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v32 Changelog

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Caveman 2 Cosmos' started by Kroji, Aug 8, 2013.

  1. Kroji

    Kroji Chieftain

    May 20, 2013
    I think I can make and update regularly this...

    v32 (SVN 5949):
    NOTE: Some of these changes (mostly DLL-related bugfixes) are in the v31 patch published on "Patch updates" thread.

    Major changes
    - Biopunk stuff:
    · Now Biopunk has its own culture wonder, like Steampunk or Clockpunk
    · Biopunk buildings: Protein Artist, Microbiology Artist, Animal Designer, Designed Animal Battle Arena, Designed Animal Show, Pure Organic City, Biopunk Lab, Pheromone Lab, Species Revival Lab, Weaponized Flora, Designed Animal Zoo, Chimera Surgery Clinic and Organic Computers Lab
    · Biopunk resources: Organic Computers (but can be produced by non-Biopunk civs too)​
    - Expansion of goods system: added many manufactured resources and their factories, and set related dependencies (see details below)
    - Combat mechanics:
    · Added 189 new combat and subcombat classes (most of them not used yet)
    · Implemented "Buildings Damage Units on Attacking the city" mechanism
    · Implemented "Additional Supplementary Damage Attacker before battle" tags
    · Added Breakdown ability for units/promotions.​
    - Animal training overhaul:
    · Players can train now "tamed animals", stronger than subdued versions but weaker than full trained animals
    · The "Military Standard" building (standard totem, +XP) unlocks new Extended Totem buildings (build units faster), and these buildings unlock the Tamer buildings that allow training of tamed animals
    · Currently there are the following complete chains: Dogs, Cats and Bears
    · Added Extended Totems: Bear Totem, Worker Totem, Bison Totem, Deer Totem, Giraffe Totem, Rhinoceros Totem, Zebra Totem, Cat Totem, Dog Totem, Rhinoceros Totem and Herbavor Totem
    · Added tamer buildings: Dog Tamer, Cat Tamer and Bear Tamer​

    New content
    - Merging BUG 4.4 - art and some very minor python and xml at the moment
    - New buildings:
    · Goods production: Meth Lab, LSD Lab, Ecstasy Lab, Soylent Green Factory, Saddler, Carpet Maker, Carpet Factory, Power Tool Factory, Service Bot Factory, Pharmaceutical Factory, Dishwasher Factory, Washer Dryer Factory, Blender Factory, Vacuum Factory, Travois Maker, Helicopter Factory, Jet Engine Factory, Unmanned Aircraft Factory, Terracotta Workshop, Porcelain Workshop, Terracotta Factory, Porcelain Factory and Organic Computers Factory
    · Sports: Water Polo Pool, Go Kart Track, Mini Golf Course, Ping Pong Arena, Bossaball Court, Slamball Court, Paintball Arena, Drop Zone, Base Jumping Site, Laser Tag Arena, Gym, Yoga School, River Rafting Dock and Bungee Jumping Site
    · Hotels: Underwater Hotel, Polar Hotel, Outback Hotel, Safari Hotel, Jungle Treehouse Hotel and Wild West Hotel
    · Shipping Warehouses: Naval Shipping Warehouse, Rail Shipping Warehouse, Truck Shipping Warehouse, Air Shipping Warehouse, Space Shipping Warehouse, Teleport Shipping Warehouse and Online Shipping Warehouse
    · Labs and Science: Cloud Oberservers Hut, Weather Veins, Meteorology Lab, Climatology Lab, Protein Lab, Nucleic Acid Lab, Bioinformatics Lab,
    · Other: Piercing Hut, Piercing Shop, Appilance Store, Artificial Child Adoption Agency, Android Brothel, Android Servant Store, Robotic Pet Shop, Rock Art, Internet Radio Station, Internet Television Station, Genealogy Center, Online Genealogy Center, Taxidermist, Enhanced Species, Noria, Rejuvenation Tank, Cellar, Traffic Cameras, Encrypted Firewall, Debtor's Prison and Coast Guard Station​

    - New Wonders:
    · World: Zheng He's Workshop, La Brea Tar Pits, Capital Records Building, Getty Center, Grauman's Chinese Theater, CERN, Bonneville Speedway, Circus Circus Casino, Luxor Casino, Coral Castle, Kerala School of Mathematics, Nok Sculpture Workshop, Azadi Tower, Bell Rock Lighthouse, Gardens by the Bay, Capuchin Crypt and World Wildlife Federation
    · National: National Aquarium and National Zoo​

    - New resources: Masks, Silk Fibers, Cotton Fibers, Flax Fibers, Soap, Washer Dryer, Peat, Ecstasy, Blender, Meth, Service Bots, Pharmaceuticals, Vacuum, Candles, Firecrackers, Hemp Fibers, Power Tools, Manganese, Carpets, Soylent Green, Saddles, LSD, Dishwashers, Terracotta Wares, Androids, Unmanned Aircrafts, Jet Engines, Helicopters, Porcelain Wares, Nok Sculptures and Organic Computers

    - New civilizations: Picts, Denmark and Manchuria
    - Added two new Machine Gun units
    - Added 19 new culture resources (not usable yet)
    - Pests changes:
    · Added 5 new Pests: Ticks, Raccoons, Flies, Locust and Lice
    · Moved Fleas, Mosquitoes and Ticks to trigger at city size 5 instead of 6
    · Moved Moths and Termites to trigger at city size 7 instead of 6​
    - Implemented ObsoleteTech tag on BuildInfos.
    - New Game Option from Sgtslick that changes gamespeeds to increase costs
    - New Great Hunter specialist and unit
    - Added unique building for each Natural Wonder
    - Added "Big Cats" fauna: 5 new feline military units, with their own combat class, and two cat-training buildings, similar to dogs stuff
    - Added more tech quotes - work by cdman1990

    Changed/removed content
    - Updated translations: German, Italian, Spanish
    - Updated GEM maps by philipschall
    - Changed lots of existing buildings, units and culture wonders to take into account new content:
    · Many subdued animals can build taxidermist building
    · Allowed wolves and foxes to build Dog Totem and tamer buildings
    · And many more...​
    - Changed existing units to fit with new combat classes:
    · Changed Balloon based Aircraft to all be Combat Class Balloon
    · All Hovercraft now are under Hovercraft Combat Class
    · Orbital Bomber and Orbital Fighter are under Orbital Aircraft Combat Class
    · Recon Plane, Hypersonic Recon Plan and Recon Drone were changed to Air Recon Combat Class
    · Scout Droid and Walker Droid changed to Robot Combat Class
    · Supersonic Bomber changed to Supersonic Combat Class.
    · Stealth Interceptor and Stealth Fighter changed to Stealth Combat Class​
    - Increased shaft and modern mine base yields
    - Changed military slave compound requirements: now requires Barracks OR Garrison too
    - Tweaked Power Plants: they won't need their related resource in city vicinity anymore.
    - Changed Rostam, Shapur I and Thutmose III combat group from Melee to Mounted
    - Added promotion for sea units to go above the exp limit for animal hunting, like the land units do
    - Tweaked Las Vegas Strip requirements: now requires Circus Circus Casino AND Luxor Casino instead of Casino
    - Increased the cost (time) it takes to build an orchard
    - Tweaked Portuguese culture requirements: now requires Fish in city vicinity instead of Cow
    - Tweaked Hungarian culture requirements: now requires Clay in city vicinity instead of Deer
    - Renamed resource Fossils to Fossil Beds
    - Removed obsolete Lemon Farm improvement which was replaced by Orchards back in v18 or so
    - Changed Stone Tools resource to go obsolete at Iron Working tech (instead of Bronze Working)
    - Tweaked Fighter and Interceptor Aircraft lines to be more balanced
    - Reduced Golden Age chance of Heroic II promotion
    - Changed March promotion requirements: now requires Combat III OR Drill III, instead of Medic II OR Combat III
    - Modified respawn mechanic ("+1 life" promotions) slightly to always respawn at low health
    - Changed Machine Gun to upgrade to Trench Machine Gun
    - Modified minidump code so that the minidump filename embeds the DLL version number
    - Reduced costs of Sports buildings
    - Tweaked "The Internet" project to get a boost from Copper Wires OR Fiber Optics rather than Copper Wares
    - Modified Python auto-heal chances from both heroic promotions and the Jaguar Temple to only operate at most once per turn per unit
    - Changed the default MAX_TRADE_ROUTES from 16 to 24
    - Changed cost of Thief from 50 to 30
    - Settler units are now captured as Captives-Civilian rather than Workers
    - Moved "Capture Missionaries" mod to core
    - Changed Candle Maker building requirements: now requires Wax AND Lard instead of Wax AND Raw Meat
    - Tweaked Cyberpunk tech: now requires Cyberwarfare AND Machine Learning AND Wearable Computers, stays at location X83 Y19, and costs same as Biopunk
    - Changed original America civilization name to United States
    - Tweaked Cloning Factory requirements: now requires Cloning Laboratory AND Factory (like other specialized factories), rather than Cloning Laboratory only
    - Now Hemp reduces costs to build sailing ships
    - Scout Mech renamed to "Scout Droid"
    - Internal code and file changes
    - Updated credits

    - New art for Andean Workers
    - Changed art of Inniskilling (unique Irish unit)
    - New Leaderhead picture of King David of Israel
    - New picture and button of Mussolini (with country)
    - New pictures with country for Garibaldi, Vittorio and Lorenzo leaders
    - New experimental leaderhead for Hirohito, Napoleon and Washington
    - Changed KFM of Ambulance WWI/II from Mechanized Infantry to Tank

    - Changed back to use of RAPID XML parser.
    - Fixed a concurrency issue
    - Fixed CTD reported by Snofru
    - Fixed crash when trying to select civ in new game creation if you have the developing leaders option turned on
    - Fixed crash reportyed by StrategyOnly
    - Fixed crash reported by Bill2505
    - Fixed potential crash on building Great Wall
    - Fixed Python granular callback bug with cached assets (caused Great Farmer to stop working)
    - Fixed mis-ordering of tech popup and resulting civ choice popup
    - Fixed CTD on recalc in circumstances where a city has no building replacements
    - Fixed bug in unit respawn that could generate unkillable units
    - Modified auto-specialist setting to not operate whiel you're in the middle of making manual changes!
    - Fixed rare(ish) crash/hang due to concurrency issue
    - Changed the internal cache format version number so that anyone upgrading just their DLL won't crash if they do not manually remove their cache, as a result of the new tags TB added
    - Fixed tendency of archers or other bombard-capable units bombarding/a-bombarding even when told to direct attack
    - Fixed unkillable unit reported by Kroji
    - Fixed odds display against cities that had a notional mininmum defensive level below what they could possibly be reduced to
    - Fixed crash when trying to view advanced combat odds due to bad text entry
    - Fixed crash due to a team somehow declaring war on itself (SO CTD case)
    - Fixed a small bug in surround and destroy code due to combat mod changes
    - Fixed loss of Natural Wonder discovery happiness on modifier recalc
    - Fixed unit combatclass based missions not showing up unless you delete your cache
    - Fixed bug whereby killing an AI player correctly deletes their units, but leaves any blockades in place
    - Added code to modifier recalc to recalculate blockades correctly (addresses games in which the bug fixed by the previous line still have blockades from dead players)
    - Corrected a compiler warning
    - Fixed up some promotions that Naval units should not have access to
    - Fixed crash when founding a city on forest before you have forest-chopping tech
    - Fixed crash reported by Talin
    - Attempt to address crash reported by Wowa30
    - Fixed crash when spy performs espionage and is returned to capital if capital is not in viewport
    - Fixed crash reported by Dekk
    - Fixed crash reported by Jere

    - Fixed an AI weakness that leads to AI attack stacks dithering around when they would have to move past defenders
    - Fixed AI property evaluation to take correct account of global and population sources
    - Tweaked AI specialist evaluation to better evaluate properties and unhappiness/unhealth on specialists
    - Fixed AI assessment of whether it has sufficient strength to target a particular city, where it was mis-evaluating city defenses and its ability to bombard them
    - Fixed bug that prevented the AI from targeting a city that had a minimum defense level preventing troops from entering, unless it was already below that level when the AI first considered targeting it
    - Fixed AI inability to target a city if all paths to that city have enemy units in them (and/or ZOC'd tiles)
    - Improved some performance bottlenecks with manipulation of large stacks by the AI
    - Fixed a small bug that made the AI blind to the benefits of buildings whose ONLY benefit was in their properties (electric chair etc)
    - Fixed AI bug causing failure to attack cities whose defenses require reduction to direct attack once the attacker gets adjacent to them
    - Fixed some AI logic that had it skip bombardment if its attack stack was sufficiently much stronger than the city's defenders even if the city could not be entered without reducing its defenses firstStrikes
    - Fixed a bug that was preventing the AI from building healers to join attack stacks

    - Fixed wrong iGlobalGreatPeopleRateModifier from Recording Studio
    - Fixed buildings for BULL
    - Fixed volcanoes
    - Fixed buttons of Anasazi units
    - Fixed duplicated Heal promotion
    - Fixed problem with Captives buildings causing a CTD in debug if you cleared the cache
    - Fixed some misspellt and missing movie defines
    - Fixed Story Teller line missions
    - Reset pedia and strategy text for Bahai cathedral
    - Fixed Ozone Generator building not replacing "Ozone Destructor" buildings
    - Cactus no longer reduces movement costs to zero
    - Gatherers are used up when building the Mushroom gatherer
    - Fixed pink message icon for Pescies star sign
    - Fixed Shark Bay icon in World Builder
    - Fixed a bug that prevented the Via Appia connecting all the cities it should have
    - Removed extra AI type from immigrant XML
    - Fixed a missing button reference on Focused Trait set (Protective)
    - Fixed Ambulance (WWI) graphics

    Debug DLL
    - Updated debug DLL
    - Changed DEBUG build to automatically not use RAPID XML, and so have schema verification
  2. Kroji

    Kroji Chieftain

    May 20, 2013
    Reserved for future use...
  3. strategyonly

    strategyonly C2C Supreme Commander

    Mar 13, 2006
    This is the best one i have seen so far, and many many thx. . . SO :goodjob:
  4. Thunderbrd

    Thunderbrd C2C War Dog

    Jan 2, 2010
    Las Vegas
    Wow... Koshling's been REALLY productive this cycle! Thank you so much for all your efforts Koshling! And the team as a whole has done a lot more than it may have seemed until looking at it like this... really quite impressive.
  5. SargontheGreat2

    SargontheGreat2 Modder

    May 17, 2012
    New Jersey, USA

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