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Update from Greece!

Discussion in 'Civ3 Demo Game: Citizens' started by Ehecatl Atzin, Jul 13, 2002.

  1. Ehecatl Atzin

    Ehecatl Atzin Lore Master

    Jul 3, 2002
    On the road
    A letter has arrived at Oka's market, it was then delivered to the forum. It reads as follows:


    We started our journey without much trouble, we started in Thebes and made our way south thowards Heliopolis. From there we took a train to Oka where we transfered to CSIM. Kashmir is quite beautifull, the train ride gave us a glimpse of her natural wonders. Her streets are full of vibrancy and life. The street markets, ancient egiptian tradition that persists to this day, are bustling with merchants from all corners of the province (and beyond) ready to barter and sell their wares: the sounds of tinkling copper, ancient egipcian artifacts found in ruins of ancient temples (I must confess, I bought some and sent them to the Phoenetican University in Thebes..for research, of course!) the hint of spices floating in the air and the rumors of thousands of voices in different languages fill the air the way only street markets can.

    We travel under guise as sugested from the leader of the Immortal escorts, Gimtesh; pilgrim cloaks we wear as to not atract any unintended attention. We headed for the coast as soon as we reached a road in CSIM that could take us there, we arrived during the night and found the ship governor Almightyjosh had sent for us with a full crew and ready to leave port.
    We decided to go on to reach Greece a bit sooner. I know now the wise decision we made. We did notice the massive troop movements that were ocurring in the cities we passed by; but after all, a nation such as ours needs protection from her enemies, so we discarded it as normal troop exercises and thought nothing of it from there on.
    It was at sea, the shore well behind us, that we knew of the invasion of our land by the iroquois army. We docked with a small merchant ship near the iroquoi, hindu and phoenatician water line, a lonely brit with a deep and sorrowfull voice curddled by years at sea, Ian’s the name or so he claimed, smuggler of illegal drugs to the aztecs and the iroquois, among other things; returning from one such run to the city of St.Regis, told us:

    - refugees are ‘ye?
    - Refugees?! of course not. We come from Phoenatica, official bussiness. –replied Gimtesh.
    - oh, ‘a see...’a thought ‘ye might be running from tha’ front, seeing as how yer’ immortals and all. -we had taken off our disguse by then-
    - Run??! Immortals do not run from battle! besides, what front? Phoenatica isn’t at war with any nation.
    - that’s where yer’ wrong son, the iroquois have invaded ‘yer towns, great chaos... totally unexpected, ‘yer lucky, this here ship woudn’ta survived an attack.– speaking while he pocked the deck with the tip of his heel.

    The rest of my escorts, I noticed, shuttered at the thought of being in a boring diplomatic mission while the rest of their comrades bravely plunged their swords and souls into glorious battle. I cannot doubt that the thought of returning crossed their mind, even mine, but we could not:

    -well...there’s no turnin’ back now, them waters are filled with iroquoi ships, ‘ye best be on ‘yer way and may the One keep ‘ye from harm.

    As he was leaving after offering us some sort of red weed, I asked him to wait a moment, for I wanted him to deliver this note to Phoenatican hands, hopefully he has done so, as I have no way of knowing. The journey in front of us has suddenly turned a lot more dangerous (the immortals that accompany me seem glad of this) and a bit more interesting (I’m gratefull of this and of my escorts). We shall arrive in Greece shortly, we’ll travel on international waters, off the coast of the Hindu nation, since Gimtesh thinks the enemy fleet will stick to the northern coast line. I had planned to land in Ganges and go on to Greece by foot, but with the recent world situation...
    Ian also told us of rumors that the romans had taken and plundered the last remaining greek city, Troy, and of Alexander’s death at the hands of his own son. We will soon confirm or deny this.

    Ehecatl Atzin

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