[Utility] Civilization 5/BE: simple XML to SQL converter (PHP script)

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    Civilization 5/BE: simple XML to SQL converter
    v1.3, written by Artisanix, 2014/12/09

    This simple conversion script is based on PHP capabilities to process XML files.
    The script displays webpage with simple interface for conversion and the instructions what you need to do there (see attached screenshots for the idea).

    To use this script you need to have webserver installed on your machine with PHP support.
    If you know very little about setting up webservers, then you may want to download some integrated solutions like EasyPHP, The Uniform Server, etc. - they are easy to install and most of the time they work just after the install finishes without any special configuration.

    Then you need to copy this script file (civ_xml2sql.php) to the root folder of your webserver, and it should be accessed in the browser via this address:

    Well, happy converting...

    Of course, if you have any questions, just ask here... ;]

    EDIT3: Uploaded a 1.3 version
    EDIT2: Uploaded a fixed version... ("now should work" - programmer's most used words ;])
    EDIT1: Heh, I've spotted some error ;p The SQL text values are not in quotes, so you may want to wait for a minute until I fix it ;]

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  2. Belzhorash

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    Oct 24, 2008
    This tool is gold.
    Thanks for the work!

    Sadly, I just converted my core files some days before by hand - but there are still files that wait to be converted... ;)

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