USSG 01 - Polar Bears


Test Screening
Aug 1, 2004
Great White North
Ok, at long last the mad Clone of Canada has stepped forth to produce a Succession game of his very own.

Hooray for me.

Naturally enough, I'll giving this game that smooth, easy-going Soviet flavour.

Civ: Russia
Leader: Peter
Difficulty: Noble
Map Size: Standard
Type: Continents
Climate: Cold
Speed: Normal

The variant rules are as follows:

1) It's always cold in Russia.
No city of the people may even be built more than 1/3 of the map away from the poles. (17 tiles, on standard) Sunny climates and tropical jungles are for the weak and petty westerners. We can take our winters, and we have ways of keeping warm, no? ;)

2) Classless.
All people are equal before the state, so none shall be allowed wealth not shared by the masses. Therefore following items have been deemed inherently Bourgeois, and are forbidden by the Party:
-Bananas (Living as we do, we have no taste for such things)
-Silks (The garb of Nobles has no place among the working class!)
-Gems (Useless stones would only encourage greed and distract the people from their labours!)
-Gold (We will not be bought with soft, shiny metals!)

These materials may not be acquired by the hands of our peasants nor through works of trade. A tile containing them may be worked, but not enhanced in such a way as to access the resource.

3) Glorious Five-Year-Plan(s)
The true power of a nation lies in it's industry, no expense can be spared in making Russia's workers stronger! When available, any building which can directly boost out power to create must be prioritized, and every hand available set to the task of seeing it completed. When making any building which directly improves production, (Forge, Factory, Power plants, Dry docks, Etc.) a city must be optimized for production without question. All our greatest hammer-producing tiles must be occupied, and every space for engineers filled. The remaining persons are tasked as 'citizen' specialists, leaving only enough food production so that the city will not loose a population point before the building is completed. (At which time, things can return to normal)

4) Kind of a Given,
State property must be adopted as soon as possible. We may not use hereditary rule, or free market, but all other civics are left open for the time being.

5) Now 90% Godless!
We will take no state religion, for it is the opiate of the masses, and will impose strict regulation to prevent its corruption from spreading to our people. (Theocracy) However, should a holy city find itself within out boarders, we will allow them to worship there, and spread their ways to the Foreigners. (Can build Holy shrines, and send missionaries to other nations.)

The rules will make keeping people happy a major issue, we'll need to secure the allowed luxuries as soon as possible and maintain a fair garrison in all our mighty arctic cities. We'll also want to get into the drama scene ASAP. Looking for up to 6 players, with two slots already taken. (One for myself, and one reserved for a friend of mine)

1. Yuri2356 -> At the Ready
2. <Reserved>
3. DarthBeer
4. BeefontheBone *On hold*
5. ruff_hi
6. bobrath -> Just Played
7. Thefigman -> Playing

Play will go in 10-Turn intervals. If you're unable to take it or do not speak up within two days, you'll be skipped over until the next round. After taking the Save, you'll have four days to complete your turns and check back in. Failure to do so will result in a skip.

I'll out up a few potential starts once enough people have signed on.

Glory to the motherland! :hammers:
You are welcomed to the game.

Well, loaded up the game to find us a start position, and look what we have here. A nice place to settle down, no? Also, with a quick move from our Scout, we find that we are well within the range limit of the icecaps. The pole is within sight!

I'll wait for a few more people to join before starting into the first few turns, but thus far, this looks like a rather solid start.
Could be fun - I'm in! My first SG is winding down now (nearly won) and I reckon I can handle this at Noble.

Presumably we're not allowed to trade for those resources either - you might want to add that to the rules :)
Did you go for a standard map (so it's 17 tiles)?
Comrade - room for one more?
If there isn't room here you can always join here we're also beginning

We play as Bismarck of Germany Expansive and Industrious:

Game: Conquest
Difficulty: Noble
Opponents: 4
Map: continents
Size: large
Climate: Tropical
Sealevel: low
Era: Ancient
Speed: quick
normal settings
And so it begins...


Glorious day, Comrades! At long last, the people of the tribes have banded togeather and brought down the old ways of the chieftans. Now, it is we who control what we produce, and togeather we shall forge a grand future for our people. With our newfound unity, the position of Comrade Premire has been formed, and from it our leader shall guide us to victory over our enemies!

-Scout Heads south to reveal the Ice Cap. (See previous screenshot)
-Settler takes one step West.

-Moscow Founded, work on second Scout Began. (To better survey our location and spread the people's word to the natives.)
From this place, Moscow Has/will have:
> Furs
> Wine (x3)
> Cattle
> Six flatland squares by a river
> Six Forrest Squares
> Five Hills

A fine place for a great, Soviet industrial machine!

-Scout Keeps doing his thing, heads farther south to reveal Silver and more tundra.
-Research beging on Agriculture, so that our scythes may sweeep the fields clean and feed our mighty empire.

-Scout continues farther south. It appears that Moscow is 8 Tiles north of the south Pole. More silver is spotted.

-Scouting reveals that Moscow is, in fact, a full 10 tiles north. Also reveals a lot more frozen wasteland.

-ZZZ. More scouting the ice. Found a river through the Tundra that may become home to a half-decent settlement someday.

-Moscow's Lattitude once again modified to 11 Tiles north.

-The proud and thriving Russian Culture extends its influence into the lands surrounding Moscow. It reveals Rice to our east, and another chain of grassland mountains. A potential hotbead of productive might.
-A Cartographer commits suicide after learing that he must once more rewrite his life's work in mapping to show Moscow as 13 Tiles N.

-Our scout finally stops finding land that's farther south that what he already occupies. A mountain is also sighted, and for the moment is left unnamed.

-Scouts re-assure us that we can't go farther south.
-Work in Moscow is reallocated to ensure that our second scout is finished sooner.

-Agriculture researched, proceeding to Wheels. (Let us till the Earth and lay the foudations so that the workers may thrive!)
-Scout Completed and sent North. Work Begins on warrior.
-Souther Scout continues across the ice, and spots a pack of wolves in the distance.

So ends the final turn of my First turn as premier. I pass the title down unto the next, so that he may continue our ways. Make us proud, Comrade.

The World according to Russia.
Moscow, in all her Glory.

The Save:
1st SG post, here we go!
3600: Hinduism is FIADL. Move scout by Moscow north, pops hut and gets 34 gold, also reveals ocean squares to our north. Move polar scout NE, doesn’t see anything exciting.

3560: Polar scout is attacked by wolves, but survives. Fortify him where he is till he’s healed. Move 2nd scout SE, sees where our river meets the ocean.

3520: Another wolf is spotted in range of our polar scout, move him NW to safety, and spots a goodie hut! Move 2nd scout SE, sees nothing.

3480: Move our injured polar scout to pop goodie hut, we get 64 gold. Move 2nd scout NE and he spots some stone, and fish, and a nice location for our 2nd city perhaps. If we found it where the river meets the ocean, it would be 16 squares from the south pole.

3440: Move 2nd scout SE, spot another goodie hut and rice to the E of the stone. Move our frosty scout SW to a forested hilltop to heal.

3400: Our frozen scout is a wolf magnet! He is attacked again but survives of course, and I give him the woodsman 1 promotion, and move him north so he can nab that goodie hut on the next turn. Move our 2nd scout SE, and pop another scout from the hut. He also spots a cow and a wolf lurking right next the hill he’s on. I move our newest scouting comrade NE.

3360: Our 2nd scout is attacked by wolves but he is unharmed. Move him SE. 3rd scout goes NW and meets the ocean, and another cow resource. Move our injured scout NW to nab goodie hut and we get… yet another scout! I move him W so we may start exploring that way.

3320: Scout no. 2 is attacked by wolves… again. He wins and I give him woodsman 1 promotion, fortify in place till healed. We discover the wheel! Start on pottery, due in 8 turns. I think we should consider bronze working next. Start Moscow on a worker, due in 12 turns. Move scout no. 3 E along the coast. Fortify newly built warrior in Moscow. Our newest scout goes NW, and our injured original scout moves NW as well to get healed up.

3280: Fortify 1st scout to heal. 4th scout goes west. 3rd scout continues east along the coast and spots more cows. 2nd scout goes south, right next to yet another wolf.

3240: 2nd scout defeats wolves handily, moves SE and sees… more ice and tundra. Our 3rd scout moves SE and spots marble. I move our 1st scout (now healed) E to reveal acouple squares that were blacked out to make sure we weren’t missing anything (we weren’t). Our newest scout moves into uncharted lands to the W and spots a goodie hut, with a lion right next to it. The tile is bare tundra, so no defensive bonuses, but with 4 scouts, I decide its worth it to nab the hut now. He pops the hut and gets experience. Nuts! Too bad I cant promote him this turn.

So there it is, 20 turns in, 4 scouts running about, and no contact with any other civs yet! We have a huge area to our east to expand by the looks of it, and some workable land.
I like this spot for our 2nd city. Its 16 tiles from the south pole so its within our rules.
The only downside there is we miss the fish which is just outside the fat square, but if we moved the site 1 tile east, we miss the wine, and 2 tasty hill squares which would neuter that cities production potential. There is still plenty of unexplored land to the west, however, and we haven’t researched bronze working yet so that will be a deciding factor for city placement as well.
Explored territory
Happy scouting, Comrade!
Dang, up in 3 games at once!

Got it, but it'll be tomorrow before I can play. That spot looks pretty fine for a second city, and it snags the stone nice and early too :)
Right, lemme get this straight - State Property ASAP, no state religion, no Hereditary Rule or Free Market, no gold, bananas, silk or gems (making the forges we have to build as quick as possible much less useful :(), and most important at this stage, stick near the pole.

10 turns for first round? Not going to get a lot done here methinks :)

IHT 3240BC:

First up, I notice a scout in the west about to be eaten by lions - bah!
Zoom out to the strategy layer and draw a line 17 tiles North of the pole - no cities beyond this point! In the area we can see so far, we're allowed to build anywhere east of moscow, since the coast is within our limits - nice. We've also got some silver and fur to the south of us - the benefit of hanging around near the pole :)

T1 3200BC:

The scout survived the lion attack - nice one guys! Erm, I mean "Comrades, you have shown great strength this day - Mother Russia is proud."

Not only that, but this:

In the frozen tundra of the south, the local tribesmen have learned the art of Animal Husbandry - apparently some animals are good to eat and have furs which keep you warm. Who would've thought it?

T2 3160BC:
Buddhism is founded somewhere.

T3 3120BC:

Our scouts reach the Eastern edge of our available territory. Looks like we won't be competing with anyone except the barbarians for the land we're allowed to build cities in. A hut on the coast gives us yet another scout - 5 seems a bit over the top to me :)

T5 3080BC:

Hmm. Looks like we might be alone here, comrades. That's not good, Irritatingly, we can't build on the northernmost part of that coastline either.

T7 3000BC:

Luckily, there's another landmass not far away, though we won't be able to reach it for a little while. Pottery researched, start on Archery - we're going to need some fog busting troops ASAP!

The technology taught to us by the villagers in the east has led to the realisation that the horses at the location proposed for our second city are in fact a great resource themselves. In the light of new information, I propose the following new locations for our initial expansion:

The orange line is the 17-tile point beyond which we can't settle - thank $DEITY it wasn't 1 tile further south :)
The turquoise circle marks where Darth suggested we place our second city, before we knew it contained horses (which I've drawn over with the border lines :rolleyes:). I reckon red and blue dots are higher priorities than the others, particularly the non-coastal green dot.

I've also put up some signs around the place - they're initial thoughts for city locations, and the ones in the east perhaps don't make optimal use of the available terrain, so feel free to alter them :)

T8 2960BC:

We've mapped out our whole coastline (there's not even any seafood on the western tip of the land!) and nearly all of the interior. I'll set the scouts up to barbwatch as best they can.

T10 2880BC:

Not a lot happening. Judaism was founded last turn somewhere - with Buddhism being done after Hinduism, there probably aren't more than one or two religion grabbers present. The land to the northwest would be a natural target for expansion, only it's too far north for us to settle. There's some sugar over there too.
BeefontheBone said:
The orange line is the 17-tile point beyond which we can't settle - thank $DEITY it wasn't 1 tile further south :)
The turquoise circle marks where Darth suggested we place our second city, before we knew it contained horses (which I've drawn over with the border lines :rolleyes:). I reckon red and blue dots are higher priorities than the others, particularly the non-coastal green dot.
Just to clarify - we cannot found a city more than 17 tiles from the pole OR we cannot have our workers working tiles more than 17 tiles from the pole?
Turn 28 (0) (2880 BC)
Seems we finished somewhere on a funny number. My turn 0 is 2880BC. I'm going to take it though to 2400BC. Looking around, we have some nice signs to possible city sites. I like the one NE of Moscow with the rocks. The others I have no comment at the moment - it'll be a while before we get settlers out there anyway.
Moscow finishes: Worker

... ah, home sweet home ...

While defending, Scout defeats (0.52/1): Barbarian Wolf
While defending, Scout defeats (0.40/1): Barbarian Wolf
While defending, Scout defeats (1.00/1): Barbarian Wolf

Turn 29 (2840 BC)
Moscow begins: Settler
Scout promoted: Woodsman II - I moved him onto a forested hill to heal. About the only bit of movement I actually did with these guys as our land is already uncovered.

Turn 30 (2800 BC)
Tech learned: Archery - oh goody, we can defend ourselves against ... um ... no one here to worry about yet.

Turn 31 (2760 BC)
Research begun: Bronze Working

Turn 32 (2720 BC)

Turn 33 (2680 BC)

While defending, Scout defeats (1.00/1): Barbarian Wolf
While defending, Scout defeats (0.67/1): Barbarian Wolf

Turn 34 (2640 BC)
Scout promoted: Woodsman I

Turn 35 (2600 BC)

Turn 36 (2560 BC)

Turn 37 (2520 BC)

While defending, Scout defeats (1.00/1): Barbarian Wolf

Turn 38 (2480 BC)

Turn 39 (2440 BC)

While defending, Scout defeats (0.90/1): Barbarian Wolf

Turn 40 (2400 BC)

Well - that didn't take long. I pastured the cows (yum!), put up a cottage near the river (maybe it should have been a farm - but I am more interested in commerce at present - research is slow) and started on the beaver camp.

It is COLD here ...

And some action (but not much) ...
Only one wolf attack... and our first barb warrior! He took out a scout sorry to say.

We did found St. Petersburg, so the empire begins.

Turn log if you're interested:
Spoiler :

Turn 41 (2360 BC)
User comment: oh yeah.. BORING!
Tech learned: Bronze Working

Turn 42 (2320 BC)
Research begun: Mysticism
User comment: Pick Mysticism so we can get oblisks out (religion not being likely for a while)

Turn 43 (2280 BC)
Scout defeats (0.90/1): Barbarian Wolf

Turn 44 (2240 BC)

Turn 45 (2200 BC)
Moscow finishes: Settler

Turn 46 (2160 BC)
Moscow begins: Warrior
Tech learned: Mysticism

Turn 47 (2120 BC)
Research begun: Masonry
User comment: masonry next so we can go pyramids (if we want), but more importantly to provide stone.

Turn 48 (2080 BC)
Moscow grows: 3
Moscow finishes: Warrior

Turn 49 (2040 BC)
Moscow begins: Worker
Scout loses to: Barbarian Warrior (1.36/2)

Turn 50 (2000 BC)
User comment: lost a scout to a barb warrior.. just south of new city
St. Petersburg founded
St. Petersburg begins: Stonehenge
User comment: Our worker can road the stone, and then as he finishes, masonry will be done to provide Quarry.

Our glorius expansion:

I set St. Pete to Stonehenge (free oblisks and the GP points), but no work has occured, so next person can veto like crazy if they wish. Our worker headed up to help St. Pete out. He can road the stone and as the road finishes, Masonry will complete allowing him to begin a quarry. Warrior en route to provide protection. Might want to consider building archers as I did encounter our first barb (warrior).

Moscow will pop borders in two turns and is currently building a worker to continue the improvement.

Good turn technology wise (imo) BW, Mysticism, and almost complete Masonry. Might want fishing next as it would allow us to explore that other land mass and hook up fish when St. Pete pops.

Not much else to add, so here's the current continent of the people:
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