Unplayable Crash After Too Many Trades


Jun 25, 2020
I found out that if you force the ai to trade all of their money, you can trade one strategic resource (ex. a horse) for 30 turns of 1 gold by asking the ai for a fair trade. On deity for as hard as it is to gain any advantages, I want to take advantage of trading in anyway possible, so I trade each individual horse for 1 gold per turn even though its tedious. Trading upwards of 50 horses for 50 gold per turn is a game changer in deity the only catch like I wrote was the ai had to be completely out of raw gold for this to work.

Well in using this strategy I ended up finding out there's a limit to how many active trades there can be in one period of time before the game code can't handle the amount of trades. I end up getting a an exception error every time I try loading the save. Maybe this has something to do with the tool tip? Whenever I check my trades the tool tip goes off the screen and maybe it crashes after a certain limit? Just a guess, but it has something to do with too many trades.
yes i experience the exact same issue when using this same exploit, the limit seems to be between 100-200 deals
although it's understandable that the game will not support such a situation only possible by the exploit
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