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Unique Historical Victory for FFH?

Discussion in 'FfH2 Modmods, Scenarios, and Maps' started by youtien, Feb 28, 2010.

  1. youtien

    youtien Lyricist

    Aug 25, 2008
    I'm a bit disappointed for current victory conditions. Once as Illians, when I finally got Auric Ascended out, I got domination victory next turn.

    I was thinking of adapting Unique Historical Victory from RFC. Make every player and AI follow their civ's path. For example, Illians' UHV could be:

    1. Take control of Letum Frigus and 3 other natural wonders by half of the game.
    2. Make 75%/66%/50% land plots ice or tundra.
    3. Make Auric Ascended stay alive to level 10.


    1. Bring the infernals to the world.
    2. Control 9 arcane units with level 10+.
    3. Bring the armageddon.


    1. Build the Grand Menagerie, Theatre of Dreams by half of the game.
    2. Have your city be the first to acheive legendary culture.
    3. Control 6 units with 20+ promotions. (mimic / flesh golem suggested)

  2. meto30

    meto30 Chieftain

    Feb 22, 2010
    Busan, Korea
    I really liked the UHV part of Rhye's and Fall. It allowed me to recreate history with more reality than what other Earth mods provide. So, I believe I will like UHVs on FfH as well.

    Also if there is a static 'Lore-friendly Erebus map' scenario out there UHVs can be applied to it as well for synergy.
  3. Historical_pers

    Historical_pers Chieftain

    Dec 28, 2008
    how about something for the Grigori?
    1. eliminate all religions
    2. remove one good or evil civilization from the game.
    3. get 10 Adventurers.

    and even better, something for those good civs? (Mercurians??)
    1. control the holy-city of your religion
    2. defeat at least two evil civilizations, only one if demons.
    3. remove all hell terrain from the map.?

    moderately good additions?
  4. Gaga1111

    Gaga1111 Chieftain

    Feb 21, 2009
    I LOVE this idea and your suggestions but Historical pers suggestions sound a bit to anoyingly difficult means not really hard but to tiresome to achieve (grigori-get rid of religions and mercurians NO hell terrain) though for both I like the other 2.Maybe instead of remove all religions for the grigori make it kill acheron (becuase of the dragon slayers and adventurers).Mercurians would be RAZE not capture but raze the Ashen Veil holy city or Dis (whichever appears actually if both appear one would be enough) by (when the mercurian gate is build + 200 turns)

    What do you think?

    EDIT:Fixed some typos
  5. Deon

    Deon Lt. of Mordor

    Jan 13, 2008
    St.Petersburg, Russian Federation
    Grigori are not inquisitors, they just want to live without gods, and they won't crusade against other religions. So it's not really appropriate for a UVH. The overall idea is nice though.
  6. Azhral

    Azhral Let's get Tactical!

    Jul 9, 2008
    Dunedin, New Zealand
    One problem with the No Hell Terrain and amount of Ice/Tundra is that Mountains have a terrain type you can't see...

    Anywho, freaking brilliant Idea.

    1: Control 4 different Holy Cities
    2: Control at least 20 units with Divine
    3: Control the Mirror of Heaven

    1: Defeat the Illians
    2: Control 10 Golems with all availible promotions (Empower 5, fire 2, hidden, true sight, etc)
    3: Control at least 1 of every 'construction' resource (Copper, Iron, Mithril, Marble)

    1: Have the most gold
    2: Have the most GDP
    3: Control at least 3 cities with over 100% defensive bonus

    1: Have at least 2 cities on every continent
    2: Have at least 1 of every sea resource
    3: Capture at least 5 enemy ships

    1: Control Letum Frigis
    2: Control at least 1 of every mana type
    3: Build at least one Magic Tower

    1: Defeat at least two opponents
    2: Pillage over 1000 gold
    3: Control the Ride of the Nine Kings and the guild of mercenaries (whats the name?) wonders
  7. Kalina

    Kalina Just lurking...

    Sep 29, 2008
    Łódź, Poland
    Why not win Tower of Mastery then ?
  8. Azhral

    Azhral Let's get Tactical!

    Jul 9, 2008
    Dunedin, New Zealand
    Cause then you don't have to spend ~10000 hammers building all of the other towers. Besides, you wouldn't need to hold all of that mana for a huge number of turns like you would building all the other towers.
  9. Kalina

    Kalina Just lurking...

    Sep 29, 2008
    Łódź, Poland
    You don't need to hold mana nodes for many turns for ToM. In fact, if you want to control all mana types at once you probably already won by Domination. Tower of Mastery victory is usually won with 4-6 nodes and Dispel Magic.
  10. avalonnn

    avalonnn Chieftain

    May 7, 2008
    I would like to see council victories:


    Every surviving civ is good or a member of the council
    Pass a disarmament / peace treaty in council to win

    Council of Esus

    Every surviving civ is a member of the council
    No treaty needed -- the only law now is that there is no law!
  11. Milaga

    Milaga Chieftain

    Jan 19, 2008
    I've always liked the idea of unique victories, but the more I thought about it the more I realized that some civs idea of a "victory" shouldn't really be enough for a victory in the game. It's really hard to compare the goals of a greed oriented civ like the Hippus or Khazad with a divine conquest goal that the Sheiam or Illians might have.

    So perhaps these should be minor victories, which would be much easier (although still difficult) to attain. Accomplishing a minor victory could start a double golden age, decrease the requirements for religious, conquest and domination victories and/or grant some other bonus depending on the difficulty of the minor victory and the civ. Perhaps a permanent trait, specialist in each city, mana type, unit or whatever.

    I don't mean to hijack this thread. I think it's an excellent idea, but it is incredibly hard to balance. I personally feel the concept of a minor victory is more attainable and will probably need less DLL work to achieve.
  12. Onionsoilder

    Onionsoilder Reaver

    Mar 19, 2007
    I sort of like this idea. I know that in R&F each historical victory granted a bonus to the civ. I guess it depends. Anyway, some more ideas:

    1) Have Baranaxus gain Combat V.
    2) Build 5 different world wonders(scaled to map size?)

    2) Reduce to maintain the AC at 0.
    3) Control all Unique Features.

    1) Remove all Hell Terrain from the game(If nothing else, requires only visible HT)
    2) Destroy all Evil civilizations.
    3) Remove Ashen Veil from all cities in the game.

    1) Destroy the Clan of Embers and Infernal civilizations(must be present)
    2) Remove all non-state religions from your cities.
    3) Construct Glory Everlasting.

    1) Have the largest standing army (power rating) of all civilizations.
    2) Build the Guild of the Nine.
    3) Earn 10,000 gold.
  13. Gaga1111

    Gaga1111 Chieftain

    Feb 21, 2009
    Well as an active RfC (and FfH2 of course) player I can tell you that you would get a Triumphal arch in your capital which spawns a golden age if you met 2/3 goals and with 3/3 you win the game.Of course the civs were always the same on the same map so I doubt that in this version it would be good to have goals like destroy civ XY if the mentioned civ isn't in the game you couldn't win this victory type which would be unfair.Of course you could play it on one of those 21civs huge maps with all FfH civs presented in a lore wise placement.If we made the mercurian goal remove all hell terrain then we should also make a ritual to remove a certain precentage of hell terrain (for example ritual:The big cleansing,cost 10000 hammers,production bonus +100% for spirit mana,removes 70% of the world's hell terrain/OR X number of tiles (maybe you could choose upon completion) where X depends on map size

    Here are my suggestions:

    Clan of Embers

    1) Have a standing Army of 150(maybe more or less?) units on turn 300
    2) Raze 10 cities
    3) Control the holy city of Ashen Veil and make it your capital


    1) Be at least third in score by turn 400
    2) Destroy at least 1 civ by the end of turn 150 (rush them)
    3) (can't remember a third one)

    Kuriotates (spelling?)

    1) Have 3 cities (depending on map size) with pop 25
    2) Be first in land by turn 250
    3) Be the first to summon a dragon (acheron not counted)


    1) Kidnap at least 5 great persons
    2) Found Couincil of Esus
    3) Your unit has to gain chosen of aeron

    1) Found Fellowship of Leaves
    2) Have 30 Ancient forests (too much/not enough?? and depending on map size)
    3) Build Yvain and get him too level 13

    There are my suggestions fell free to change something or comment.If you think you got better ideas instead of mine feel free to post.

    EDIT:A couple of typos fixed and changed one Svart. goal.
  14. hix

    hix Chieftain

    Jan 31, 2009
    Love the idea. As a ridiculously addicted RFCer, I think I have done about everything possible in that mod (except empty europe lemma, which still eludes me:mad:) I would love to see this in the mod, not that there aren't enough ways to win already, but it would definitely add even more flavor to the already awesome mod. Previous poster was right, tho, it would most likely have to be a scenario to make this work, or else very carefully thought out UHVs. Just started playing ffh, so I am not in a position to reccommend, but good luck, fellas.

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