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Upcoming Operations as Ordered by the Speaker of the Democracy(as inspired by Arrian)

Warlord Sam

2500 hours and counting..
Oct 27, 2001
*********** TOP SECRET ***********

*** To Be Read By High-General Varinus Only ***

“Upcoming Operations as Ordered by the Speaker of the Democracy”

Section I: A Brief History of the Greek People

Greece sits on the eastern most land of Terra, the super-continent of our world. There are no islands of size that have yet been discovered, and Greek explorers have charted most of the world. The Greek and American cultures grew together after a war in the early A.D. years, in which Greece totally engulfed the American kingdom, more than doubling its total territory. Several wars were fought with the west in the next few centuries, all due to Western aggression. Greece subsequently destroyed the giant of Russia and then gifted the annexed portions of the Russian Kingdom to a Japanese faction that soon took control of its country. They are now propped up by Greece, and do as the Speaker of the Greek democracy instructs. (Of course, since the Speaker turned the Japanese situation over to the military, the Japanese government listens directly to us. Also worthy to note, Greece now sits on all known strategic resources, and all but two of the world’s luxuries. The projected invasion will secure gems, and we can count on the Japanese giving us access to ivory far into the future.

Section II: Current State of Greek Affairs

The nation of Greece is the leader of the world, though barely. Technologically, only France is our equal. Germany possesses a stronger military, though offset by our troops’ better armament. Greece enjoys good relations with all major powers of the world. Although Greek-German relations have been cooling recently, we are still on relatively good terms. That will change, of course, once the pending operations are carried out. In any case, if we do proceed with Operation Steppe, relations with Berlin will most likely be ruined for the near future. France will remain our staunch ally, and will be easily bought into a war with Germany, securing our western front. Japan’s puppet government will be instructed to invade the Iroquois holdings in old-Russia, while we will be allowed to launch our armies from Bonn and Knossos. Argos should remain fairly protected by the jungle between it and the Iroquois.

Section III: Operation Bonn

Our forces will launch an attack on the German fortress of Bonn, while at the same time bribing France into a war with Germany. This will protect our nation from retaliation while ensuring offers of peace will come quickly.

Section IV: A Look at the Iroquois

Espionage conducted on the Iroquois has revealed that the strongest defense that they employ is the musket-man, and that is found only in the wealthiest cities. Incredibly, regular defense is simply a unit of men armed with spears. For such a modern nation, the wealth is apparently shared only among the wealthy few, and not even the government benefits from its nation’s status as a world power.

Section V: Effects of War

The Greek people will be docile for at least the first part of our planned strike, and the Speaker has authorized our use of increased spending of the Democracy’s funds for entertainment purposes. Our first wave of cavalry will be aimed at securing a perimeter around our cities, along with crippling the Iroquois’ ability to counter-attack. After those primary goals are met, we will pursue the long-term target of obtaining Oka and its gems, along with as much land as is feasible before we risk substantial losses or losing public favor of the war.

Section VI: The Revolution

Within ten years of the beginning of Operation Bonn, all will be in place for a military coup. The Speaker should be retiring around this time, making the transition from Democracy to a military-ran Communism easier. This coup depends entirely on a huge success in the Iroquois war, with minimum losses and no public dissent. We will parade the technological advances, land gains, and increased luxuries as a result of the war, and appease the masses while tightening our iron grip on the strongest nation in the world.

Composed by Chief of Staff Longstreet,
Your loyal officer


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From: Fort Athos, Western Border
To: Speaker of the Democracy

Regarding: Invasion

French forces have launched an all out suprise attack
Northern armies need to be dispatched immediately to western boarders, all forts are breached
Fort Athos will fall within two hours
We are sorry, Sir Speaker
*end communique*

The Speaker looked up from his desk, suddenly feeling much older. "Why... by God, why?" The French and Greek nations had been friends since ancient times. Why would they do this now? Without warning... without provocation... what could they want?

Speaker Hagan summoned his chief secretary. "Summon the war council. Yes, NOW! We'll need to dispatch our armies from the forts in the north..."

"Damned foolish of me to leave our Western front weakly guarded", thought Hagan. "What would my father have done..? Oh well, no time to think on it now." The Speaker began to draft the message to the Iroqious, invoking their mutual protection pact. "The Japanese will be mobilizing soon, as well... it looks like its going to be a world war." Hagan sighed, and ordered fresh candles lit. It was going to be a long night.

Historical Note: The military coup failed, although operation Bonn went perfectly. The Iroqious city of Caunawhaga revolted and asked to join the Greek Democracy, which the Speaker quickly approved. This gave Greece access to Ivory deposits that we did not even know existed, securing the seventh luxury for our civilization. Gems no longer seemed important, especially considering the French attack that came with no warning whatsoever. The coup was post-poned, due to the General judging survival more important than his rise to power. Luckily, we already had massive armies in two seperate locations along the northern border with the Iroqious nation, so the counter-attack was swift and successful. As to the coup... only time will tell.


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High-General Varinus stood at the royal chamber's balcony in Paris. The French Capitol had fallen after a fierce battle, heavily defended like all French cities. They had been drafting all able bodied men to defend France. Thankfully the people were easily quelled once under the Great Democracy.

"This was an amazing turn of events, Longstreet. Japan has broken diplomatic ties with us, you know? They are the new France. Word has it that they will once again be joining the frey."

"Perhaps Aristoy was correct, we can't trust them. In any case, I do agree that this was fortunate, sir."

"France is broken forever. The fertile lands are now ours. I could not have dreamed of such a wonderful development! Do you have a reason for why our spy gave us no warning?"

"Well, sir..." Longstreet let his words hang in the air.

"Get on with it!"

"Sir, he may have been a double agent, working for them the whole time."
The High-General's Chief of Staff braced for the coming explosion, but Valinus only sighed.

"We will have to double check our other spies, as well. The Speaker was very wise to insist spies in Japan, I never would have seen this coming... Well, anyway, it all worked out for the best."

An aide approached, giving some papers to Longstreet.
"Ah, sir, we have managed to recover most of the papers in the War Ministry's offices. It appears that the French had no reports of our armies preparing to invade the Iroquois... the counter-attack took them by complete surprise, coming quickly and with an army they didn't know existed. We still have no idea as to why the war was launched in the first place, however."

"We may never know... Regardless, this changes things. I plan on running for Speaker. The people love me, I am their 'great defender'. They actually call me the 'saint of freedom'! Would you believe that?"
The High General chuckled.

"Yes sir, you will most certainly win the election. And with your popularity, you can boost a few 'protective laws' through the House. They will be deemed necessary for the safety of our people and their freedom. Imagine, the people will embrace these laws, even though they strip their freedoms! You can rip the Constitution to shreds!"

Valinus grinned wickedly, joining Longstreet in another laugh.
"War is great, Longstreet. Absolutely great."


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High-General Longstreet stood along the banks of the River Izumo, smoking a cigarrette. He always liked to smoke while he thought. The man was young, not extremely handsome but still good looking. He was intelligent, and saw where the government was heading.

"Now, what to do... I could continue to support Valinus, but that's a dead end."

Deep in thought, he suddenly had an idea. Sparked by an old memory, he chose his course of action. The communism, described by a younger Valinus would be perfect for the people, who were soon going to be in open revolt. The Democracy was crumbling, the people cried out for governmental reforms. The communism would let the people think they all got equal share of Greece, while Longstreet himself would rule as the party's head.

"And our first official duty will be the execution of Speaker
Valinus, for war crimes and violating Greek cizitens' rights."

Longstreet smiled, thinking on the irony of the situation. He was descended from America, a kingdom conquered in ancient times by the Greek aggressors, and now he was going to rule all of Greece in an iron fist. Indeed, he would have revenge on the Greek people.

Longstreet threw the cigarrette into the cold waters of the Izumo, and wrote a dispatch commanding the Greek cavalry further west.

"No sense in letting a little thing like Revolution stop the war," Longstreet said as he smiled to himself.


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Nice story!
"The Greek people once again know peace!"

A great cheering went up throughout the stadium, tens of thousands of people giving a standing ovation to that simple statement. The applause did not begin dying down until after several minutes had passed. The newly elected Speaker, Timothy Ergos, continued his speech.

"The Democracy has been restored, thanks to the Vigilantes. These freedom fighters, established against the Communism, are the real reason that Greece is once again free."

Timothy clapped his hands and smiled at the Vigilante members, all guests of honor and seated on the speaking platform. The crowd joined in, of course. After a minute of applause, Timothy turned back towards the audience.

"Longstreet..." (at the mention of his hated name, many people begin booing) "...has been sentenced to a public execution, which will commence in two days. I have been elected to serve you, and I ask that the Vigilantes be allowed to continue their service of the Democracy. I have put a new issue in the polls, asking you, the people of Greece, to make into law this: that our armed forces welcome a new branch into service. The Vigilantes will become know as Marines, and shall uphold the tradition of fighting on all terrain, under any conditions, in the name of Freedom!!!"

The applause was unreal, booming from all directions as fourty-thousand people rapidly clapped their hands in unison. It sounded eerily like the sounds of battle during those first few months of the war, almost fifty years earlier. During that first phase of the invasion, Greek forces were unprepared and lost much ground to France. Now, however, Greece sat astride the world, giving the conquered French and Japanese peoples freedom just as equally as the longtime citizens of Greece. Though Japan and France both still existed, far to the west, their power was forever broken. Greece had emerged from the World War as the only true superpower, and all citizens benefitted greatly from it; few were less than happy.

The Speaker smiled, and continued his speech, announcing the move of government to Neo Athens, being built in the mid-west. The people embraced his leadership, and the "New Democracy" that arose out of the ashes of a fallen Communism. The people had detested Longstreet's dictatorship, and after three years of labor camps and secret police, the people of Greece had overthrown the evil government. The revolutionaries were led by the Vigilantes, who Timothy had actually organized.

Timothy Ergos was glad that he was elected to serve as the Speaker of the Democracy... freedom was a thing that he deeply cherished, and would serve with his life.


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After a thousand years of peace, the Great Democracy had thrived. Greek battlegroups patrolled the oceans, Greek airplanes ruled the skies. Greek armor was by far the most superior tank on the modern battlefield, all other nations' technology lagging behind by several centuries. Greece was a beautiful nation, having learned the importance of ecology, and minimizing its pollution output.

The people of this Great Democracy lived in a utopia, with no "lower class" to be found. Over 97% of Greek citizens were totally happy with their government, and the few unhappy individuals were of the conquered Japanese descent. Greece sat astride the world like the Collossus of Troy, with its Nuclear arsenal protecting the Democracy from any would-be aggressors. Greek nuclear subs, totally undetectable, sat off the shore of the only real threat to Greece, the Iroquois.

It was at the millenial anniversary, celebrating 1000 years of peace and the so-called "New Democracy", (which wasn't very new anymore), that the Speaker of the Democracy Samuel Anias authorized the launching of the "Alexander", Greece's great spaceship sent to colonize a new world. The ship, named after Greece's first great leader, was launched on the birthdate of the Democracy, amid mass celebrations and a new holiday in memory of this great leap for the Greek peoples.

Thus ends my story of the Greek Empire, my best game yet, earning me the highest score I have so far attained. This game was by far the luckiest I've ever played, as well. I hope you enjoyed my story, and once again thanks go to Arrian for his inspiring story, Veno Veritas.
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