[UXP] Legends of Revolutions


Mar 1, 2003

Unofficial Expansion Project

The Goal of Legends of Revolution is to simulate a "commercially viable" expansion pack. What makes LoR unique is the attention to detail throughout the mod, and it's unprecedented stability.

Legends of Revolutions is built around the RevolutionDCM core (the core component used in most "expansion" themed mods), and I have been a RevolutionDCM team member for a couple years now. RevolutionDCM adds the following optional concepts and improvements (all of which the AI has been made aware of):

  • Revolutions: Cities that become disenchanted with their empire's rule for various reasons (religious, economic, distance from your capitol -effected by communication technologies and trade networks) can rebel; spawning new civilizations and bringing about civil wars.
  • Barbarian Civ: Barbarian cities that develop high culture or get large may settle down, spawning entire new civilizations.
  • DCM battle mechanics: Ranged bombarding, fighter engaging, building bombing, among others.
  • Inquisitions: After discovering Theology, certain civics will allow the training of inquisitor units which can purge unwanted religions from an empire's cities, and their vassals (if the vassal as well is running the proper civics and has the same state religion as it's master).
  • Super Spies: Spies may gain promotions to become more successful conducting espionage.
  • Tech Diffusion: Civilizations (particularly those that trade and are far behind) get beakers diffused to them from more advanced civilizations for technologies the more advanced civilization has researched.
  • Start as Minor Tribes: Simulates the chaos of early history. All civs are treated by the game as barbarian (Unit color, flags and borders still show, you are aware of who is around you, they just cannot be peacefully interacted with) until they discover the technology of Writing, and may engage in diplomacy with other civilizations that have discovered writing.
  • Influence Driven War: Battles have an effect on the cultural depth of tiles. This means that in war the borders of empires become dynamic, and will shift according to those who succeed in their war.
  • Limited Religions: Turning this game option on makes it so that a civilization may not found a new religion if they already control a holy city. Allowing other civilizations to found these religions.
  • Better Unaltered Gamplay (BUG): The BUG mod is fully incorporated into the RevolutionDCM core. The enhancements to the interface are too numerous to count. If you haven't tried BUG you will be blown away by how much easier it is to get information, and how well everything is displayed.
  • Better AI: The current version of BBAI has been fully incorporated into the RevDCM core, and the AI is much smarter.
  • Ruthless AI: This game option is similar to "Aggressive AI" but is more extreme and attempts to remove most role playing from the AI's gameplay, making it play to win at all costs.
  • All new features optional: In keeping with the Civilization experience as produced by Firaxis all features in this mod (except BetterAI) can be toggled on and off to your preferences, so that you can set up the game to play as you like.

Legends of Revolution expands on the RevolutionDCM gamecore by adding the following features:
  • Legendary units: Legendary Units are special units much like world wonders. Use these to spearhead an attack, or be a stonewall defender, perfect for warmongering, or even defending for a builder type player. Legends can be turned off in the game options.
  • Enhanced Unit and Tech Progression: Legends of Revolution is designed to play as an expansion pack, it adds about as many units and technologies as BtS did to vanilla Civilization IV. All added units are coherent, have unique buttons and art, and fit in the game seamlessly. It simply makes more sense to go from Wooden ships to the Ironclad Cruisers of the 19th century, instead of the jump from 16th Century sailing vessels to WWII style destroyers as occurred in BtS.
  • Ethnic Unit and City art: Much of the Ethnic art from Avain's Variates Delectat mod, and Geomodders Ethnic City scapes has been incorporated in Legends of Revolution, the game simply looks much prettier. AchillesZero, the art director for this project worked tirelessly to assure all unit models are in line with Firaxis's performance standards, meaning this art has been added with Form and Function in mind.
  • Dynamic Religious Spreading: This option, toggled in the RevDCM tab in the BUG interface supercedes the basic Religious spreading logic in BtS, allowing newer religions a chance to catch up in the world, and keeping the early religions like Hinduism and Buddism from dominating as occurs in base BtS.
  • New Leaders and Civilizations: New leaders have been added, all using high quality leaderhead art, as well as the civilizations of Vietnam, the Iroquois, and Sioux. All new leaders have their own unique diplomacy text and diplomatic music, as would occur with Firaxis released content.
  • Attention to detail through all parts of the mod: Legends of Revolution is designed to look and play like a commercially viable expansion pack. As such I have devoted much time and energy to ensure all added content comes with it's unique art, such as unique buttons and models. To this day Legends of Revolution is the only mod with a 3D title screen, and this type of detail is found throughout all parts of the mod. All languages are supported, and Finish has been added, German and Spanish are nearly fully translated (If you want to help out this project translations for French and Italian would be awesome). All art is high quality and looks professionally done, thanks to the various artists here on Civfanatics (see credits below), and all units have been checked and optimize to ensure that they are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also function performance wise (many large mods add very system demanding models and art, which is a common cause of reported MAF crashes).

Installation is easy, simply download and install. If the installer refuses to install and tells you that your copy of Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword is not up to date, then you need to download and install the official Firaxis 3.19 patch (the in game automatic updater usually does not work with this patch as it is too large, must users need to install it manually). The Official 3.19 patch for Beyond the Sword can be found here:

Thanks for checking out Legends of Revolution. Feel free to provide any feedback. If you enjoy this mod, please rate it :) and let your friends who play Civilization IV know about it. I taught myself how to Code C++, and much more in order to produce it and have spent thousands of hours on this project as well as the RevolutionDCM core. It is my hobby, and I am happy sharing this work with other civfanatics, my only hope is that players enjoy it.

Feel free to use anything in Legends of Revolution on your own projects. When installing you can set the installer to also install the source code to work with. My only request is that if you use my work, please give me credit.
A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words​

Unit Upgrade Chart:
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Leonardo's Workshop:
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More Civilopedia shots
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Q: I know I patched BtS, why wol't the installer let me install this mod?
The installer is correct, your copy of BtS is not patched to 3.19. Probably what has happened is you have used the in game automatic updater; this thing often fails, then lies to the user and tells them that BtS has been patched when it has not! You need to install the patch manually; you can find the patch here on Civfanatics in the downloads section, also the installer gives you a link that will automatically download the patch from Firaxis's website.

Q: Can I play LoR in multiplayer?
LoR 0.9.9 works in MP. However we the RevDCM team are not able to put in as much work on Multiplayer as we'd like. While the game runs flawlessly in Single Player, and we have fixed all known issues with Multiplayer in the last update to the RevDCM core, there may be some sync issues that occur. If you play Multiplayer, and experience issues, please let us know in the RevolutionDCM development thread, with a description of what occurs and give us a save file to check out. There simply has not been enough feedback, and I am unable to test RevolutionDCM or LoR in multiplayer to know if it is fully functional, though I know it is functional. One major note though, to play Multiplayer games, you must have your custom assets folder cleared of all files, otherwise it will break.

Q: Why do you call this an unofficial expansion pack, aren't there a lot of those?
Sort of. The goal of this mod is not to add content for contents sake. Most of the expansion based mods are filled with lots of things, dozens of new leaders, civs, units, etc. This Mod definitively adds a couple of these things, but they are tempered. The additions are in line with what you'd see in a commercially available expansion pack. Further this mod is very stable, there are no known bugs in it. And finally it includes all the known common sense modcomps that have been created by the community, such as BUG, and Better AI.

Q: I downloaded this mod before, and saw there was an update, so I downloaded it and installed. When I updated to the new version diplomacy texts stop working, I can't interact with other civs at all (or any other bug noticed right after updating to a new version)?
You have windows 7, and the security settings are set to be crazy and overprotective. Not much I can do here from my end, and having your Windows 7 security protocols set that high is going to break other software on your computer when you update. Basically alot of software, including this mod, is set up so that it's installer checks for any previous versions of itself when running, if a previous version is detected the installer will execute the uninstaller for the software so that the old version is completely removed and there are no errant files left over that cause issues with the update. Unfortunately if Windows 7 has it's security settings selected to be a fascist it blocks the uninstaller from actually doing anything, yet it allows it to execute, basically lying to the user and making them think everything is working right. Then when the installer runs and installs the files from the new version, all the old errant files that aren't directly overwritten are still around and breaks the update. This will definitely happen with LoR and will occur for other software applications. For LoR you can get around this by running LoR's uninstaller manually before updating, so that the old version is completely removed, rather then relying on the installer to auto-execute it. Also you should consider toning down your Windows 7 security settings to be more sane.

Q: The art looks all messed up, I mean really bad, there are multiple unit models, and they switch to new ones, and the buttons are all blurry, and even though I run the game in frozen animations mode some models like the worker still animate. What's a matter with the unit art?
The main mod cannot be run in frozen animation mode. The Ethnic art just wol't work in the frozen mode. You must turn animations on for this mod to work correctly in the full mod.

Q: Does this mod run slower then standard BtS, I hear that happens with alot of big mods?
Firstly, this mod has been built around performance. I have taken great care to only use reasonably sized textured and poly count models, more so then any other modpack available, bar none. Poly count and texture size is the #1 cause of slowdown and MAF crashes (memory allocation failures), in fact the model standards for Legends of Revolution isn't that much different then BtS.

In previous version of LoR there were some other attributes that would cause slow down. Mainly the betterAI component, a smarter AI has more to think about, and if the computer resources are already being overloaded, this can cause the game to stall longer in between turns. However since LoR 0.9.6, and higher, the CAR mod has been incorporated in BBAI, no significant slow down has been noted in the new versions of BBAI (testing showed somewhere around a 4% increase in turn time, which is negligible and not noticeable for humans). BUG does introduce a feature which can cause slow down: Plot List Enhancements. These can be used to more quickly gain information from unit stacks, etc. Unfortunately the code for them is all in python, and is a bit overloaded, IMHO, that said alot of people will only play with the PLE. If you are noticing slow down and reduced performance accessing the BUG options (press Ctrl + Alt + O), and disabling the Plot List Enhancements (or PLE) options will definitely improve things. Lastly because this is meant to simulate an expansion pack and has come out more then 2 years after BtS, the poly count and texture size limit is slightly larger then Stock BtS. All of these combined really don't add to much, but it is still slightly more resource intensive then Beyond the Sword is. The main ways to improve performance are to reduce your map size, or get more RAM for your computer.

Q: Why does the Perfect World map script freeze, isn't this a critical bug?
Perfect World takes about 5 minutes to generate a Standard Size map on my computer (My computer is old though, it only takes about a minute to build a Huge map on a modern computer, I think I timed it once and it took about 100 minutes to build a huge map on this old thing I use :lol:). It basically runs a tectonics and then a meteorological simulation to generate a realistic looking map; this takes a while. My guess is it's not freezing, you're just not giving it enough time to finish.

Here is a link to to the Perfect World map script thread if you want to read more information on it:

Q: Is there anyway I can help out the project?
There are quite a few ways, for sure. Just downloading it and playing it good; those of us who built this mod just like knowing it gets played. If you enjoy it, please also rate it :) The biggest help in my mind would be to spread the word, let people know about the mod. LoR has been released considerably later then most mods, and as such doesn't have a very large fanbase. Getting it more exposure would help quite a bit. Word of mouth and just telling people about the mod is good, and there are other ways to improve it's exposure; such as starting a succession game, I'd personally love to read one; writing down a story in an interesting format in the stories and tales forum would be cool also. If you're a fan of civilization these are interesting to read sometimes, especially the succession games which can have very novel approaches to playing civ; the succession games and stories and tales forums can be found here:

Civilization IV: Succession Games Forum
Civilization IV: Stories and Tales Forum

GoodGame's LoR Screenshot Album
Spoiler :


The main developers of Legends of Revolution are:
phungus420 and achilleszero

Other moders or team members have helped in the development, by either being part of the Legends of Revolution Team, and helping with civilopedia entries, translations, etc, or are modders themselves and have helped build the core components of the mod:
Alsark, Merri, jdog5000, glider1, EmperorFool, PieceOfMind

Legends of Revolution would not have been possible without the work of other moders. Many thanks to:

EmperorFool, Good Game, and Snarko. These three have made it possible to expand the mod beyond it's humble begginings in WolfRevolution. EF for all his help in the Python SDK forum, Good Game for making it possible to clean up the Wolfshanze high poly units, and Snarko for helping me on IRC late night when I was coding things above my level (self taught C++ and Python here). Also PieceOfMind deserves a shoutout for his Advanced Combat Modcomp, a great modcomp incorporated here (and the modcomp that actually motivated me enough to learn some C++). I also greatly appreciate the help and feedback from nudden, The Capo, Refar, Zebra9, Dresden and others for providing me with useful feedback and help essential to the building of Legends of Revolution.
Edgecrusher for his compilation of Heros Units (though I did have to abandon his code, and write my own for it, I still stole utilized alot of his art). Oh and smeagolheart's Examine City on Conquest modcomp is great too; mechaerik for getting the parradrop animations working on the SF units, along with making some Ethnic variants. Avain for Varietas Delectat unit art, Geomodder for his ethnic city styles, Bakuel, bernie, the Capo, The Coyote, Ekmek, Arian and his movies, and tons of other artists I have ripped off incorporated art from
Let me know if I am leaving anyone else out...

Legends of Revolution was originally built out of WolfRevolution, a merge of the Wolfshanze mod and Revolution DCM. To get more in depth information on the mods that Legends of Revolution was built from, check out these links:
Wolfshanze's Revolution thread
Wolfshanze mod thread
RevolutionDCM thread
Those who created RevolutionDCM and the Wolfshanze mod also deserve credit, without them Legends of Revolution would not have been possible:

And those who he credits in his mod:
Refar, Elhoim, kodzi, Danrell, Hadrean, Snafusmith, Bernie, GeneralMatt, Houman, Zerver, asio, The Coyote and others

glider1 & jdog5000:
And those who he credits in his mod:
Moctezuma--creater or IDW, Ruff_Hi, Dale, Trojan Sheep, Solver, Dresden, Orion Veteran and others.
Changelog and Version History

  • Fixed Major Bug that was causing Wonders to not be properly processed

  • Updated RevDCM core to 2.82
    Spoiler :
    • Bug fixes to autoplay and changeplayer found by Snake_b and Keldath
    • Added missing Finnish tags
    • Added multiplayer enforcer code
    • Aesthetic fixes to the Civilopedia unit section
    • Holy City Respawn code fixed and tested
    • Tweak to the AI pushReligious victory logic
    • Fixed nagging asserts in Civilopedia
    • PerfectWorld2g update
  • Fixed Organized leader trait so that it's Revolution bonus is actually a bonus instead of a penalty
  • Rewrote multiple Civilopedia strategy sections so that they were correct
  • Added and updated Jeelen's 300AD scenario
  • Added Events with Images modcomp (togglable in the BUG interface)

  • Updated to RevolutionDCM 2.81 core
    Spoiler :

    • Limited Religion game option added to RevolutionInit screen
    • New RevDCM Perfect World map scrip added
    • Fix for Limited Religion founding
    • Fix for missionary logic selection and Inquisitions and Religious Victory AI behavior
    • Massive changes to Revolutions loading into BUG, all Revolutions options now accessible in the RevDCM tab (most are hidden, and are only revealed in debug mode)
    • Most unit spawning in BarbarianCiv and Revolutions changed to soft coded unit selection based on UnitAI types, rather then selecting a hardcoded unit type based on an XML string
    • Added Limited Religions Exceptions option in the RevDCM tab accessed in the BUG menu
    • BarbarianCiv new world logic fixes
    • RevEvents revCultureModifier bug fix
    • Gamespeed scaling fix for Global Warming
    • RevDCM now tracks Fuyu's Better BUG AI as well as Jdog5000's Better BTS AI.
    • Added documentation for modmakers explaining the UserSettings folder
    • Fixed Rev Trait Effects so that they are actually applied
    • Fix xml tech tag
    • Added Rev Building Effects
    • Fixed syntax issue in MovieMod module
    • Ranged bombard fix
    • Added Afforess's Battle Effects code cleanup
    • Added new doc RevolutionDCM_ModderInfo.txt
    • Added some minor optimizations to base BtS source code
    • Limited religion reimplemented in 2.8, in the SDK as a proper game option
    • Spanish translations added
    • Religious victory code optimized and debugged
    • Added ThomasSG trait code
    • Turned on World of Civilization Modular Loading
    • Unofficial patch Spy Random event and No Espionage Game Option fix
    • Added in RuthlessAI game option
    • Added New Global Define MP System
    • Fixed Rogue Popups with AI Autoplay Enabled
    • Set up code to successfully remove all Trait effects on leader changes
    • Added some new Great General AI logic
    • Fix for Civ4lerts with changePlayer
    • AIAutoPlay and Revolution.py changes needed to get "Defect and Lead Rebels" and "Accept Leader Changer" Revolution events to work.
    • Fixes to deal with religion founding weirdness in later era start games
    • Changed Dynamic Civ Names from a GameOption to a BUG option
    • Reapplied UP fix requiring a spy unit for spy unit event
    • RevDCM Options Correctly Initiate with new games, or when loading saves
    • Removed unnecessary and buggy Naval Bombard DCM component, now entirely handled by DCM Ranged Bombard
    • Hide unsupported DCM options: DCM Attack Support only visible as a toggleable option when in debug mode.
    • Fixed check in CvGameInterface.cpp for Archer Bombard, was checking if was ranged bombard
    • Performance improvements
    • Code cleanup - Ensured values in CvDefinesModTools.h actually points to something.
    • Code cleanup - All RevDCM GlobalDefineAlt values loaded into CvGlobals and exposed to python.
    • Removed DCM accuracy from Horse Archers.
    • Fixed a few more asserts being thrown by the debug dll
    • Fixed unresponsive ACO and other BULL options
    • Fix animal upgrade check bug
    • Fix free techs after forming PA late in game
    • Fix for no "Disband city?" popup when city flips and Revolution is not on
    • Fix Afforess's reported setNumRealBuilding to -1 fix in DCM bombing missions
    • Reapply fix for double disband city popup with no revolution
    • Updated Makefile to DannyDaemonic's faster makefile.
    • Fixed World of Civilization Modular Loading when the Mod Folder is not in Program Files Directory
    • Memory Leak Fix (Thanks Afforess)
    • AI no longer tips it's hand except to civs it is friendly toward
    • WHEOOHRN is still supposed to be shown if there are actual wars ongoing, hidden only if all there is is plans.
    • Tweak to WHEOOHRN trade denial and Ruthless AI
    • Corrected error reported in BBAI forums with worker logic and bDanger
    • ThomasSG's diplo display fix
    • Added AI awareness of Limited Religions Game Option
    • Fix for double religion founding with choose religions game option
    • Tech Cost modifier improved to account for Start as Minors and Tech Trading game options
    • Multiplayer mode now supported but not yet fully tested for games with more than two players.
    • Autoplay also works in MP mode.
    • Spanish translations added
    • Fully extricated Religion options from RevDCM 2.72 build ready for reimplementation in 2.8
    • Fixed issue with XML Tech tag
    • Added new doc RevolutionDCM_ModderInfo.txt
    • Fixed all nagging asserts in the debug DLL
    • Fixes to improve BUG options responsiveness
    • Fix bug in RevDCM where accepting AI takeover in an empire wide revolt results in python exception
    • Permanent alliance research bug fixed
    • Fix interface issue where BULL was not responding to BUG
    • Fix broken Religious victory bug in the Victory screen display
  • Added Multiplayer enforcement code to keep games from going out of synch from different users having different RevDCM and BULL actions settings
  • Added Dynamic Religion Spread option (in Bug menu option RevDCM tab)
  • Overhauled units, All civs now have a single UU and UB
  • Complete Diplomacy text for all leaders
  • Tech tree opened up and less restrictive and reverted early tech tree to base BtS
  • Fixed some text issues that were messing with Finish language, all languages supported (German and Spanish are nearly totally translated)

Version History
Spoiler :

  • Some minor fixes from RevDCM 2.71
  • Fixed invisible improvements caused by using Expanded Graphics in Scenarios
  • Set compression method in staller to "best", reduces file size (pretty significantly for the full version - dropped from 353MB to a 288MB download)

0.9.8d changelist:
  • Updated to a modified RevDCM 2.7 gamecore (modified to maintain save game compatibility with other 0.9.8 versions)
    • Fixes some MP issues, MP should be playable for most players, however it still will not connect for some.
    • Updated BUG and BULL components to 4.3 and 1.1 respetively
    • Updates BBAI component to 0.84+
    • Allows playing of any scenario that is compatible with BtS

0.9.8c changelist:
  • Fixed broken victories
  • Moved all Revolution.ini loading code into a standardized BUG format (under the hood for most users, but should eliminate the rare user specific cases of a Loss of Interface)
  • Updated BUG UI to latest SVN (adds tech era information to tech screen)
  • Added Snophru's German translations.

0.9.8b changelist:
  • Fixed installer to correctly find BtS version on Steam and Current User installs (searches Global Defines file for 3.19 entry instead of checking the registry)
  • Added Vietnam unit sounds
  • Fixed broken Religious Victory *(this "fix" unfortunately broke all other victories; the broken victory bug introduced here is squashed in 0.9.7c -see above)
  • Fixed Enhanced Graphics AddOn
  • Fixed rare bug where Rebels were gifted Legendary Units as reinforcements

  • Added Gaplus's Italian translations
  • Added Snophru's German translations

V 0.9.8 changelist:
  • Fully updated to RevDCM 1.61 + current SVN changes
    • Updates betterAI version to .82j
    • Updates BUG component to 4.2
    • Eliminates Python Callbacks (should improve peformance)
    • Barbarian Civ settling now scales better with game speed
  • Fully normalized LoR with BtS, so no crucial strings are missing (should make things easier on scenario makers)
    • Set back Civilizations (Austria reverted to the HRE, other changes are under the hood, such as changing the civilizations info string for Sioux to CIVILIZATION_NATIVE_AMERICA)
    • LSystem Files
    • Added back in missing unit strings such as UNIT_HORSE_ARCHER
  • Add new game options, No Legends and No Wonders
  • Updated installer. Removes need for "Launch as Admin" for Vista Users
  • Removed Protected Cruiser and rebalanced Industrial Era Navy
  • Art updates (Model for Babylonian Longbowman, Ethnic Spy and Achilleszero's General's models, Button for Roman Heavy Footman)
  • Normalized Light and Full versions
  • Set up GameSpeedInfos file so that LoR ends in 2100 AD with a 10% increase in default number of turns
  • Add diplo text for all LoR leaders
  • Update Scenarios to 0.9.8 build, and fixed all bugs in scenarios
  • Changed order of DENIAL_TOO_MANY_WARS code in CvTeamAI.cpp
  • More Translations; specifically German should be eniterely translated

Version 0.9.7c Released 1 Nov 09

  • LoR: 0.9.7c
  • Fixed ACO component. Combat modifiers now display in ACO hover display.
  • Fixed bad path in the art defines file for the Mech infantry flanking infantry units (troopers), fixes "red blobs"
  • Fixed civilization button in Leader Head screen in the civilopedia. The button now links to the correct civ, instead of always directing to the Zulu
  • Fixed top 5 wonders/Cities screen in the Info Screen section. Built Wonder list now properly generates.
  • Fine tuned Start as minors starting units code (was granting unequal number of starting defensive units for some AIs on high difficulty with start as minors selected)
  • Some minor fixes to BUG UI issues (stagnant city with 1 food left calculating it would grow next turn), and Inquisitor AI logic (AI was not aware it was maxed out with 3 inquisitors and attempted to get more, no real effect to LoR, but a waste of processor time)
  • Tweaked Techs:
    • Theology now requires Lit instead of Aesthetics (spread rate of christianity increased, as well as granted extra missionary to compensate)
    • Changed chemistry pre req from Military Science to Gunpowder, units enabled by Chemistry have had Military Science Req added (Grenadier, Ship of the Line). This change should allow more user options in the early Industrial tech selection, while not signicantly changing unit progression
    • To facilitate above change, Steel now requires Military Science. Cannon moved to Steel, instead of Chemistry.
  • Tweaks to Units:
    • Removed +10% bonus to archery units for heavy footmen. Pikeman -10% to city attack.
    • Cavalry now ignore first strikes
    • Swapped Retreat promos on Barbary Corsairs (gets Damage Control), and 54th Infantry (recieves commando, and still gets flanking1).
    • King's Yeomanry gets +50% strength in Forests and Hills, looses some first strikes (1-2, instead of 2-4). +100% bonus to Knights and Heavy Footman, instead of just defensive bonus.
    • Barrage promotion line opened up to Naval Units (only effects Bismark), Bismark swaps Drill2 with Barage1 promotion.

Version 0.9.7b Released 27 Oct 09

  • LoR: 0.9.7b
  • Fixed broken Spanish Royal Galleon model (critical art bug on some video cards)
  • Added link to FAQ homepage when mod installs, so users can quickly check out LoR's homepage
  • Removed AI free techs for hard difficulty levels when Start as Minors selected (AI's will start with defensive archer to guard against cheese rush on high difficulty)

Version 0.9.7a Released 25 Oct 09
  • Fixed rare critical bug reported in LSystem files (full version only, does not effect light)
  • Fixed longstanding link issue with Legends Civilopedia Section
  • Added new functionality to civilopedia to list multiple civs for a leader

Version 0.9.7 Released 22 Oct 09
  • Minor changes to LoR leaders
  • Repacked Art
  • Fixed uncommon graphics issue on some systems that could cause a crash when meeting Bolivar and FrancisI
  • Minor adjustments to some units
  • Updated RevDCM component to 2.6
    • Includes BetterAI 0.81M, significantly improves AI and performance as CAR mod components are incorporated
    • Super spy AI adjustments - AI chooses useful promotions including logistics
    • Updated to BUG 4.1.1, and BULL 1.0
    • Added the Global Warming mod by Minor Annoyance
    • Show Hidden Attitude mod merged and made a controllable interface option
    • The AI now is more Revolution aware and will keep its cities happier to avoid revolts
    • domestic advisor liberate city fix
    • Re-balanced BarbarianCiv for early barb settling as well as Barbarian World option
    • Improved German and Spanish translations, nearly fully translated and fully playable in German and Spanish
    • Fixed issue with "X have chosen to give up their independence" text
    • RevolutionDCM options can no longer be changed in a multiplayer game session
    • RevolutionDCM options from the options screen now update immediately (no longer required to reload when adjusting options in the RevDCM tab, accessible by pressing ctrl + alt + o in game)
    • Revolution watch advisor always shows national effects, and national effects are displayed in the city screen rev bar mouseover
    • Various BUG 4.1 fixes to civlerts and autolog to work with Revolutions
    • Modmodder & Scenario maker update notes
      Spoiler :

      • Fixed "Start as Minors" option in scenarios, this option now works as intended with no adverse consequences in a WBS file (scenario)
      • Interdependent random event fix woc
      • RevolutionDCM "debug" option becomes obsolete
      • Limited religion and choose religion code ported to BUG 4.1 standard
      • Revolution Inquisitions code ported to BUG 4.1 standard
      • Inquisition code adjustments to Revolutions mod and non-revolution mod effects

General 0.9.6:
  • Updated RevDCM core to 2.51
    • Fixes many minor bugs such as broken events and Text issues
    • Fixes ranged bombardment for naval units
  • Released LoR and LoR light versions. LoR light has had all non essential parts removed, such as ethnic unit art, shrine movies, and scenarios. This is to acomodate those with low end computers and to reduce the download size for those needing it. LoR and LoR light are save game compatible, so you may swap saves for succession games or change versions with no issue.
  • Rebuilt ArtDefines XML files from scratch
  • Switched out less known or "deserving" leaders like Lech Walesa (who the hell is that guy?) with Ataturk, Xerxes, and El Cid
  • Exposed Civic Revolution Effects when revolutions are active
  • Cloned Civic Revolution XML tags into TraitInfos, added some RevTrait functionality, exposed to player when revolutions are active in the game
  • Added Maximum Start Era to UnitInfos, Legends now have a maximum Start Era like Wonders
  • Added Emancipation Requirement to 54th Infantry
  • Minor Tweaks to Units, Crossbow now 60 hammers, and no longer targets mounted last, nerfed Hungarian Cannon, Mohawk Sentry given +100% defense against warriors
  • Tweak to Serfdom, Farms +1 Commerce, -2 Health, Hight Upkeep, +100% Revolution Distance Penalty, still produces units with food
  • Added back default techs in BtS to Barbarians. This makes all barbarian effects much harder.
  • Fixed all scenarios, and added a scenario. Only scenarios that are compatible with LoR will now be possible to load
  • Improved intro screen for better aesthetics across resolution settings

Legends beta: 0.9.6c* Released 8 Sep 09
  • Fixed bad button in English Jet Bomber (critical art bug)

Legends beta: 0.9.6c+ Released 7 Sep 09
  • Fix to LSystem art bugs
  • Updated Lean's pre placed earth map to latest version

Legends beta: 0.9.6c Released 3 Sep 09
  • Many Art Fixes in full version
    • Includes multiple critical art bugs (This is why LoR was made unavailable for a while)
    • Includes various minor tweaks to ethnic art
    • Includes new optomizations, and expansion of the Expanded Graphics optional add on
  • Minor Tweaks to traits, to remove any redundant trait combos
  • Enlightened set back to +10% as per user requests

Legends of Revolution 0.9.6b
  • Improved intro screen for better aesthetics across resolution settings
  • Fixed a couple minor art issues
  • Nerfed Enlightened to +5% research
  • Couple minor tweaks to Rev Trait effects
  • Tweak to Serfdom, farms grant +1 commerce instead of +1 hammer

Legends of Revolution 0.9.6a
  • Full and Light versions made available
  • Various Typos and other bug fixes
  • Removed El Cid and Abu Bakr from Great Persons list (they are now leaders)
  • Mohawk Sentry given +100% defense against warriors
  • Fixed a couple of minor missing graphix issues with buttons (pink boxes) from 0.9.6 build
  • ReSet LoR to once again stop loading custom assets, was causing issues for users who had custom assets files
  • LoR no longer makes available scenarios and maps which are not compatible with the mod
  • Set Civic and Trait civilopedia displays so that Revolutions effects only shows up for games with Revolutions active
  • Removed Shrine and National Wonder movies from light version to reduce size of the light version download

Legends of Revolution 0.9.x6 (light test)
  • Added minor fix to Naval Bombard from RevDCM 2.51a
  • Exposed Civic Revolution Effects
  • Cloned Civic Revolution XML tags into TraitInfos, added some RevTrait functionality
  • Added Maximum Start Era to UnitInfos, Legends now have a maximum Start Era like Wonders
  • Added Emancipation Requirement to 54th Infantry
  • Minor Tweaks to Units, Crossbow now 60 hammers, and no longer targets mounted last, nerfed Hungarian Cannon
  • Tweak to Serfdom, Farms +1 Hammer, -2 Health, Hight Upkeep, +100% Revolution Distance Penalty
  • Fixed Critical Art Bug (bad refference to non existant String "Trooper") in the 0.9.5 Test Build
  • Gave Barbarians a few starting techs to bring in line with Standard BtS (makes Raging Barbarians a threat again). Be aware that this makes the Barb Civs that spawn in the early game too strong, so it is strongly recommended that you do not choose the options Challenge Barbarian World with Barbarian Civ. Barbarian Civ will be tweaked for the official release to make these two options playable together, but in the current test build it is nigh impossible to deal with.

Legends of Revolution 0.9.x5 light test
  • Removed all ethnic art that isn't from default BtS (should help for low end systems, and also for users who were having MAF issues)
  • Rebuilt ArtDefines XML files from scratch
  • Installer updated, new functionality, fixes icon scripting and other minor issues in old installer.
  • Switched out less known or "deserving" leaders like Lech Walesa (who the hell is that guy?) with Ataturk, Xerxes, and El Cid
  • Note: Ethnic art will be reincorporated in a 0.9.5 full release. The intent of this change is to allow a light and full version (one with ethnic art, the other without), that will be save game compatible for succesion games and what not. The light version relies entirely on BtS stock art if at all possible, the full version when released, will bring back the ethnic graphics for those that prefer those, and don't mind the increase in system demand.

Legends of Revolution 0.9.4b (beta) (v0.9.3 Save game compatible)
  • Consolidated 0.9.4a patch into main download
    • Fixed Critical Art bug in Longboat button
    • Bug fix for Spaceship Parts. Apollo Program will now work correctly
    • Tweak to Heavy Footman and Crossbows. Crossbows now target Mounted Last, but cost 70 hammers, and Heavy Footman gain 10% against archery units
    • Added Finnish Language as a supported Language.
    • Barb Civ City Size increased to 4 from 2 before Civilizations can emerge from barb cities.
  • New Opening Screen and Music
  • New Diplo Music for Bolivar, Hitler, and Ataturk
  • Enlightened research bonus nerfed to +10%
  • Re Wrote install script, should function much better, especially with icon scripting.
  • Minor tweak to Barbarian Civ component (only requires contact with 1 full civ to settle).

Legends of Revolution 0.9.4a (beta)
  • Fixed Critical Art bug in Longboat button

Legends of Revolution 0.9.4 (beta)
  • Bug fix for Spaceship Parts. Apollo Program will now work correctly
  • Tweak to Heavy Footman and Crossbows. Crossbows now target Mounted Last, but cost 70 hammers, and Heavy Footman gain 10% against archery units
  • Added Finnish Language as a supported Language.
  • Barb Civ City Size increased to 4 from 2 before Civilizations can emerge from barb cities.

Legends of Revolution 0.9.3 (beta):
  • Updated RevDCM component to 2.50
    • This udpates betterAI to 0.78c and makes the mod 3.19 compliant
    • Adds scrolling scoreboard
    • Better exposer of Revolution Indexes
  • Created New Civilopedia entry for LoR concepts. Moved BtS concepts to main game concepts section
  • Fixed missing text issue for Non English Modes
  • Minor tweaks to techs and units
  • Split Native American Civ into Iroquois and Sioux nations
  • Added Blue Marble optional add on
  • New ethnic art for aesthetics, lots of cleaning up of the Art to improve performance and size of mod
  • Various typos and minor bug fixes

Legends beta: 0.9.3x
-Updated RevDCM component to 2.50 -BtS 3.19 compatible
--Includes Better AI 0.78c
-Minor tweaks to techs and units, most notable is the Pikeman, which gains 100% vs Melee
-Split Native American Civ into Iroquious and Sioux nations
-Tweaked early siege by reducing strength and max damage. This should keep their survivability
--where it is now, but increase the need for main assault troops.
-Added Blue Marble optional add on
-Added 100+ new ethnic models from VD thanks to achilleszero
-Cleaned up Ethnic City Art to improve performance, thanks to achilleszero
-Repacked art
-Various typos and minor bug fixes by Alsark

Testing Changelog:
Legends beta: 0.9.2x *Not save game compatible with previous builds
-Updated RevDCM component to 2.00
--Includes Better AI 0.70f
-Minor tweaks to tech tree, the most notable is the fact Nationalism now requires Divine Right
-Repacked art, trimmed more fat from Wolfshanze.fpk
--hopefully made ethnic art more visible to low settings
-Various typos and minor bug fixes to issues reported in main thread
-Reshuffled leader traits as per achilleszero's list
-minor tweaks to traits (Protective and Enlightened gain a building or two with double production)
-moved most of the LoR python code to the SDK. Makes everything more tidy code wise, but also has real gameplay improvements, such as proper displaying of all known effects (Enlightened Trait previously did not display correctly)

Legends beta: 0.9.1x
-Added test build version and installation for dev testing
-Added double unit cost to upgrade if unit upgrades to different UnitCombatType, reduced overall cost of upgrades by 33% to compensate
-Moved Enlightened trait effects to SDK, information now displays correctly, also AI now knows of non state culture
-Moved Leonardo's Workshop functionality to SDK
-Moved Early Flyer to Legends category to remove from unit upgrade chart

Legends beta: 0.9.0x
-Added Unit Ethnic art, mostly related to Jet and strike fighters
-Some minor tweaks to ethnic art

Legends beta: 0.8.2 Released 29April 2009
-Fixes bug found in start game options

Legends beta: 0.8.1 Released 28 April 2009
*Not savegame compatible with previous builds.
-Updated Ethnic art, specifically strike fighter models
-Few minor bug fixes
-Repacked Art, cut out fat from Wolfshanze.fpk (unused art)
-Removed Scenarios from optional add on, included in full install

Legends beta: 0.8.0 (test release in thread only)
-Bronze, Steam & Tears renamed to: Legends of Revolution
-Recompiled Gamecore
--Added Barbarian World game start option
-Seperated out Legend Units on Sevopedia, removed from Unit upgrade chart
-Added Optional Add on component (source code and scenarios)
-Updated WorldWarWolfshanze scenario to Legends mod
-button fix from 0.7 build

BST beta: 0.7.0 (test release in thread only)
-Updated to Revolutions 1.02
-Fixed Mulitple Legend Unit spawns for Barbarian Civ and Revolution Reinforcements
-ACO version updated to 1.0
-Recompiled Gamecore
--Return to 50 Civ dll
-Initial implementation of BST functioning Scenarios

BST beta: 0.6.0 released 21 April 09
-Added icon for setup and BST launch
-Added new ethnic art
-Fixed animation issues with Paradropping units (special forces and SAS)
-Tweak to Promotions: Guerrilla and Woodsman promotions now gain 20/30/40 attack and defense in thier respective terrains.
-Tweak to Units, mostly involving pathfinder and variants
-Minor tweak to enlightened trait, recieves +15% science bonus -other commerce type % bonuses removed
-Madrassa moved to University
-Gave Serfdom a purpose, now builds military with food, however -1 health and increased City Distance Rev penalty

Bronze Steam and Tears 0.5.1 patch released 21 April 2009
-fixed button crash from armored scout (was 64x65 pixels, when it needs to be 64x64)
-New gamecore with GG's tile bomb bug fix, and Examine City on Conquest return city bug fix
-Fixed Typo/Bug in PromotionsInfos, which caused collateral damage to be a prerequisite for drill 3 & 4

Bronze Steam and Tears 0.5.0 (beta) released 12 April 2009
-Greatly improves performance over WolfRevolution by removing the rediculously high poly units from the Wolfshanze base mod
-Rebalanced certain units to improve gameplay, and more logical unit progression
-Added legend units concept
-Packed art in own fpk
-Introduced full install for ease of the user
-Some minor tweaks from 0.4 alpha build
-Recompiled gamecore, added in Examine City on conquest functionality, reduced max civs to 34 to make the mod more useable for scenario makers
-Reimplemented a rebuilt Revolution taxes model, identical to Wolfshanze 1.3.3 build (computed by finding the ratio of expenses to total earned commerce types rather then gold rate--allows for more novel economic strategies, while still retaining an economic revolutions component)

BST alpha: 0.4.0
-Added All planned units
-slight tweaks to tech tree & Units
-Added Legendary units
-Renamed all "Early" units

BST alpha: 0.3.0
-Slight tweaks to units
-slight tweaks to tech tree
-Added Enlightened Trait
-Added UCAV & Strike Fighters

BST alpha 0.2.0
-Slight tweaks to a few units.
-Implemented Gunships, upgrade for original gunship, which has been renamed Air Cav
-Implemented SF and Air Assault upgrades for paratrooper
-Implemented new invisible type, Deep See Sub
-Removed ability to see submarines from most aircraft
-Added in Assault Mech, end game unit
-Fully implemented extreme climate farms and cottages
-Traits have been altered slightly: Spiritual gets double bonus against revlutions from state religion
-Removed Expansive's 25% culture from previous build. Settlers have now been give a flat 1 -movment. Expansive get free moral and mobility on Settlers and Recon Units.
-Organized get a bonus stability to revolutions
-Protective have their bonus applied to trench units, as well as gun and archery
-Removed Taxes Revolution effects

BST alpha: 0.1.0
-Removed all 2000+ poly units from the Wolfshanze core art
-Altered Tech tree
-Rebuilt naval unit progression, and Unit types
-Tweaked Classic and Ancient era units slightly. The most noticeable will be the new axeman str of 4
-Implemented frontiersman unit, upgrade to explorer. 6 strength, upgrades to cavalry
-Implemented Motorized infantry, and tweaked relevant gunpowder units accordingly.
-Added in armored scout, upgrade for Cav, cavs are no longer available till gunships
-Imperialist leaders get a bonus against city distance Revolution penalty
-Added See submarine ability to most aircraft
-Expansive given +25% culture
What's UXP? And is this going to be Age of Legends merged with Revolutions?
Oh nom you haven't credited me for the icon :cry:.
Joke :). I am glad to see you announcing an official thread.

Sorry, will add, I need to add Edgecrusher too, I stole utilized alot of content from his wonder units mod :mischief:
Congrats on the new thread! :) I think you should introduce the legend units as a new concept, given the mod title. Are those legend units optional, by the way? And what about DCM, that's still included (optional) too, right?
Done Ninja. And yes, DCM is in, since this was built around the RevolutionDCM core. I have not made Legends an optional component though... I suppose I could, but it will be hard...
Oh dang! Phungus has a "new" mod! I've been eagerly anticipating this sucker. Once the major issues get dealt with, I'll be in like Flynn!

Well, all the "major issues" I've noted are core problems with RevolutionDCM, I actually started a thread on this in the RevDCM forums because they grate me so bad. I mean they are glaring issues that stick out like a sore thumb in what is otherwise a flawless modcomp. Though the multiplayer issue isn't likely to be solved soon, as Revolutions wasn't built with multi in mind, and has to be entirely re-written according to Jdog. He's working on it, but obviously that'll take time. I really hope jdog and glider prioritize the scoreboard and stealth rev Idx issues though, the sooner these are solved the happier every Revolution mod user (which is alot when you consider all the modpacks that use it, RoM has like 30K+ downloads) will be.

Anyway my point is that there is no sense in sticking with WolfRevolution and waiting on Legends to get out of beta, since in all reality Legends fixes many of the core issues in WolfRevolution (mainly insanely high poly unit models), and any issues Legends has are also found in WolfRevolution.
Downloaded ! And playing : i find that this mod is very nice...

What about a non random earth map ? With only "Revolution" and no "barbarian civ" since barbarians shouldn't only strategically placed cities ?

What about enabling once for all the impossibility to raze cities ? since the fact should be not reversable...

I suggest two epochs for themed earth maps : 100 AD and 1000 AD since it has revolution enabled...

Nice idea you think, anybody ?
I'll guess I'll download it again...

Also I have a possible solution for having civs going off the screen.
If you can code this....

Make it act like the start menu of windows when you hit the orb or start button ( in this case in game it will be world. Then you got to program files(would be renamed Regions) then a bunch of ways you could organize it. So insted of programs showing up you could have like Europe, Asia, North America and so on.


You know how you can make all the names vanish cept' your own when you click your name in game?
Same Idea
Have it like:

Civ 1
Civ 2
Civ 3
Civ 4
Civ 5
Civ 6
Civ 7
Old World:
Civ 1
Civ 2
Civ 3
Old World Southern Hemisphere:
Civ 3
Then when you click World it would show up like this:
Old World:
Old World Southern Hemisphere:

If you get where I am going, I might be a little confusing because one I am sick and two it is 90 degrees here.....
Also I have a possible solution for having civs going off the screen.

Actually, there's already a Scrolling-Score-List modcomp; also, using a smaller fontsize might do the trick already (used by MaxRiga in his mod).;)
The legendary units idea is pretty cool, but I don't think they're implemented so well. From a flavor perspective, there's a vast difference between the SAS, and e.g. the 300 spartans. Or even comparing the 54th infantry to 300 spartans; the spartans gained their fame through an epic feat of combat, whereas the 54th gained it more from their political and historical significance than their fighting skill (not that they were bad soldiers, but the story behind them isn't one primarily of epic combat), and the SAS really feels more suitable as a UU unless there is something I don't know. I'm unsure what to think of the king's yeomanry, since google doesn't give any description of them at all. Requirements would ideally include taking on overwhelming odds, and/or being something people would recognize specifically from stories about them. Also, names should be more flavorful to evoke their uniqueness (101st airborne maybe cuts it, but I'm American so it's tough to judge. In general though simply giving the outfit number of a division that fought well in a historic battle seems to fall short). More suitable legendary units might include
- the light brigade from the charge of the light brigade
- defenders of Rorke's Drift (or some other suitable name?)
- the flying tigers
- Enola Gay
- the knights of the round table even... debatable from a historical perspective, but from a legendary perspective it would certainly be flavorful if you want to take that bent (actually, this gives me an interesting idea for a mod). Then again, some of the wonders in the game are of debatable existence (e.g. hanging gardens) so this wouldn't be a major crime either way.

Obviously not a comprehensive list, but I think it gives a good idea of the kind of direction flavor-wise that I think legendary units might be more suitable as.
Hey LoR's got its own forum!!

Phungus, Still working on the J-10A. Got it under 2000 poly but now I gota redo the skin. Several problems with it like the texture being 512x256. Anyways I should have all that fixed and uploaded later today.

In the mean time, here's a whole crapload of buttons. 99% of them were just getting rid of mipmaps so that they display clearly. Only 3 of them actually got totally redone so they are all pretty much the same dds files as before with same name and everything. Quick way to check if dds is 64x64 is if it is 17kb (or 16.1kb, my computer likes to round up) except for a few promo buttons they should all conform to those numbers. Half of the unit buttons are unused art left over from wolf but they got redone any way. So now hopefully every button should have a gray frame, rounded corners and not be blurry.

View attachment 212384

2 new legend buttons for bismark and SAS:
View attachment 212386

Oh yeah, 3rd one that got redone was Jeep. Old button was actually a Jeep cherokee or some other Jeep product.:lol:

Also found a MiG-15 model for cold war/warsaw pact bloc nations. It comes in two textures, and is way below 2000 poly. Thats the only soviet jet from that era I can find.

View attachment 212385

I too find it a bit too much for a serious mod to have "300 spartans" as maya.
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