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Units - Starwars == Y-wing

Dark Sheer

Nov 15, 2001
Penang, Malaysia
Here is the animation for Y-wing which is half Plastic Bag's work and half my work. ;) Its based on the animation as provided by Scipio Africanu.


  • y-wing.zip
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Here is a preview of the run animation


  • ywingrun_ne.gif
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When i downloaded this unit i noticed that the attack animation was not finished. So i finished it :D Here it is finished along with the units32 and civilopedia images :D


  • y-wing.zip
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when the game crashes when u tell a city to make the unit y is that i forgot.

And do u have to make a civilopedia entry for the unit to work?
Um.. Ok I am no star wars buff but isn't that an A-wing?
Thats what it was called when I last played a star wars space flight sim (Tie fighter I think it was).
Plus when I was six I had what I recal was the Y-wing and it was a tall thing with two wings that folded out from the side, with a rotating pilot pod. (it looked more like a T-wing but I don't think there is a T-wing, is there?)
No, that's a Y-Wing, not an A-Wing. If you download both units you'll see the difference. The "T-Wing" you're describing, I think, is actually the B-Wing.
Like I said I am not a star wars buff.
for example; I thought Ja Ja Binks would be the biggest financial disater in fim history, how wrong was I?
(I think some people are going to watch the next star wars just to see if he dies, personaly I'm counting in it)
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