so we don't leave alone low posters.

But WP!

Thanks for hosting M. Tak. Can't wait to play with you on MU again.

But he wasn't a paragon of townieness! He claimed full cop instead of roll cop.
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