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Unveiling the best map I've ever made

Discussion in 'Civ6 - Maps and Map Scripts' started by King Phaedron, Aug 27, 2020.

  1. King Phaedron

    King Phaedron Chieftain

    Oct 9, 2017
    First off apologies Im not sure where to post this.

    This is a huge Civ6 map intended for 12-15 players and 18-22 CS based on the word map from Ultima games.

    I have to travel to use internet and sorry I forgot the screenshot. Could someone please load the map in word builder and post the full map screenshot, or else I will do it next time I go out here.

    Map has everything, very well balanced. 8 copies of all luxuries to honor the 8 virtues, 8 warriors, from ultima 2

    The map looks like this:


    It has been stretched, Jhulem bottom left corner is accessible by coast, all islands are present but bigger then seen here. The bottom right, abyss island is missing it's top and bottom parts, but is mostly desert.

    The regions of heavy mountains were turned into 2 desert regions and there is tundra in the north and a polkar region called Ambrosia of Snow and Ice has been added.

    The uploaded file does not have an allowed extension.


    Wait, its saying "not a supported format" where / how do I upload a .civ 6 map file here?

    I tried the downloads, submit a resource, and it still wont let me upload the Map :(

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  2. King Phaedron

    King Phaedron Chieftain

    Oct 9, 2017
    just want to give something back to the community. why must you insist can't upload

    It's a .civ6 map from worldbuilder saves.

    nobody knows? cant stay here any longer. No more internet where I live have to travel to post
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  3. Noble Zarkon

    Noble Zarkon Elite Quattromaster - Emperor (BTS) Moderator Hall of Fame Staff Supporter GOTM Staff

    Sep 6, 2012
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    You can zip your map using a free utility like 7zip and upload it.
  4. Haig

    Haig Deity

    Aug 3, 2010
    The map looks good for some nice naval invasions :)
  5. King Phaedron

    King Phaedron Chieftain

    Oct 9, 2017
    I have been working on this map for a very long time. It is the best I've ever made. I like to recreate maps in Civ5 and Civ6. To date my maps are (Civ5: Phantasy Star 3, Generations of Doom, Civ5, best WoW map ever, Civ6 Ticondera, based on 7th Saga.)

    This one is based on the World Map from the Ultima Games. (Ultima 2 and 4 in particular) It is called Ultima Britannia.

    This is the world map as it appears in Game:

    And here is my recreation of it in Worldbuilder:

    As you can see, there is quite a lot of intricate detail. Jhulem (Island on southwest) has been made coastal, the islands in the ocean are bigger (The original map has a lot more of what we'd call Tiles available) Moonglow (east region) is bigger, and the Abyss island (Southeast) is missing both it's top and bottom half (It was mostly impassable mountains anyway) Regions with heavy mountains were turned into deserts. (All mountain ranges are 1 tile thick) And I've added a Polar Region, based on Ambrosia from Ultima 1. There is no South Pole, but plenty of Snow and Tundra to be found in the north, plus a couple of small but very high altitude tundra hill regions here and there. There are a couple of snow hills on the Pangaea, (So that Amundsen can be built.)

    The map is mostly a Pangaea, with two enclosed starting zones, for 3 civilizations. Here is a map of the starting zones. Red dots are players, blue dots are City States.


    -Various Coastland Lowlands have been properly setup
    -Resources have been painstakingly placed and balanced by hand
    -8 Copies of Every Luxury resource to honor the 8 virtues, and 8 warriors of Ultima.
    -Starting Zones (Advanced version) for 14 Civilizations and 22 City States.
    -Basic Version (No Starting Zones) play with 12 Civilizations and 18 City States.
    -Well distributed tribal villages, not excessive. Mostly inland, a few on islands.
    -Locations of Cities have been well thought out with regards to district planning
    (Wherever there is a stone, there is probably a strategic or 2, for indsutrial zones, and a spot to build a dam nearby. Remember that river must cross between two floodplains in order to build a dam.)
    -Crazy Winding Rivers, (As the original map employs) often with a Moat (Circle of River, usually the ideal place to build a Capital. Often they are not directly on the coast, but using a government and commercial hub, can easily get good Harbor Adjacency.)
    -Includes all natural wonders (Yes, every single one :) Remove what you want.)
    (Do NOT under any circumstance, mess with Mount Roraima. It must always be placed in the default position, which means clear the area of forests, and resources so that it can take the shape it wants. Mt Roraima won't save otherwise, and if you reload the editor it will be gone, or if you start a game it won't show up. Just don't mess with it.)
    -Strategic resources are well balanced. (Only 2 cities in the world could potentially have access to 2 Uranium.) There is a total of 18 Uranium. Horses, Iron, and Coal are not super abundant. (rare to have more then one, and won't find them everywhere.) Oil is plentiful in deserts and snow, some off shore. Aluminum is relatively plentiful.)

    I am able to upload by archiving (Something I forgot last time. Just been under a lot of stress lately, we lost free wifi in the complex where I live, so I have to travel to do anything online. Still seems silly to me you can't upload a map file directly.)

    Included in the Rar, is the map with starting zones (made in Advanced mode, looks fine) and an older basic version with no starting zones (slightly different, because the AI will often refuse to settle on a luxury, so the advanced start was changed very slightly to accomodate them.) But it would be better to just load the advanced in the worldbuilder, and then save it without opening advanced mode (Found out the hard way, This will delete all starting zones.) I have included the old version in case you lack Worldbuilder.

    Note that "Random City State" and "Random Player" do not work for some reason. Therefore every start, for every civilization and city state is specific. The game I am playing on it is setup for playing Greece (Pericles) with 14 civs, 22 city states.

    Go into Advanced Settings, select the map, and setup 14 random civilizations and 22 city states. (Be sure to play one of the actual ones in the game, or go and change them yourself. I suggest leaving the city states alone.) The first time trying to get this to work, using "Random City State" only one of the 22 city states showed up at all, because I had set them specifically. It probably works the same with players.

    Therefore, To be on the safe side, if you want to play the game as it was setup with starting zones, create the following: Player is Greece: Pericles. Add the following players: Victoria, Gandhi, Robert the Bruce, Gitarja, Amanticore, Alexander, Pedro 2, Montezuma, Trajan, France: as Elanore, Harald, Jadwiga, and Lautaro.

    Other then England, which IMHO, should always be included in this map, the civs included were just what I felt like using at the time, either because I like their music, or because I haven't seen them in a while.

    LORE (Capitals and names of Game Regions from Ultima)

    Greece: Minoc (theater town of Ultima 4, with a well developed Bards Guild)
    Norway: Trinsic (whose leader was once a pirate)
    England: Britannia (Castle and City that rules over the entire map.)
    France: Yew (City of Justice and Druids)
    (City State at nearby Embath Abbey, the castle of Love)
    Empty: Island of Skara Brae (Area Will become part of Scotlands lands)
    City State: Jhulem (City of Valor)
    Rome: Serpents Hold (Castle of Courage)
    Poland: (Moonglow, city of Honesty)
    City State: (Lycanaeum, Castle of Truth)
    Brazil: Cove (Secret city)
    Empty: Bucaneer's Den (Northwest of the big ocean islands. Will be full of barbarians)
    Empty: Magincia (Can accomodate two glorious cities)
    Empty: Tiny Island where you find the Skull of Mondain (This item, when used in Ultima 2, instantly annihilates all enemies in battles, and all people if used in a city. On the Civ6, there is one of only 2 cities that can access 2 Uranium Mines, for Nukes. The other has them within 3 tiles, inward tundra region contested by 4 civilizations.)
    Abyss Island: (now a desert with Eye of Sahara and Sahara El Beyda)
    Mapuche: Vespar (A city with no specific virtue, but important shops)
    City State: Lord British tiny island (The very beginning of UItima 2)

    Continent Names used: Arctica, Siberia, Europe, Pannotia, Cimmeria, Rodinia, Pangaea Ultima (Winds around most of the Pangaea) Pangaea, Novopangaea, Amasia, Azania, Asia, Lauasia, Laurentia, Atlantis, MU, Lemuria, Nena, Nuna, Terra Australis, Australia, Kalaharia, Kernorland, Khazakistania, Avalonia, Zealandia)

    Civilizations with multi continent abilites are favored (England, and everyone else using the +25% gold, and +10% production card) Civilizations with abilities that help them on a single continent (America) are unfavorable.

    Mods: works fine for me, with or without mods enabled. Mods enabled while editing and playing: AI+, Slower Tech by Era, Removable Districts, and Not So Unique Improvements. There should be no issues playing this map, but you may want to at least have them.)

    Map has been thoroughly tested and examined with "Reveal All" to see that everyone is happy with their accomodations. (AI will usually not settle on a luxury resource, unless no other spot is considered suitable. I had quite a problem with Brazil moving around. The player version of the area should settle on the coast, with better coastal access.)

    Try not use with mods that cause AI to settle like a player. (Their 4 tile cities are A. A courtesy so they don't take up so much room, B. a strategy that provides greater protection and easier access to land without having to buy tiles, C. A strategy that eventually counterbalances their "bonuses" due to limitations of city space.)

    Never add more then 15 civilizations to ANY map. There just isn't enough room! Player (at Minoc region) can make about 6 good cities, Greece is starting nearby the Aztecs. I suggest getting rid of them, before they grow powerful. Expand into their lands. Most Civilizations will have room for about 7-12 cities, but there is plenty of expansion into the ocean islands, nearby islands, deserts, and polar region.

    Nevertheless, I suggest that 2 Civilizations be eliminated, so that the total is 12. Greece's other neighbors on the Advanced Start are Brazil, and Alexander, but neither is close, only Aztec is nearby, on the other side of the coast, near the lakes.

    Word of Advice for the early game: Settle in place on the Dyes, work the Plains Hill Bananas, at pop 2, work the Tobacco (Until getting 1st Pantheon) Make a Scout. Send Warrior South to collect a Hut and deal with a Barbarian Camp.)

    Other Advice: Have all of your military units make a holy pilgrimage to the Giants Causeway, and the Matterhorn, once you find them. Also the one for Naval units.)

    Pantheons: I suggest that you pass on Religious Settlements. Once you've built up your core cities, the way forward comes through war, and a few potential places for a lone city, but the pangaea will be full, and Norway settling the oceans, long before you discover Cartography. Some goods ones to consider based on the area:

    River Goddess: You will have 2, maybe 3, core cities with rivers. The Amenities and extra Housing are very useful through the whole game. Ultima Britannia is a map heavy with rivers; there are 3 cities you'll want to make in the ocean islands near rivers if Norway hasn't already gobbled them up. Those are Bucaneer's Den and on Magincia. You'll probably find a few more on the mainland, esp if you decide to take capitals.

    God of the Forge: Hurry up and pump out an army of Hoplites! Sure it doesn't help you in the late, or even middle game, but It might get you some extra cities.

    God of the Sea: Most of your cities will have access to fishing boats, and becoming Suzerain of Auckland will make this even better. This an odd Pantheon to get if you plan on making a Religion of the Cross. (To Worship Leviathan, the beast 666 who rises from the Sea.) But fairly appropriate if your Religion is based on Cthulhu.

    Initiation Rites: Of the Faith generation Pantheons, this is the most useful and only stands to get better with age. Police the world with your units, and convert the world with your apostles. It's a Real possibility with Yerevan in the game.

    Fertility Rites: Good cities almost never stop growing. Though you won't have any urgent business for a builder, having a Capital on dyes, next to 1 Tobacco, and 3 plains hills Banana's. (All Capitals are this good, some are even better! Most Capitals give you good spots for districts and a useful Government Complex, Minoc is one of them.)

    City Patron Goddess: I usually don't make theaters. Without a doubt, Greece has a lot of districts to build, but this pantheon is Not as good as you'd think. Cities without a district tend to be size 1-3. 25% of 6 production is not even 2 extra cogs per turn. If only it were a flat extra production for all cities through the whole game. See for yourself how useless Veterancy is building harbors and encampments in 1-3 pop cities, and You'll likely be buying late game districts with gold or faith.

    Earth Goddess: tiles with Breathtaking appeal eventually become neighborhoods that do not give yields. Therefore I suggest you pass.

    Goddess of the Hunt: Get this if you elect to play in Yew, instead of Minoc. Forest everywhere and deer as far as the eyes can see.

    As of this post I have yet to take a pantheon, but it will be one of the 1st five.

    SCenario: "300." There are 2 roads leading into Greece, both 1 tile paths with coast or mountain at the side. Build your encampment (300 Spartans) to block the main path, and block the Goat's path with a unit. Crank up the Diffulty to Deity, Deity+, or Omniscient with A+ or similar mods that enhance aggression, and place 3 warmongers nearby. (Aztec and Alexander are already nearby) Then see how long you can last. :)

    Gorgo is well to do, if you intend on constant fighting, but the true long standing power of Greece is with Pericles and all those extra envoys you'll be sending to the 22 city states.

    Index of 8 Luxury and 18 Uranium

    Whales 3 (3 Islands region) 1 (Buccaneer's Den) 3 (Ambrosia) 1 (Serpents Hold)
    Turtles 2 (Moonglow) 1 (Abyss) 1 (skull island) 1 (West Dungeon) 1 (Secret City) 2 (Southwest)
    Cotton 2 (Magincia) 1 (Skara Brae) 2 (Yew) 1 (North) 1 (East of Skara) 1 (Island north of Moonglow)
    Amber 2 (Great lakes) 1 (Yew) 1 (Moonglow) 1 (Magincia) 1 (Yew) 1 (South Desert) 1 (Vespar)
    Sugar 2 (Lower Moonglow) 1 (Northwest) 1 (Northeast) 1 (Skara) 2 (Secret Area) 1 (Serpents Hold)
    Tobacco 4 (Minoc) 1 (Cove) 2 (British Islands) 1 (Northwest)
    Diamond 1 (Minoc) 1 (Paws) 1 (Buccaneers) 1 (North Desert) 1 (Serpents) 1 (Giants) 1 (Skara) 1 (Dungeon)
    Ivory 3 (Giants Causeway) 1 (west) 1 (Serpents Hold) 2 (North Desert) 1 (Gondwana)
    Wine 3 (Britannia) 1 (Trinsic) 1 (Serpents Hold) 1 (Jhulem) 1 (North) 1 (Vespar)
    Marble 3 (Trinsic) 1 (Jhulem) 1 (Vespar) 1 (Giants) 1 (North Desert) 1 (Gondwana)
    Spices 1 (Paws) 4 (Cove) 2 (North) 1 (Yew)
    Furs 1 (South Minoc) 2 (North Yew) 4 (Ambrosia) 1 (Northeast)
    Coffee 3 (Vespar) 2 (West Desert) 1 (Yew) 1 (Skara) 1 (Magincia)
    Cocoa 2 (Giants Causeway) 3 (Moonglow) 1 (Vespar) 1 (Skara) 1 (Magincia)
    Jade 1 (Vespar region) 1 (Jhulem) 2 (Southwest) 2 (north) 1 (north tundra) 1 (Northwest)
    Dyes 2 (Yew) 1 (Yew, Secret Area) 1 (Moonglow) 1 (Skara Brae) 2 (Britannia) 1 (Great Lakes)
    Silk 4 (Yew) 2 (Moonglow) 1 (Vespar) 1 (Southeast)
    Truffle 2 (Empath Abbey) 3 (Northern Moonglow) 1 (Britannia) 1 (Serpents Hold) 1 (lords island)
    Mercury 2 (Moonglow) 2 (East of Skara) 3 (3 Volcano Island) 1 (Yew)
    Tea 1 (Magincia) 3 (Jhulem Islands) 1 (south islands) 1 (Britannia) 1 (Great Lakes) 1 (Moonglow)
    Pearls 2 (Skara Brae) 1 (South Desert) 2 (British Islands) 2 (North of Magincia) 1 (Cove)
    Silver 2 (Northern Yew) 1 (North of Britannia) 1 (South Desert) 2 (Vespar) 1 (South Desert) 1 (North)
    Salt 3 (North Desert) 3 (West Desert) 1 (South Desert) 1 Salt (east of Serpents Hold)
    Incense 3 (South Desert) 1 (Jhulem Islands) 2 (North Desert) 1 (Paws) 1 (Minoc)
    Citrus 2 (Island north of moonglow) 1 (Trinsic) 1 (South islands) 2 (West Peninsula) 1 (islands)
    Olives 4 (Serpents Hold) 1 (Cove) 1 (West) 1 (north) 1 (South Islands) 1 (Britannia)
    Gypsun 4 (West) 1 (Island north of moonglow) 1 (Giants Causeway) 1 (Buccaneers) 1 (Serpents Hold)

    Uranium - 2 skull island, 4 south desert, 1 magincia, 1 jhulem, 2 Ambrosia, 2 West Desert, 1 North Desert 3 Central Tundra, 1 North Tundra, 1 Vespar

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