Upgrading my old version1.16 mods to 1.17


Jan 16, 2002
How do I implement the UU upgrade feature(i.e. units can be upgraded into UU)? It doesn't work with my old mods and I don't want to start from scratch.

Thanks for help:)
Merely go to the editor...load up the .bic file in question.

Edit the rules...go to the "units" section.

Chose the U.U

There is a menu called "upgrades to" or something of this nature and you simply chose a unit for your U.U to upgrade to...e.g Samurai to Cavalry.

Hope that helps...it should do (but I am trying to recall from memory...cursed as I am with not having an internet connection in my room).
The new feature permits e.g. the upgrade of Warriors into Legionaries. Under Warrior you will find only ONE upgrade field for Swordman. Playing the Romans with my old mod I cannot upgrade my Warriors to Legionaries. It works with the new bic, though.
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