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Unemployed citizens no longer treated as specialists

As it should be. Being unemployed doesn't make you a specialist =p.

A specialist at eating doritos maybe.
Started a Korea Game - unemployed citizens no longer get +2 science from the UA ...

Hi. I made an account just to post this because I was just playing and found out that Korea seems bugged.

For me, no specialists give +2 extra science. I was looking if others had encountered this and found this topic.
Oooooh, thats bad if no specialists are giving +2 science!

I'll be playing the new Civs and England first though, so hopefully by the time I play Sejong again this will get fixed.
When I played a game as Korea the other day, I noticed this as well; the city screen does not show the +2 beaker bonus next to each kind of specialist. However, if you look at your total science output, you can see that you are still getting those extra beakers; at least, I was.
I can confirm this:
The science bonus is not displayed, but it is added accordingly.
I really hope the science output will remain for Korea because otherwise Korean within Civ G+K will become dead meat and therefore a useless civ to pickup.
If it's only a display issue, things are ok as far as I'm concerned. That's good news.

In my opinion as long as unemployed citizens produce something, (ironically, production, get it?) they should be treated as specialists. Though, for balance reasons I'd restrict unemployed citizens to only +1 science for Korea.
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