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Unit set up tree promised to you :D

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Road to War' started by Sir_Lagalot, Jan 4, 2008.

  1. Sir_Lagalot

    Sir_Lagalot Chieftain

    Jan 3, 2008
    Hello, got your message Dale, heres what I Think (For land units)
    Tank strength proposed:

    (L5/L6)/ and other tanks before upgrade 16

    Panzer II/T-26/Ha-go, other upgraded light tanks (not of listed tanks), 20

    M39/m40(Italian),Type 97 Chi-ha (japanese),Crusader, Panzer III (add in as a stopgap between two tanks for germany, essentially only make Panzer IV's available after poland, in terms of research guaging) 22

    T-34/P40(Italian heavy)/Sherman/Panzer IV/Cromwell (British) 25

    T-34-85, Sherman Firefly, Panzer V (Panther),Churchill. 30

    (Advanced) Iosif Stalin Tank, King Tiger, Centurion (british), M26 Pershing (american) 35 (For late game kingpin killers)

    Note: I took the KV out because it is essentially a t-34 with more armor, not equal to a Tiger.

    Infantry strength (note the shields for the reduced stuff [essentially the chinese], should be heavily reduced so as to promote a "meat grinder" mentality) (note increases in strength from early to advanced should stay five)
    (all early infantry values, increase by five for each upgrade)
    Chinese/Xiam/Sinkiang/Mongolia 10
    Italian/Dutch/Turkish/Swedish/West Balkan 11
    Japanese/French/Russian/Spanish/East Balkan/Norway 12
    Finnish 13
    American/British 14
    German 15

    Chinese (German trained) [should spawn with some but cannot build more nor upgrade] strength 15 (non-upgradeable)

    Notes: once again, the tanks that are not already in game, should be stop- gapped in there so as to increase differing play styles. The Panther, rather than the Tiger, was far more produced and although less iconic than the Tiger, is more realistic to have in game. (Plus theres a built in one modeled by Civ already! :) ). Also, paratroopers should be upgradeable at least one level.

    heh: Change the voices on the Chinese models to use Chinese voices, not american ones.

    In my opinion Japanese units should recieve one rank for free as a cultural power (with barracks adding xp to the unit)

    Please add if you think there should be more stuff people!;)

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