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[v0.94 addition] Great Persons Traits

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Total War Mod' started by jojoweb, Apr 27, 2008.

  1. jojoweb

    jojoweb Chimpa-Z

    Jun 6, 2004
    Lyon, France
    Ok, it may be a very good idea to assign some traits to Great Persons, in particular to Great Generals. This concept is inspired by Rome : Total War.

    So, before coding it, some elements must be defined:

    -On which elements some traits must be assigned to a Great person ?

    -Which traits can we create, for which unit ?
  2. cromcrom

    cromcrom Cernu

    Nov 11, 2005
    I do not remember what exact sort of traits there are in total war.

    Could a great person be a generic name for almost any kind of great people, and what you do with it be defined by some random attributes?
    example: a great person is born. It gains a great attacker, great general, diplomat and drunkard abilities. So you could choose how to use it, although it would totally change the use and concept of great people in the game.

    And maybe there could be say 3 positive and 1 negative trait.
    some examples:
    great attacker: +10% attack units stacked
    great defender: +10% defense units stacked
    poliorcete: +15% attack on cities
    city defender: +15% defense of city
    favored by the gods: +20% withdrawal chance for unit attached to.
    inspiring: +1 movement for attached unit.
    cruel: some enemy units have a little chance to flee the fight when they are attacked.
    diplomat: can create an embassy in other people city.
    Negociant: can improve trade in a city
    Great sailor: +1 movement to a boat attached to.
    Orator: can improve a governor loyalty, or give bonus to "we love the president day"
    Wise: can improve research or cultural output of a city.
    Explorer: +1 sight for units attached to
    Sick: has a chance to die every turn
    Drunk: has a chance to die every turn, or to gain the addict trait
    Addict: cost 2 golds to be kept alive
    all examples, or ideas.....

    Could a Hero emerge from a fight?

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