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Unit "with access to spells" without spells

Discussion in 'Fall from Heaven: Age of Ice' started by RuinerCZ, Aug 1, 2016.

  1. RuinerCZ

    RuinerCZ Chieftain

    Aug 1, 2016

    I decided to try civ series and I picked civ 4 for that purpose. Now I'm trying Age of Ice scenario, which seems just great so far (it's hard, but I'll manage :) ).
    There is just one detail that bugs me.

    From time to time, new named unit (like "Uriel", "Azer" etc.) appears and there is always a note that "this unit has access to spells". However, only my first such mini-hero had a spell (summon skeleton), three others became just regular units with only name different from others. So, my question is, whether they get access to those spells later (as they level up / as I find something / research something) or is it some kind of bug.

    Thank you
  2. black_imperator

    black_imperator Chieftain

    Dec 4, 2005
    The "Children of Kylorin" units gain two random promotions amongst seven at creation, four of those give spells ( Haste, Floating Eye, Raise Skeleton, Warmth) and three gives stat bonuses.

    Check the promotions of your units on the left to see what they got.
  3. Imp. Knoedel

    Imp. Knoedel Imperator Knoedel the Grumpy

    Nov 11, 2011
    Land der Mörder, Land der Hetzer
    If you are playing Age of Ice, you would probably like the main Fall From Heaven II mod as well. It's not included in Beyond the Sword, so you would have to download it from this site, but you won't regret it as it's one of the best mods out there.

    Good luck with your fight against Mulcarn. :)

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