United Nations voting mechanics details


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Sep 19, 2007
Plovdiv, BG
Hi there guys and gals.

I've wondered lately about specific details about the UN voting system in civ4 and searched the web and the forum, but had no luck in finding the answers. Like

1. How long time passes between resolutions votes in turns and how long it is between elections for a UN General Secretary? Is it at all turns based or it is a game-date based? Are those game speed dependant? (like resolution voting each 10 turns on normal speed or 30 on marathon?)

2. What is the list of resolutions you can propose?

3. What happens once one resolution pass? Can it be reverted somehow? What happens if a resolution pass and the UN gets destroyed after this?

4. What percents are required for a given resolution to pass? And what percents of the votes are required for a GenSec to be elected?

5. What happens if a GenSec chooses not to propose a voting for resolution? Does the time till the next vote changes somehow?

Any answer to my questions or part of those or simply a link to where I can find the answers will be appreciated. Thanks.
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