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Here's a pic.


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Originally posted by Plastic Bag
This is a Star Wars R2 droid that I am making for tpasmall's Star Wars mod. All that it does right now is turn its head for the default animation, but I am going to start working on the running animation.

I kind of need help from someone that is experienced at making units (Dark Sheer). Here is my problem: Whenever I try to add a shadow to my units, it always remains red, what's wrong?

Since my name was quoted I might as well answer this one ;)

The problem lies with the palette file. If you load the .PAL file created by flicster into PaintShopPro, you will notice that there is a whole bunch of red towards the end of the palette. In order to keep red as your shadow color, just keep the last 8 before the final pink as different shades of red. Change the balance of the red color in the palette into some color not used in the palette (say bright green, or something). Just resave your animation using the new .PAL file and your shadow will no longer be red in Alpha Blending mode. :cooool:
hey hope this isnt intruding on your creativity, but i made a sample animation for a good running flc. here it is


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Old run animation destroyed, here is the new one. :D Much better!

Progress so far:
Default: complete
Run: complete
Fortify: complete
Attack: complete
Fidget: 1 direction so far (R2 spins his head)
Death: Haven't started
Victory: Will most likely be the same as the fidget animation

As for the worker abilities, I'm not sure if I will do them or not, I probably will though, they shouldn't be that hard because they are only in one direction.


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Its up to you which one you want to use, you have full control over the creation of this unit. Whichever one you prefer, use, because they both look good to me. If you have more frames of yours done, it might be easier to do that one. I think your right about that third leg thing, i wonder if there is a way to pause before it moves....?
heh, for the death animation, maybe have it surrounded by electricity and then fall over.
:lol: Heh heh, that'd be way cooler. :D

Also, i was wondering if you wanted to make this into a worker-type unit? I know its alot to ask, but youve done a great job so far and i figured that you may want to do that.

Thanks for your help
cool, i oringinally thought of a tool coming out of the front like a beam drill, but that could be confusing, the pick axe seems to be the better idea.
Here is a death animation.:D

I think that your beam drill is a good idea. I already did it for an attack animation.:D You can download it in my updated zip file if you want to see it.

I also have a question for you, could you try to get me some good sound effects for my R2 droid?
Woo hoo! Love the death animation and ill be sending those sounds over as soon as i get them! This unit is looking great! :D
Ohh yeah, for captured animation, it could be a restraining bolt being attached. ;)
What do you mean by "restraining bolt being attached". Oh yeah, is there like gonna be 2 R2 units? One that is a basic worker and another that is a worker with attacking/ defensive abilities? That would be awsome.
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