unit idea: transport plane


Feb 7, 2002
Was gonna make it or attempt to, don't know how anyone could make it work in the game. It would allow you to transport lets say up to seven units and would be lots faster than ground transport (which in modern days is obsolete). If anyone brought this up before, sorry.
Should it be like a Helicopter with greater capacity?
Someone has already made an air transport unit. Check in the Unit Graphics section.
I would like to have a good Troop-Trasport sytem. I was not aware that any one had develiped a "Trensport" -- can it be downloaded? I have not liked the Helicopeter being limited to just 1 troop. From the earlist use of millitary copters they have always transported more then 1. In the Nam, most copters carried at least a squard. All branches of the Armed Services have different sizes of "Troop Trasports" that will cary frome a squad or 2 to several hundred. They are (almost all) able to carry troops, equipment, or both.

So; I think there should be Copters that carry more troops +/or equipment -- there should be (say.....) 2 (or more) sizes of 'Bomber-style' Trasports that can carry troops, equiptment; or both. This should include Paratroopers & Marines that can be airlifted to ANY friendly +/or allied allied city and air-dropped to anywhere to confrount an enemy; help an allie; penitrate enemy; a "hit'n'run" opperation; or just a nice 'friendly' sunday-morning blood-bath. Also; Air -Land - & Sea transport equipment should be ably to carry allies troops as well as frienldy troops. How about being able to "loan" troops +/or equiptment to allies for open, or covert, actions against their +/or your enemies. Additionally; Settlers and workers should be airliftible too. That would allow the 'Empier' to be spred faster and in interesting ways. By the by; there should be a 'Ground Transport' also.

I'm sure that there could be more said, but that is enough for now.

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