Unit Request


Feb 9, 2002
:nuke: Ok, we all know a Star Wars mod is going to happen, given a Darth Vader Avatar and a few custom units I'm sure someone will replace Germany with the Dark Side and maybe Russia with the Rebel forces. What I'm requesting is nothing so drastic, but I thought it would be really (REALLY) cool to have storm troopers and Dark Jedi Knights added to the end of the scientific tree (Acquired by robotics maybe). Anyone who made a Dark Jedi (just so melee wouldn't be dead) and a storm trooper would be my hero.
Im working on a complete star wars mod right now. Im rehauling the whole game to be star wars. I havent gotten much animation done yet, but i will have stormies and rebels and alot more units in the future. I am thinking of creating darth vader, luke skywalker, etc. once im done if anyone wants to create scenarios(by that time i have a feeling that the ability to make scenarios will be out) with them. Check out that r2 droid by plastic bag, its going to be a really good unit when its completed.
Sweet, i had an idea on how to start it. If you use a civ2 unit as your first frame, you could just edit that to make it easier to create.
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