V 86 France


Apr 12, 2021
Played a game as France in the latest version. A few things to say.
1. why did tech speed for the medieval era get changed. It was fine before and now its ridiculously slow.
2. France feels like it has the weakest core of any major European civ. Except Portugal and the Netherlands of course. It has excellent growth but next to no production due to a lack of forests and hills. Also no Iron for France? It's needed to be a land based power which is exactly what France was for most of its history.
3. I think heavy plough is broken, it seems not to give the forest tiles and grassland hills the extra food it used to.
4. The wait times seem really long, I'm going to move most of civs starting eras up one.

Sorry for it all to be negative feedback but the game wasn't great and short since I got the crash at 1100 A.D.
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