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Nov 10, 2002

Back bone of the Cylon Empire is the infamous "Base-Star." A Base-Star carries significantly greater firepower and tactical strength than it's Colonial counterpart. A fully armed Base-Star has three times the fighters, troop and weapons capability of a Colonial Battlestar, making this space born killer the most deadly ship in the known galaxy.

This massive, double saucer vessels measured some 5,800 feet (1768 meters) in diameter and carried a legion of Cylon troops and 300 Raider type fighter craft. They are armed with over one-hundred defensive Turbo Laser turrets and two, long range, Mega-Pulsar guns. So formidable is a lone Base-Star, it is considered to be more than a match for a single Battlestar, or even the defenses of an entire planet.

Cylon technology is several steps ahead of that of the Humans. Their Base-Stars do not use the primitive Ion engines of the Colonials. They instead use a highly advanced Inertialess gravity drive system. It is believed this Gravitic Drive system employs a system related to "Zero Point Field" energy and manipulates this field for propulsion. This effectively negates the need to constantly refuel their ships, nor worry about storing fuel for an Ion engine. Base-Stars still need fuel for their fighters however, as Raiders still use Ion engines.

Base-Stars are far superior to a Battlestar in every technical respect. Using an inertialess drive system, the Base-Star has a higher acceleration rate and can achieve greater speeds than a Battlestar, of roughly 0.32 C. Her Turbo-Lasers are more powerful and efficient, rated at a low-end output of 100 Gigawatts, to a high of 2,000 Gigawatts per battery.

In addition to the stated advantages, a Base-Star has a distinct advantage in heavy weapons, using her two Mega-Pulsar guns with a power output of 100,000 Terawatts per gun, allowing a Base-Star to take out an enemy capital ship in just a few well placed shots. If that wern't bad enough, Cylon gravimetric technology allows them to enhance the electromagnetic defense shield around their ships. While Battlestars have this same technology, their defense shield system is nowhere near as efficient as the Cylons.

Cylons have always favored overwhelming their opponents with numbers, over subterfuge and tactics. This is the only true advantage the Colonials ever had over the Cylons... the mechanical race's two-dimensional thinking and lack of creativity. This of course was the Cylon's key reason for letting the traitor "Baltar" live, as they needed his unique "Human" qualities to capture and destroy the last Battlestar, Galactica.

Here a first preview:


Jan 4, 2004
A shipyard near you
This is huge, nice to see some more units being made, this lull of activity is a little concerning.

What kind of attack can we be expecting?


Dec 8, 2003
Dimension called Elsewhere
Hmm, could double as a Hapan Battle Dragon. Nice...
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