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Aug 2, 2001
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I have noticed something rather strange towards the end of a current game, I started off on prince with 7 civs I think, but now there is just me and one AI city. I just messing about, expanding population and adding points, some cities are maxed out and nothing to build so are on capitalization.

One particular city demands Hides, but no matter how many Hides caravans I send in it still demands, I have about ten cities with sufficient productiuon to produce one hides caravan per turn and send them all to the same city, producing approximately 2000 gold per turn, and plenty of beakers which is keeping my future techs running smoothly at 1 per turn, and I've got over 100 to date.

I was wondering if anybody else had come across this unlimited demand before.

Yes you have found a repeat commodity city.There will be several of these in a game.Finding them can be most helpful.Usually you will have some cities that can build numerous "hides" caravans,for example.Find a hides repeater and you are all set..for a while.They will change eventually...most times they just change their "repeat" demand to something else like silk.
Or if you are REALLY lucky salt, every city seems to produce salt (that is on the coast), that's a awful lot of trade (and chips :) ).
In my GOTM 18, Orleans (French) is a Salt repeater, giving me 700 gold for each salt caravan... the hard thing is finding cities that make salt! But in that tight cluster, the French also have 2 other repeater cites.... one for Hides and one for Dye. The dye city sometimes repeat demands beads, but that does change back and forth.

I have not quantified it, but I can tell you (as someone with a little trade experience) that the demands and supplies are related, in part, to the city size. The AI is stuck with sub-8 cities in that game, since it cannot govern in anything higher that Despotism. This seems to be causing certain game imbalances (for GOTM18) in trade value/location, but that's another issue. :eek:
if you want to make lots of money on your oil freight you apparently need an opponent with superhighways built. uranium appears to require some improvement too .. not sure which ... no doubt something nuclear like the nuclear reactor.
You see a demand
You find a city that supplies
You build a caravan
You send it there
An airport in every city. Thats the Answer
Sometimes the squares you work can change the demands/supplies
Rout, they drive me crazy, too! But I just build more roads, and try again. Don't know how smart this is, but I Do Not deliver a Cavavan without Demand. I deliver somewhere nearby, or turn around and use it to build a wonder. Bit of a waste, is all.
If im playing on a large map with huge cities all over with airports, then i will deliver without demand as you can get up to 400 gold for sending a caravan from near the south pole to the north, without demand. I only do this when there is no demand to send it to and if im not building wonders under pressure from other civs.
There isnt anything to do with them otherwise.
Also I rarely trade with other nations. Is this wise? I read someplace that both cities recieve a science bonus in the turn the caravan arrives so i figure i will benefit more from trading between my own distant cities than with other civs.
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