v.1.52 opponent spy movement visable


Jan 11, 2006
Unfortunetly I do not have a save, however if I get it again I will try to post it.


V.1.52, single player, default options with the following exceptions:
show enemy moves - on
show friendly moves - on
and the worker options (previous improvement) - on (not important to the bug)

in my example I was not at war with any civ

During the AI opponent phase, the display will start showing the AI civ movement that is in visibility range in the of my territory. As the phase cycles through the various AI opponents, the display bounces around to center on the unit moving and follow its movement. At times, the display will center and then move slightly and come to rest on a new tile (centered) as if it were following a units movement, however no AI unit is visible or (during my turn) shows when the pointer is moved to that location. Often the invisible movement will end on a resource tile. The subsequent turn, the resource tile is sabotaged. I fix the damage and a few turns later I see the movement again with the resource sabotaged the following turn.

While I can not "see" the unit, I do see its movement and its location.
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