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Unit: Fire Longbowman

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Jan 15, 2002
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I finnished the unit. I will be closing the other thread so if you need to get any info from it get it now, I will close it on Saturday. Feedback will be appreciated. And reporting any errors is nice too.
Sorry about the file being missing. It exceeded the attachment size so I broke it into 3 seperate zips. I ran out of time last night and I had to go to school today so I'm posting it now. I think we all know how to install new units by now.:rolleyes: Part 1:


  • fire longbowman.zip
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Here is Part 2:


  • fire longbowman 2.zip
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And here is part 3:


  • fire longbowman 3.zip
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Umm...Is anyone going to give me feedback on how it works in the game?
Don't worry, the comments will flow in after a while.

Personally I have downloaded it but have yet to add it as a new unit as I want to finish my current game first. ;)

As it is, the animation looks great and you already have like close to 40 downloads already. :goodjob:
I just DLed all three of the pieces and there's no animation, just wav files. I have two "attachments". I'm unaware of what they are. What gives?
I just downloaded them to check and all but one flcs are in the first file. The other is in the third one. The second is only sound. Not sure what the prob with yours are. Just try redownloading.:rolleyes:
Just started a new game using this unit.

I gave it the same stats as the regular longbowman but with an added bombard attack, representing it's ability to burn down enemy improvements.

It works really well and the graphics are nice too!


Had to re-DL. It's simply beautiful. Thanks!:goodjob:
This is for Shaitan and any one else who wants to use my animations(I'm planning to make more);):
Any animations I make can be freely used in any mod.
Does anyone have any suggestions for stats? I myself gave it some stats but haven't had time to test it(been busy and trying to finnish my current game). I gave it 5 attack, 3 defense, 2 bombard strength, 1 bombard range, 1 rate of fire, and the ability to clear forests and jungles. I'm not sure if I should change rate of fire to 2 though. I gave it the ability to clear forests and jungles because if you think about it, they could burn them down. I hope someone responds!:D
Re: Suggestions for Stats for this bombard unit
- what about the following as a suggestion in the context of the other units ? (See attachement below)

The Fire Longbowmen unit needs to be better at bombard than a standard longbowmen (To reflect it's ability to set buildings on fire etc.), but a standard longbowmen should really have some "bombard" ability also.

It was this bombard ability that broke the stalemate of medieval cavalry battles and finished off the knight as an effective battlefield force. The showers of heavy, iron-tipped quarrels easily punctured the armor of knight and foot-soldier alike. English use of the longbow decimated the French knights at the battle of Agincourt, allowing the English to defeat a vastly superior French force.


  • civ3-stats-extra-bombard-units-plus-fire-longbowmen.zip
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This unit isn't in the unit library.
This one's been knocking about for ages, and the reason that I havn't put it in the library is because it is for the most, identical to the original longbowman, other than a few fire pixels on the arrow on the attack animation. This, however seems to have been re-coloured making it incompatible with the other graphics, otherwise I would have included it just as an attack upgrade. Seeing as these days there is no guarantee that the English side is always going to be orange, this could cause some problems.

I have also not included one of the older APC units here, as it was just the graphic for the radar artillery unit.
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