Unit cycling gets 'stuck'


Jul 28, 2005
Haven't played any Civ games for years so am a bit rusty on everything.

Anyway I installed Civ5 several days ago and had a couple of stock games without apparent issue. Then installed VP and noticed there's an "issue" where cycling through units with the next unit, previous unit arrows or key shortcuts seems to get stuck on a couple of units. Like clicking the next unit arrow will forever cycle between the next and previous units, even though there are more units requiring orders. I either have to manually select a different unit or click on a city or something else to continue cycling through the rest of the units. But that's annoying as I like to just cycle through units and move them as I see fit.

Is this somehow by design with stock civ5, or VP? Or am I doing something wrong?
Wow, I completely forgot that there is a next unit keyboard shortcut. I have been using the mouse to select units for years. I do remember using the keyboard shortcut in Civ 2! I’ll give it a try in my next game and let you know.
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