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Simon Darkshade

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Apr 8, 2001
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How many units can one civ have?
How many in the game overall?
Because people worked them out...
Also most of the limits are all powers of 2. 1024 times 2 happens to be 2048. The city limit is 256 or maybe 255.
Julius Brenzaida found the actual number when he was working on his "no limits" patch/mod.
No.He was unsuccessful on this limit.I suggest that over 2000 should be enough ;)
No.City size is still limited to 125 or 127...I can't recall exactly.Something like that.
Originally posted by Simon Darkshade
How many units can one civ have?
How many in the game overall?

2048 seems to be the maximum number of units in a game, regardless of civilization. The last unit before receiving the above prompt was unit #2045; I'm making the assumption that slots 2046 and 2047 are reserved for one Barbarian leader and one Barbarian combat unit, adding up to 2048.

(Ah yes, maximum city size is 127 (i.e., 128-1); hit 128 and ... well, I forget what happens, but it ain't good.)
Ye, when a city tries to grow beyond 127, it shrinks to minus something, either -1 or -128. I've never got a city this big without cheating, the largest city i've ever built was somewhere around 100, and that was on cheiftain. But i think there was a thread somewhere around here where someone got carried away with the food caravans and their capital imploded.
yes it "rolls over" and starts again.The icon even switches to a size 1 city.
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