v.40 Strategy Changes


May 22, 2015
Just a few thoughts:

I love the 'scouting' through air intercepts; it reminds me of Panzer General. I'm using it to keep better track of enemy troop movements and to (finally!) drop paratroops further behind enemy lines.

Has anyone noticed the effect of having or not having access to iron, aluminum, or coal yet? I haven't seen much use for it yet. I'm sure it will become far more important in the Earth maps when they're finished.

When playing as UK, I'm using SAS to sabotage mines in Germany, but not seeing much effect. I'm playing GE next and plan on using Special Forces to take out the oil in Iraq to help strangle UK.

Taking out the Zone of Control for naval units is helpful when you're the underdog (GE vs. UK) because it's much easier to escape now.

I like the 'bleed' factor where units without a supply line lose HP over time. I can use keep a light tank to harass and push them around a bit without having to worry that they'll be able to take out a small city by themselves and resupply.
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