Unintended world domination


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Aug 10, 2001
Essen, Germany
The following story happend about one year ago in prince level.
The story begins in the year 4000 B.C. with two settlers and a hut. One settler entered the hut - and out came a chariot. Well! It began discover the world. Soon a second hut with a horseman was found, while the two settlers were still looking for a good city site. Delhi was founded in 3600 B.C., having 4 specials, 2 coal, one wheat, one pheasant (!), but meanwhile the small army had found two archers, another chariot and two elephants who joined the new born empire. No gold, no sciences, but military units. The two archers were sent for garrison duty to Delhi. The first military unit that was build was - a trireme. A horseman and a chariot were put on them to discover new islands and continents in the western hemisphere. One of the elephants found a band of wandering nomads, who joined the
indian empire - they founded Bombay. Another trireme from Bombay with a horseman and an elephant made itself on its way to discover the eastern part of the world.
Soon the Delhi team met the French and the Aztecs, the Bombay team met the Vikings and the Babylonians, a little bit later the Persians.
The two teams opened a lot of huts with nomads, advanced tribes, sciences, gold and military units in . The units replaced the one which have been killed by barbs.
Soon the French and Aztecs became angry about the glory of the Indian Empire and declared war. My chariots, elephants and archers and last but not least my diplomats overrolled them in a very short time. Then the Babylonians begged for being conquered and the Persians longed for a new emperor. I did them the favour. The last ones to be conquered were the vikings.
In the year 1000 A.C. the world was mine, except one German city, Berlin, on a very small island with no chance to grow (no specials, no grasland). This civ had popped up when another had been extinguished.
I had conquered the world without really intending it.
It was boring to manage more than 200 cities with no enemy left. Each turn I built nearly 100 carvans which were sent to all parts of the world. Nearly every city had an airport. I earned more than 70.000 gold per turn, had the highest luxury rate (100 %) and no taxes. In about 1400 A.C. my spaceship was ready to take off and reached Alpha Centauria about 12 years later. World population: 1.600.000.000, Score: >11.000 Points.


May 23, 2002
Still in Despotism
Sometimes the luck just seems to go your way. I've had some games, where the goody huts have just produced gold or barbarians, and i've had other games like yours that have produced plenty of units and wandering nomads.


Apr 15, 2003
What I find astonishing is the city space with four specials. The strategy notes on this site suggest looking for such spaces for any cities after the first. In all my games (not that many compared to most of you, it seems) I have not seen a single place where I could get four specials into one city radius. That was one of a handfull of times I have found a space with three specials. Usually two is hard to find. The best I have ever done is a city I built late in the game which had three whales. Does this have to do with difficulty settings or is there some cheat file that makes the specials morte common.


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Feb 27, 2004
Clow Country
He must have altered the color scheme.
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