UU Now in Upgrade Path - Is This Good?


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Dec 10, 2001
Aberdeen, Scotland
After the 1.17 patch, UU's are now included in the upgrade path. Great news, I thought. Until I started playing the Egyptians last night.

Their UU, the War Chariot, now gets included in the upgrade path to Horsemen. Unfortunately, the stats for both units are identical, with the only differences being that War Chariots are 1/3 cheaper, and Horsemen can traverse Mountains. I would therefore rate the War Chariot as the better of the two units, 'cos you can pump out 3 to every 2 horsemen. Given that only 1 tech separates these units, the time you get to build the War Chariot now, though, is extremely short.

I would like the opportunity to build both the UU, and the upgraded unit.
Yeah, I love the war chariots. On deity I prefer egyptians, then you can go straight to the wheel and get those cheap units (7 shields in a city and you can pump them out every 3 turns, get a huge army really early). I try to avoid horseback riding if I can.
Looks like I'm in for a hangover.

If you want, you can make chariots upgrade to knights in the editor instead of horsemen.
As far as I can remember, I was able to upgrade my war charriots to Cavalry. Standard rules.
Never bother checking if they could upgrade to knights though

...I think

What didn't was upgrading a unit to su (for exemple a spearman upgraded to musketman, but if you played with the french you couldnt upgrade to mustketeer).
I agree that there is a problem with the war chariot though... IMHO, the war chariot should upgrade to knight and it should be possible to get horsemen as well.
But then the war chariot is an odd su, since it's as good as the next unit in the upgrade path. It shouldnt.
I haven´t installed the patch yet,but from experience with the 1.16 version and some editing I can tell you this much pompeynunn; I wanted a cheaper alternative to Mech Inf,so that small cities had an easy to build Inf unit,so changed Swordsman and Longbowman upgrading to Infantry,what happened next is obvious the Sordsman and Longbowman vanished out of the build menu,but no other unit was inserted instead,what has happened to your Horsemen and War Chariot is probably the same thing,one or both of them has a different upgrade path and is considered obsolete by the program.

Compare this with with the 1.17 version using the editor:

1.16 settings;
Horseman upgraded to Knight and was also available to Egypt.
War Chariot upgraded to Knight and was only available to Egypt.

It´s either the horseman being available to Egypt,or the different upgrade path.
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