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Jeffrey Morris

Dec 1, 2001
A newer version of the editor was included in the patch than should have been. I've sent it to thunderfall and we'll be updating civ3.com as soon as possible.

Ah, thank you Jeff.

That must be for the v3.00 patch, the one with Multi-Player, a mini-map in the map editor and the resized rules screen you can actually see the bottom of. :p

;) :lol: Just teasing, thanks again for prompt action. You guys are the best.

Nooooooooooooooo. Now my post patch .bic file wont work with the new editor, it says incompatable Civ3 scenario file version.
I hope this now means one can edit the .bic and play just as we did in the olden 1.16 days. It's bad enough to have to redo adding all the units and everything, but if you can't change the .bic under the patch, it would certainly not be worth installing.

I'm sure my worst fears won't be realized, but since I'm two-thirds of the way through a great game, I won't be able to test this for myself until at least Monday.

Please post if anyone gets a modifed .bic or an old .bic to work with 1.17!
old .bics work with 1.17, you just can't upgrade the bic by saving it with the 1.17 editor. However the 1.17 patched .bics don't work in the game, and don't work with the Newly released editor, at least not for me.

I'm confused. Old .bics, the ones we were playing with before today are working, but you can't make any new changes and save it with the 1.17 editor, either the first version or the one just posted in the last hour? Is that right?

Does the patch overwrite the old civilopedia files, thereby deleting entires we've added for our added units? Does it undo new flags we've put on improvements (e.g., to have the library reduce corruption)? How did you preserve the mods you'd made, or did you just elect to reenter them all?
Nebraska your first paragraph is on target. It should be noted that .bic files patched with the new editor posted after the initial patch may be free of complaints, i'm not sure though. However .bic files patched with the editor that came with the initial release of v1.17 have problems with both running in game in 1.17, and can't be edited with the new editor posted. So backup your games, but even if you don't they'll be runnable again, it'll just take a little patience.

I don't think much else is overwritten besides CivEditor and a few others, but I might be wrong. My mod is in pristine condition besides the fact of not being able to play it (not a problem for me, its still in design&test and I could break from testing). I also didn't have anything in my mod that would directly conflict with some of the new rules, so some things might be altered. However what I encounter might not be your run of the mill type of thing, so I can't tell you what it will or won't do in an absolute, sorry.
You have to download the correct Editor, directly into your civ3 folder.

The link is on the main page of CFC, right below the v1.17 link.
I didn't download it right into my folder, but I don't see how copying it to another folder would change how the program acts. The new editor may work fine with 1.16 games, but I can't update my .bic that I saved with the Editor that came with the initial patch. So I can't patch my .bic file with the new editor because I can't get my v1.17 file to upgrade to the new civeditor that works.
On my computer, the new editor simply can´t open old maps, and I can´t play scenarios at all due to this 3.0 version problem. Have Firaxis been rushing the patch and missed essential tests or is there a way to make maps and editor work with the new patch installed?
Doesn´t help much with all the improvements when the game is made unplayable (except for random maps of course) by a patch. :)
The more I read about the editor the more confused I get. Everyone please include the version number when referring to the editor. The version I just downloaded from this thread 'Updated Editor' returns version when I check it's prooperties. I can't check what's on my gaming machine now.

Whatever, does this mean that the rules I edited with the editor in the v1.16f patch will or won't work with the editor in this thread v1.15.0.1? I'm not talking about maps or scenarios, just the edited rules.
Yes, this editor thing is getting confused. It would be nice if someone could clarify this issue. :confused:
Ditto - It seems the Jeff Morris Editor download does NOT SOLVE the problem . . right?


Is that the recommendation? Or should we load the patch and not use the editor . . . what - What - WHAT??

God-damn it! :p
Argh,forum goes down while I edit my posts...

"Well I made this one earlier" :D

Ok,so let me get this straight,the Editor which comes with the 1.17 patch does not work...The one above does,but I suppose it´s not a modified one,like the ones we can dl in the Custom Forum,saying we cannot add new governments etc...The "add buttons" are missing again and finally I can use my old .bic by recopying it but if I want to make any changes I should do so before I install the patch....

Ok,got it!! :cool:


( But overall Firaxis did a :goodjob: )
Alright this is what i've figuered out so far, im no messiah so I don't have all the answers. this is just what i've learned form the editors.

v1.16 Civ3, v1.11 Editor, v2.10 Bic File -
This is the Editor that comes in the v1.16 patch.
-If you have a .bic in this format your in luck. This file version can be used by the newly updated CivIII format (v1.17).
-This version cannot be edited by the Editor in the v1.17 Patch or it will become unusable as of yet.

v1.17 Civ3, v1.17 Editor, v3.00 Bic File -
This is the Editor that comes in the v1.17 patch.
-If your bic has been saved in this format your out of luck. The CivIII 1.17 and 1.16 wont play your 3.00 .bic file.
-Furthermore only the v1.17 Editor will be able to open 3.00 .bic files at this time. Basically if you saved in v1.17 Editor, 3.00 bic format, then your gonna have to wait to play and can only use the 1.17 Editor that came with the v1.17 Civ3 patch.

v1.17 Civ3, v1.15 Editor, v2.10 Bic File -
This is the new Editor released by Firaxis after v1.17 Civ3 was released with the wrong Editor.
-If you have saved your .bic file in this format you should be in luck. You can play CivIII with this format, as well as edit it properly with this editor version.
-This editor, however, cannot open the v1.17 editor, 3.00 bic files. So unfortunatly you can't fix that file with the new editor.

So as you can see, the only people who are really ****ed at this time when it comes to file access are the people with the v1.17 Editor, 3.00 .bic file. If you saved in this format, i'd say get comfy with only being able to edit it with the same editor you saved with, and don't think being able to play that .bic will be anytime soon. Who knows, Firaxis might be on the ball about this already, but so far I haven't heard a peep about them preparing to tackle this problem for those of us who had the misfortune of saving our .bic's with the faulty editor (v3.00 bic) that came with the patch. All in all I haven't had a reason to be angry at Firaxis ever, but this is one bad patch release, not that I could really hold it agains't them. Mistakes happen. Hope this cleared it up for some of you. happy modding
Thats all Grteek to me I do not know what you are talking about. Lets keep it simple. I use Marlas Map with a bunch of changes I made. Her Map file sits in the scenario folder . it is a .bic file but NOT named Civ3Mod.bic but named Marlasworldmap1.13.bic.OK
NOW if I install the patch1.17F will this or will this EFFECT the .bic file in the Scenario folder? Personally I could give a R*ts A** about the Civ3Mod.bic file that is in the Civ directory, I did not change anything in it. IF Marlas .bic file in the scenario folder will be changed can I move it somewhere else OR back it up on a CD and if their are any changes just move the old Marlas Map .bic file back to the scenario folder and overwrite any file the patch puts their???
Alright, im sorry, its not my fault if you can't understand whats written above. It is completly and utterly understandable, but I also understand your position which must be met with some frustration at your confusion.

Firstly when I say .Bic file it is in refrence to every map/scenario you have that isn't a saved game, not just the Civ3mod file. All files you use for user created maps, scenarios, or mods will be in .bic format.

To your question though, your maps and games WILL work If you install the 1.17 patch, as long a you DONT save your .bic file (in this case your .bic file is Marla's Map) with the editor that comes with the patch.

If you decide to modify or change anything in this file and want the new options and AI (which I hear is great with 1.17) that come with 1.17 you have to use the Editor released after the patch, i.e. the one in this thread.

However if you save with the editor that comes in the 1.17 patch you will nto be able to play that game, nor will you be able to edit it with anything but that Editor.

Therefor, if you want to play your game correctly in version 1.17 download and install the patch, then immediatly download the New editor released with a link in this thread and install it. Then open the map in the new editor and then save it. Always, and I mean always backup your files, I made the mistake of not doing and im in some waters i'd rather not be in. I hope this was clear enough. Good luck.
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