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Undiscovered easter egg in civilization 1 ???


Apr 23, 2005
More info on the weird screen/weird colors I just noticed it again this time I think I know what might be going on:

1. I rejected the peace offer of rome while playing french. (Immediately a start of game, diplomay patch installed on version x.05)
2. I received technology, the screen look strange, yellowish colors on border... maybe it's supposed to look like this.

Could also be some weird/rare load issue in civilization itself... or maybe dos-box-x.

I was alt-tabbing a little bit to play with force scaler and aspect ratio to see if I can get an even better full screen look.

Maybe it's just some weird civ1 bug that disappears after some time... hmmm...

What might also trigger it is to:

1. Disable palace
2. Disable animations
3. Disable civpedia text
4. Disable sound

All in options screens, maybe this triggers this weird/rare color bug.

Maybe there is something to it, maybe it will lead to some undiscovered functionality or some kind of cheat in civilization 1.... hmm..
(Original text: Or maybe some kind of easter egg yet to be discovered that would be funny !)

Maybe it will lead to some undiscovered easter egg ? :) Maybe a special secret hidden screen, maybe some kind of golden screen ?

This could be a hint that there is some kind of golden hidden screen in it, perhaps some kind of credits screen or so ? ;)
When you receive a tech during diplomacy talks, palette is not updated, so icons of new available city improvements, new available units and also screen border around civilopedia text all look kinda strange. Game uses same colors it uses for diplomacy screen, so these colors depend on AI government (and if it "modern" or "ancient"). This glitch happens every time. This is what you meant? Or something else? These's also especially ugly glitch when you exchange with AI and AI takes Invention tech from you. Then palette is updated to "modern", but "ancient" advisors are drawn, with that wrong palette. I never encounter any other graphical glitches with diplomacy, I think.
The horrible glitch happens when YOU take Invention.
As for Sky's issue--most probably related to his fiddling with the way DOSBox displays the game.
Yes, I did not remember it properly, so I tried to presume what it was like. In reality it's nothing like I remember.

Game goes back to "normal" mode after "Invention" civilopedia info, then it goes back to diplomacy screen, but only faces of king and advisors and the text are updated, with wrong, "normal" palette, and there's GOVTXY.PIC in full screen in all its glory. Maybe game disables some flag for "diplomacy screen" status when it goes to "normal" mode? Probably "Invention" civilopedia reference after discovery always forces the game to "fade out" and then restore "normal" mode to update graphics of advisors.
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