Unit Request: more flavour units...possible ideas


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Jan 6, 2001
Brighouse, England
Africa really gets left out of Civ3...and I would love to put in my mod "civ3 on earth" a representation of the diversity of peoples (I know how!).

I would like:

Sikh Warriors


Aboriginal Warriors

Maori Warriors

Red India Warriors: Inca, Aztec, Tupi, Cherokee



Basically some units that can be used to represent primatives civilisations.

I'd also love to have some Redcoats :)

They are easy to research with google...I hope some of you graphic artists may make some of the ones I've suggested.

Thanks :D
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There is only one kittenOFchaos...so the answer is YES. You may spot Lee Ikenter an ex-AAeuropeMC veteran...he is a fanatical civ3 succession game player.

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