Units I would like to see In the Game with helpful graphics ideas


Nov 6, 2001
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Here is a thread where we can list all the units Some Units the game could use:

Engineer: An upgrade from the worker. Actually in the mod I am working on it is the second upgrade from the worker. The first upgrade is to laborer with industrialization, but for that you can use the modern worker image. CTP2 has a great unit the "city planner, but I don't have that game and I wouldn't know how to import those graphics to Civ3 even if I had access to them.

by adding additional techs that increase the worker production rate the engineer will be able to work much faster than the worker or the laborer. with an increase to their movement rate the engineer becomes an essential part in building your empires infrastructure.
here is a pic of the ctp city planner.


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I,ve already made one, but I haven,t tried it out in the game yet.

It,s just a basic worker but with a lot more options.

It,s too big to post here. But if you want it, let me know and I,ll see what i can do :)
what this game needs is a way to mess with your rival civs with out getting into trouble. heck, we all know that they feel free to hang around in our territory without any penalty.

how about a spy?
give them the hidden nationality flag so you don't get into trouble for ripping up your neighbors roads, but take away their attak rating so they can't take over enemy cities. They have to have some defensive rating but not too much. These guys should be trying to avoid enemy units if at all possible.

make them available with literacy, when you can build embassies and let the fun begin.

my idea for the graphics would be something like CTP's diplomat, but get rid of that treaty in his hand.


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Un upgrade from the spy once espionage comes around.

These guys are a little better at defending themselves and move a little quicker. To give them a little punch give them the bombard ability, but still no attack. I think this will prevent them from capturing cities while at the same time giving them some offensive capabilities.

Again CTP has the images I want!


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Cost = 5
A/D/M = 0/1/3
Pop. Cost = 3
Req. = Coal, Iron
Prerequisite = Steampower
Unit Abil. = Foot Soldier
Standard Orders = All
Spec. Orders = Load, Airlift, Finish Improvments
Worker/Engineer Action = All (BUT CAN NOT BUILD CITIES)
AI Strategies = Terraform
alright, so we have the troop transport truck, but what about a modern troop transport? How bout the humvee?

this should be a faster and lighter version of the truck, images made available by Dark Sheer. that means it carries fewer troops but can get them there faster. give it a bit more offensive fire power and a bit more defensive armor and send in the Marines.

both versions of civ2 had the humvee. below is the civ2 hummer and to the left my avatar is the ToT humvee.


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This is what I,m working on now. I just wish I was a little better at gfx.


Cost = 15
A/D/M = 2/15/3
Capacity = 6
Req. = Oil, Rubber
Prerequisite = Motorised Transportation ( ? )
Unit Abil. = Carry Foot Units Only, Radar
Standard Orders = All
Spec. Orders = Load, Unload, Airlift
I know that we already have an attack chopper out there, and I know there is still a debate over how to implement it, but even though I think Blue-O's graphics are awesome I would love to see the Apache from Civ2 ToT brought into this game.

Stainz uses it as his avatar and here it is below:


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Here is another wonderful unit from Civ2 that was left by the wayside. The crusader. He is an offensive upgrade from the knight but defensively weaker. If you want to be PC about it give the Persians a similar unit, but the Moors should be faster and even more lightly armored.

ToT to the rescue.


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I would love to see both the M-113 and the HumVee put into the game. I think it is important to have tactical choices. The M-113 would be slower and more expensive but with better armor, attack and carrying capacity, whereas the humvee would be just the opposite. It would be up to the player to decide what he/she needed at the time.
I will try to work on the humvee ;)

As to the Hind, haverlock has already done one and its on his Civ3 homepage. You should be able to find the link in this section of the forum somewhere where one guy ask for some flying units and I pointed him to the site. If not, I will post the link later tonight when I get home. (reading this in the office again ;) )

nm, found the link in the forum, here it is:

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