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[GS] Units and Strategic Resources

Discussion in 'Civ6 - Requests & Ideas' started by thecraftybee, Feb 20, 2019.

  1. thecraftybee

    thecraftybee Warlord

    Jan 10, 2015
    Love the idea of the new system and it is implemented mostly well, but I think it could be so much better. One of the main things I hate about how Civ utilises Strategic Resources (SR), is that it can be incredibly RNG whether you can gain access to them natively.

    I would like to see units and SR changed to something like this. I have no coding skills whatsoever, so just throwing this out there.
    1. All non-Unique Units can be built by everyone with the appropriate tech, so that no one is left with Ancient era units in the Space age because they don't have the SR to upgrade.
    2. Whenever a SR is unlocked, a new Supply-type Unit (Strategic Iron/Mount/Coal Supply Unit, etc) can be trained directly which costs roughly 25% of the average units production cost and uses X amount of SR and comes with 1 charge. Maybe an Encampment or building within buffs the charges.
    3. Moving a Strategic Supply Unit onto a military unit and consuming a charge would give it 2 buffs - a generic one depending on the Supply Unit and a secondary one depending on the type of Unit being buffed
    4. Each military unit can gain buffs from different types of Supply Unit but only once, in effect a unit can get the bonus from Supply Mounts, Supply Iron, etc, but never 2 from Supply Iron.

    Strategic Iron Supply Unit:
    Generic bonus - +4 CS
    Additionally the following type units gain an extra:
    Melee - +3 CS
    Recon - +6 CS against barbarians
    Range - +6 CS against Melee and Recon units
    Siege - +6 CS against city defences
    Anti-Cav - +6 CS against Light and Heavy Cav
    Light Cav - +6 CS against Range and Recon
    Heavy Cav - +6 CS against Melee and Siege

    Strategic Mount Supply Unit:
    Generic bonus - +1 Movement
    Additionally the following type units gain an extra:
    Melee - +1 Movement if starting out in your own territory
    Recon - +1 Movement if starting out in unclaimed or neutral territory
    Range - +1 Movement if starting out in enemy territory
    Siege - Can move and attack on the same turn
    Anti-Cav - Whenever an enemy Cav units first moves next to this unit, it loses all movement points
    Light Cav - +3 CS and + 10 healing healing each turn regardless of actions
    Heavy Cav - +3 CS and +50 health on killing an enemy unit

    The above bonuses are off the top of my head and would need to be given proper consideration for balance and so are just examples of what I'd like to see.

    This would system should then allow for new SR like Rubber/Rare Earths to appear on the map which would give different bonuses, or as tech advances, the Iron Supply Unit will become obsolete and you can now train the Steel Supply Unit (consuming Iron/Coal) etc.

    TL;DR - All units can be made and upgraded throughout the tech tree. Strategic Resources can buff units via a Supply Unit buff. These Supply Units can be used to buff different types of units, like Iron buffing Archers, or Mounts buffing Melee.

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