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Unit request: 17th SS Panzergrenadier Division

Roman Legion

Jun 19, 2003
Las Vegas, NV
I would like someone to make the unit 17th SS Panzergrenadier Division for me, and for the German AI.here are some pictures below.


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This is the unit that is reputed to have slaughtered 200(?) wounded americans they captured in Belgium (if memory serves), and the locals helping them not bleed to death were all murdered as well. There were also several war crimes charges prosecuted against this unit (and it's members) other then the killing of wounded POWs (which could never be proven to the degree needed to prosecuted).
And this unit had no major success... in that same belgian town, a group of lightly armed paratroopers held off the much larger german force for a very long time... they were tasked t do some counter attack stuff and failed there too. All I can remember of this unit is failure and murder. Cool uniforms though.
What makes it any different from other Waffen SS units graphical wise?

I found it odd that the request was a very specific division instead of a general unit :)
Hey I don't care what they did winter I like their uniforms so forget about all that war crime crap and maybe make this unit for me, Please! someone.
I believe Roman Legion wanted the unit not for any political reason, He only liked the Camoflage pattern of this uniform which is only used by this unit.
I know about a dozen people who got banned due to the fact they were merely advertising at CFC to having made such units, me having been one of these. Face it, the site's ownership cares a lot about posts and attachements that might stirr up controversial issues. Sooooooo...... tough luck.....
All I want is just a Waffen SS with a Camo uniform. Please Winter I really like the uniform. you dont have to call it the name I wrote but can you at least make a german infantry with camo.
There's already a SS unit with Camo done and u'll beable to get it when SOE V5 comes out.
Roman Legion said:
What?? What are you talking about SOE V5??
There are 3-4 preview threads of the various bits and pieces on here. It is a huge, deep extremely detailed MOD covering ww2. Wyrmshadow has made 100's of units for just this one mod. It is why he has released so few public units lately.
Jorde is doing leader heads and so on.
Just look around here and on evo-games.net and you will see some of what is to be released.

If u wasn't so busy with other things we would have asked u along time ago.

We're always looking for good help, But its a matter of how much time u can waste working with us. Plus in what areas u're good at.
recon1591 said:

If u wasn't so busy with other things we would have asked u along time ago.

You're right, I've been too busy to help directly. I have a very hectic life right now, and my time to fiddle comes in fits and bits. So I'll have 3 hours one day and then no time for 2-3 days.
But feel free to use anything I've made, including modifying any items to better fit your grand plans.
In the meantime, I am having fun making this stuff.
Oh how i know about RL and kids. LOL.
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