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Unique UK Civ focused on diplomacy, espionage and government

Discussion in 'Civ - Ideas & Suggestions' started by FJMaikeru, Jun 11, 2020.

  1. FJMaikeru

    FJMaikeru Chieftain

    Jun 11, 2020
    So I had this idea for a UK civ that I wanted to share. It's primarily based off British history and the monarchy and has a unique focus on diplomacy, espionage and government. I don't know if the numbers are all balanced, but they could be tweaked. I really like the concept, so I would love some feedback. Anyway, here is the civ:

    Civ: United Kingdom

    Civ Ability - Magna Carta: Unlocks the Tier 3 Constitutional Monarchy government when you unlock your first Tier 3 Government. Upon adopting the Constitutional Monarchy, recruit Queen Elizabeth II and gain the Great Work of Writing "Magna Carta."

    Constitutional Monarchy: Has 2/2/2/2 policy slots, grants +5% culture and +5% science and prevents your relationship with other civilizations being affected by differences in government. Provides the legacy bonus "Commonwealth: Your Trade Routes to an Ally's city provide +2 Culture and +2 Science for both cities. Alliance Points with all allies increase by an additional 0.25 per turn."

    Queen Elizabeth II: Assigned to an enemy city centre like a Spy, but enemy civilizations always know where she is. Uses "State Visit" at foreign capitals, generating a random amount of diplomatic favor (from 15-60) and improving your relationship (+5). Enemy spies gain 'Capture the Queen', which they can only use in their own capital cities. If the Queen is captured, generates 150 grievances and automatically starts a war. If the enemy agrees to peace *and* releases the Queen at the same time, gain 2 Diplomatic Victory points. If an attempt to capture the Queen fails, generates 100 grievances.

    Civ Unique Unit: MI5 Agent (replaces Spy): Functions as a Spy with +1 effective level. Has the unique 'Rescue the Queen' mission. Can be retired to create one recon unit with free promotions equal to the number of promotions earned by the agent.

    Civ Unique Building - Royal Navy Dockyard
    (same as England)

    In addition, I have a lot of ideas for leaders of the civilisation, but honestly a Catherine De Medici clone would be more than sufficient. I was thinking of using David Lloyd George and renaming Flying Squadron to Foreign Intel, and Black Queen to Political Intrigue.

    Anyway, let me know what you think. I'm open to any feedback to improve this further :)

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