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unit: star wars AT-AT


Feb 7, 2002
I am currently working on the AT-AT for star wars mod. I have the model completely rendered and textured and finally have a good shadow on the ground. Sucks that the unit is so small you can barely see textures and details. Can barely even see the weapons. Now is the time to render the animations for the actual game unit.

Shown here is the West view of default animation. The head is slightly moving and body. Before I render out the walking and attack animations i'd like some feedback so I dont have to rerender everything. I'd like to know:

1)Is the size ok? I made it approx same width as the tank but taller, I wasnt sure how big to make it since the scale in CIV III is screwy.

2) Since this is default I didnt wanna go loco with movement, is it enough do yall think?

If there are any other issues this is time to place em on the table ;) If everthing is ok, i'll start start rendering all the other poses too.


I think it looks great. Though I would say the body is to big. I'll post my GIF animation so you can see what i'm talking about.


  • atat.gif
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you should post your horse and carriage image as an optional settler or for use as the pioneer/colonist settler upgrade unit.

your portfolio looks great! some really nice stuff there.
Yeah thats whats wierd, I got some blueprint plans of the AT AT scipio from the star wars vehicles book and my model was going by that. In that plan the body is a bit bigger and head smaller.

I was using your animation to figure out how to make it walk. Thats a really great model and animation. I think I will make body a bit smaller and perhaps increase head size a bit, maybe that will make guns a bit more visible then as well.

Kal-el i use Alias Wavefront's Maya for all my 3d work :) Textures done in photoshop, although hard to see them. Maybe when I finish this star wars stuff (and a couple other side projects I'll throw that horse and carriage in the mix)

I will also post a high resolution version of the 3d model as well for the civilopedia later.

Thanks for comments, time to fix some proportions!
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