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Apr 22, 2002
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Here are 2 unfinished BIQs I was working on but will likely never finish, as my Civ3 modding time is quite limited these days, and I would like to focus solely on Modzilla.

Please feel free to use these for anything you wish. I will answer any questions you may have on them in this thread.

The basic idea behind both of this scenarios (and the others I was going to follow up with) is very simple - take the population as it stands today, and make that work as a scenario. In both cases, I have done quite a bit of research into accurate city lists population for each nation, as well the accurate placing of each city - over 100 hours worth. This is why I am posting these - I hope some other modders out there can perhaps benefit from my abandoned labor :) Please note that except for some minor tweaking, not much else has been done.

WW4 - The map is TETurkhans 256*256 Test Of Time map, tweaked by me. This Scenario required the most amount of work in terms of all the city placements. I took the 31 most populous countries in the world, placed their capitols, and placed each of their cities with a current population over 1 million on the map. Some cities had to be combined due to space limitations on the map. Each pop count in the placed city represents 1 million current residents in real life. I then placed the capitol city for every other nation in the world as well every other city in the world over 1 million population, and hand-placed unique barbarians for each city into these ruins. Each barbarian represents 1 million current residents of that city.
- China only has cities over 2 million placed, as they are already the most powerful nation to start. All Chinese cities between 1 and 2 million current population are placed as Chinese barbarians. China is also heavily polluted, to nerf them a bit.
- Further discussion on this can be found here: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=348540

The New Civil War - The map is by Cantankerous, tweaked by me. The basic idea here is that for whatever reason the 30 largest US States have decided to separate from the Union. For this I took the most populous 30 Continental US States, and placed their capitols as well as any other city that has a population over 1 million. The 31st civ I called the Loyal States Of America (LSA). They are Washington D.C. and the smallest 18 continental states, still banded together but physically spread out. LSA has quite a bit of cites to start off with (D.C., the lower 18 state capitols, and the remaining LSA cities over 1 million (Albuquerque and Las Vegas), so to nerf them a bit I have them at war with the 3 largest states - California, Texas, and New York. Canadian and Mexican barbarian cities exist under the same rules as WW4 above. THis scenario required less work in placing the cities, but I have done a bit more work in researching each states culture.
- Leaders are updated to the current state governor
- States that currently lean Democratic favor Democracy and shun the Republic
- States that currently lean Republican favor the Republic and shun Democracy
- State nicknames are used to describe the population
- Find further discussion on this here: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=347720

City-State pop.rar is an Excel spreadsheet containing all or most of the research data I gathered for the scenarios, as well as some future mods I was working on along the same vein (All counties in the state of California, all cities in Orange County, CA). These facts were gathered from a huge variety of resources on the internet, at least 2/3 of it from Wikipedia, U.S. Census Bureau, and the WHO.

I hope somebody finds all this useful. It was fun but tiring work putting this all together. Post any questions or comments and I will answer them. If you are interested in the art packs I have for both of these let me know and I will post them (nothing new, just my collection for them). I suggest modern city ruins. I am off to hunt some Kaiju now :D

- Amesjustin


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I should reiterate: The vast majority of the work in both scenarios is comprised of these four things:

1. The nations\states are the largest in the world\country by population.
2. The city lists per nation\state are 100% accurate and listed with capitols first, then by population in descending order.
3. Only cities that are capitols or are over 1,000,000 in population are mapped.
4. All cities are accurately placed (as much as is physically feasible for that map).

In addition, for The New Civil War:

1. Leaders are Governors.
2. Population name is based on State Nickname.
3. State political leanings are represented.
4. State traits are also based on real life strengths of that state (Top 10 lists by trait per Wikipedia, except Seafaring which I gave to coastal and Great Lake states).
5. The formation of the LSA.
6. The locked, single-civ alliances which pit CA, TX, and NY against the LSA (other civs uninvolved).

There are other tweaks in place that I was experimenting with, but they are minor, and to be honest I forget what they were. Don't expect anything close to a finished mod, but rather something that you can either use as a base for your own mods, or something you can use the research for. Feel free to finish them or start something brand new, just post the links here if you do :)
Ames you have some really great ideas in this thread.

Thanks SOG! Maybe post Modzilla I'll come back and finish it, but at the rate I'm going Civ 42 will be out before then :p
Found some related BIQs - one for the Battle for California and another The Orange County War. I barely started the map on the OC war (256x174), so I might not finish that, but I was about halfway through the California map (222x256) - at least in terms of landmass - so I may work on that when I just need a break from Modzilla. If I get these into a reasonable shape I'll post them, but I wouldn't expect much beyond what the other unfinished scenarios are in here.

I also found my city list for all the counties in California, so will add that to the other Excel sheet and post that with the BIQs once I get them to a postable point.


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I did make some progress on the California map, but it has been a very long time since I touched it, and at this point I will probably never finish it as the little modding time I have is reserved for Modzilla, so I am posting it here in case another map maker would like to finish it off.

Terrain included is only based on elevation, so only terrain on it at this point is
Snow-capped mountain

Once that was done, my gameplan was to then add desert, plains, forest, marshland, volcanoes, coast, and sea, followed by rivers into the landmass I am now 2/3 done with. I was not going to include tundra or jungle as I don't think any exist in this geographical space.

Intention was to include 100% of the state, with as little of the surrounding terrain as possible (without making CA an island or distorting the map). This means the map will include the majority of Nevada, and much smaller portions of Oregon, Arizona, and Mexico.

This is free for anyone to use for any purpose, all I ask is that you give me partial credit for the map and send me a link to what you've done with it :)

Preview attached.


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