[v0.94 additions] Improved United Nations/Apostolic Palace


Jun 6, 2004
Lyon, France
Here, we can talk about International Institutions. Their functions are more complete in Total War. But we can improve them much.

The next step is the institutions treasury. The General Secretary may be able to propose the establishment of a tax. For the United Nations, the tax should be function of percentage of richness of the members. And, in Apostolic Palace system, the tax should depend on number of converted cities. We can imagine that the General Secratary should have to propose a system based on various elements (number of votes, military power, etc...) to calcul how many money each player must pay to the institution.

Then, the tax can be obligatory or not. If not, paying less than what we should can inflict a penalty (what kind ?), and, paying more can grant a bonus.

When the institutions tax system will be created, i will be able to create new vote types which will require a payment (like recruiting peacekeepers, subsidizing of peace actions, subsidizing of poorest nations, etc...).

But, at present time, i need your ideas and your opinion about a future tax system in International Institutions.
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