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v33 Changelog

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Caveman 2 Cosmos' started by Kroji, Aug 16, 2013.

  1. Kroji

    Kroji Chieftain

    May 20, 2013
    Well, new version, new thread...

    v33 (SVN 6180):
    Published at 22 September 2013.

    Major changes
    - Sci-fi punks stuff:
    · Now Cyberpunk and Atompunk have their own culture wonder, like Steampunk, Clockpunk, Dieselpunk or Biopunk
    · Added 5 Cyberpunk buildings: Cyber Insect Lab, Insect Manipulation Lab (requires Biopunk too), Dream Simulation Center, Dream Artist and Dream Propaganda
    · Added 10 Atompunk buildings: Fast Breeder Reactor, Clean Nuclear Reactor, Hi-Tech Nuclear Reactor, Medium Class Skypad Apartments, Pushbutton Automat, Videophone Network, Small Reactor Factory, High Energy Lab, Nuclear Power Complex (gives free Good (Nuclear) building) and Venture Industries
    · New Steampunk unit: Cloud Destroyer​
    - Expansion of later eras, mainly Transhuman: an expanded and reworked Modern and Transhuman tech tree, and lots of new buildings and resources to transform your empire (see details below)
    - Merged Super Forts mod component:
    · Added new possibilities to forts (and any improvement that acts as a city): now they can generate culture and expand your borders, can be bombarded, can upgrade without being worked (fortifying units over those), can provide the bonus under they are constructed, and the visibility they provide can be changed. And besides, the AI understands all those concepts. More info in the Super Forts thread
    · Currently the three C2C fort types generate 2:culture:/turn, have 2 visibility range, can be bombarded, and need military presence to upgrade (but there isn't a defined upgrade chain yet)
    · In C2C, any improvement can generate culture and have a ZOC, even when doesn't act as a city​
    - Added "Graphics paging" option: a method of dynamic (and auto-adaptable) processing of improvement and other over-plot stuff graphics that allows to save about 30% of RAM memory usage (with bigger maps, more RAM saving), so removes MAF errors and the need of use viewports in most cases, but at cost of a small delay when switching between map zones. This system can be activated in BUG Options screen
    - Combat Mod changes:
    · Added nearly all tags in use on promotions to be potentially used for UnitCombats
    · Implemented a few initial uses of the CombatClass tags:
    * Law Enforcement units gain a +50% combat modifier vs Criminal Units
    * Mounted units gain a +25% combat modifier vs Throwing Units
    * Civilian units suffer a -25% combat modifier vs Combatants​
    · Updated the UnitCombat and Unit help hovers to include information on the UnitCombat tags
    · Added multiple pages accessed by hotkeys to the base unit hover information breakdown. This isolates our long lists of unit information into 4 different categories you can see by holding down hotkeys (Ctrl, Shift, Alt and none) and hovering over the unit in the city build lists
    · Added the ability of taunt, attack cities only, ignore no-entry defense level and ignore Zone of Control to units, with their different tags for units, promotions and unit groups (not used yet, see more details in linked post)
    · Activated iAssetMultiplierPercent and iPowerMultiplierPercent tags for promotions and unit groups
    · The HP is now a parameter that can be defined for every unit individually, and can be modified by promotions and unit groups
    · Added dozens of new combat class definitions, most of them related with eras, religions or cultures (they have not yet been applied to units)​

    New content
    - 129 new buildings:
    · Later era buildings (84): Holographic Networks, Exocortex Networks, Holographic Theatre, Orbital Drydock, Digital Globe, Holographic Solar System, Neuroscience Center, Evolution Simulator, Systems Biology Simulator, Applied Psychology Lab, Digital Offices, Digital Advertising Firm, Mechatronics Lab, Speech Recognition Software, Molecular Biology Lab, Blogs, Blacknet, Gesture Recognition Software, Facial Recognition Software, Intuitive Algorithms, Natural Language Algorithms, Evolutionary Algorithms, Binary Consciousness Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence Core, Recharging Node, E-Stock Market, Biomorphics Lab, Anthropomorphic Lab, Aeroponics Lab, MRI Lab, 3D Body Atlas, Autodoctor, Medical Diagnostat, Anima Chamber, Neuron Regenerator Lab, Neurotransmitter Manipulator Lab, Somatosensory Manipulator Lab, Psychoscanner, Mechanical Organs Lab, Medical Prosthetics Lab, Augmented Organ Lab, Cybernetic Organ Lab, Singularity Brain Lab, Fertility Clinic, Phenotype Studio, Genotype Studio, Gestation Tanks, Uterine Replicator, Anima Studio, Resurrection Hub, Neuroinduction Field, Genetica Apparel Shop, Holographica Apparel Shop, Cybernetica Apparel Shop, Bioluminescent Boutique, Photosynthesis Boutique, Dattoo Parlor, Genetica Salon, Cybernetica Salon, Augmented Equipment Center, Automobile Dealership, Automated Vehicle Dealership, Shockwave Vehicle Dealership, Antigrav Vehicle Dealership, Stem Cell Lab, Tissue Engineering Lab, Bacteriophage Therapy Clinic, Virotherapy Clinic, Cyberimmuniology Therapy Clinic, Microsatellite Constellation, Nanosatellite Constellation, Chemosynthesis Plant Farm, Programmable Plant Farm, Cyber Chloroplastida Bloom, Epsilon Assembler, Delta Assembler, Gamma Assembler, Beta Assembler, Mining Bot Control Center, Mining Mech Control Center, Mining Nanobot Control Center, Farm Bot Control Center, Farm Mech Control Center and Farm Nanobot Control Center
    · Traps (5): Spiked Pit Traps, Germ Traps, EMP Traps, Nanobot Traps and Gravity Traps
    · Goods production (30): Holographic Projector Factory, Cellphone Factory, Pasta Maker's Shop, Confectioner's Workshop, Roasting House, Pasta Factory, Confections Factory, Coffee Factory, Barrel Factory, Cloth Factory, Ghee Factory, Perfume Factory, Kevlar Factory, Graphene Factory, Nanoactuator Factory, Digitized Membrane Factory, Medical Tricoder Factory, Hypospray Factory, Stimpack Factory, Flash Memory Factory, Metamaterials Foundry, Plasma Generator Factory, Liquid Metals Foundry, Shockwave Engine Factory, Microgenerator Factory, Nanogenerator Factory, Novus Refinery, Superstrong Alloy Foundry, Antigrav Generator Factory and Cybernetic Chloroplast Factory
    · Other (10): Social Networks, Modern Cartographer, Psychology Lab, Cellphone Store, Wireless Networks, Modern Mill, Electric Vehicle Recharging Station, ISP Offices, Neon Boutique and Waterclock​
    - 29 new resources:
    · Later era resources (24): Holographic Projectors, Kevlar, Graphene, Enzymes, Nanoactuators, Digitized Membranes, Stimpacks, Medical Tricoders, Hyposprays, Flash Memory Devices, Metamaterial Wares, Plasma Generators, Organic Photonic Cells, Microgenerators, Liquid Metal Wares, Shockwave Engines, Nanogenerators, Novus Chemicals, Antigrav Generators, Superstrong Alloy Wares, Cybernetic Chloroplasts, Antimatter, Megastrong Alloy Wares and Mechs
    · Other (5): Cellphones, Graphite, Pasta, Marzipan and Roasted Coffee​
    - 47 new technologies:
    · Transhuman era (44): Hypothetical Biochemistry, Cybersociology, Designer Microbiology, Unification Physics, Binary Legislation, Hypermagnetics, Simulated Reality, Kuiper Belt Exploration, Binary Subconciousness, Quadruple Helix, Neuron Engineering, Novo Paleontology, Binary Semiotics, Synergetics, Social Calculus, Astrogation Constellation, Evolved Construction, Botanical Alchemy, Nutraceutical Animals, Technological Singularity, Abyss Colonization, Comprehensive Cybernetics, Animamaterials, Transhumanism, Knowledge Merchantilism, Binary Psycokinesis, Human Transmutation, Whole Brain Emulation, Mainstream Cloning, Media Hivemind, Nanopunk, Augment Consumables, Mass Surveillance, Photon Thermodynamics, Amplified Wavelengths, Electromagnetic Voltage, Bacterium Engineering, Battlefield Sports, Supercharged Crystallography, Prototyped Pathogens, Dystopia Pathogens, Apocolyptic Pathogens, Synthetic Sentience and Utopian Destiny
    · Modern era (3): Highway Systems, Franchises and Gastronomy​
    - 11 new Wonders:
    · World (8): Species Recovery Center, Proteomic Encyclopedia, Genomic Encyclopedia, Su Song's Workshop, Wang Zhen's Workshop, Hierapolis Sawmill, Singapore Flyer and Ha'amonga 'a Maui
    · National (3): National Legal Database (gives free Safety (National Legal Database) building), National Academic Database and Orbital Prison (gives free Safety (Orbital Prison) building)​
    - Three new civilizations: Zapotec, Paleo Indians and Minoans
    - Merging BUG 4.4:
    · Upgraded Victory Screen to BUG 4.4, mostly adds HOF mod 1.61.001
    · Merging all other Python stuff. Worldbuilder, PLE and some screens were not changed since C2C versions are more advanced​
    - Added new background to Technology advisor and Sevopedia screens
    - Added Unmanned Machine Gun unit
    - Added two new traditions, one each for the basic Military and Naval standards/mascots building
    - Seven new heroes: Augustine I and Pancho Villa (Mexican), Manuelito and Narbona (Navajo), Mungo Man (Aboriginal), Po Ngbe (Olmec) and Buffalo Hump (Comanche)
    - Added the Caveman 2 Cosmos Readme PDF
    - Two watch tower improvements: Wooden Tower and Stone Tower. They should be built outside your borders to see further
    - 10 new crime types: Cyberbullying, School Shootings, Truancy, Shoplifting, Domestic Violence, Medical Fraud, Internet Fraud, Malware, Animal Abuse and Elder Abuse

    Changed/removed content
    - If you build the Bear trainer Wonder you can now build the Bear units in any of your cities
    - Added Damage on Attack Chance stuff to Pit Traps, Mechanical Traps, Land Mines, Booby Traps and Robotic Traps
    - Tweaked Modern Machine Gun tech requirements: now requires Miniaturization AND Automatic Weapons, rather than Automatic Weapons AND Advanced Metallurgy
    - Changed Hellenistic Era Warships upgrade chains:
    · Previous: Raft -> War Canoe -> War Galley -> Trireme/Quinqereme/Decareme
    · Now: Raft -> War Canoe -> War Galley -> Trireme -> Quinqereme -> Decareme
    · Dromon upgrades to Galleass instead of Caravel
    · Phoenician Bireme can't upgrade to Caravel anymore, only to Galleass​
    - Make Nok Sculpture Workshop wonder require Clay in the vicinity and the bonus class WONDER rather than GENERAL
    - Units may no longer withdraw when defending a city
    - Moved National Cyber Security and Cyber Security Office to Cyberwarfare tech
    - Tech Quote updates by cdman1990
    - Changed Lethal Injection to upgrade to Cryogenic Prison too
    - Mercenaries civic now produces Mercenaries Camp and Mercenaries Stables 50% faster
    - Added Drill IV requirement to Heroic II promotion (now requires Heroic AND Drill IV)
    - Updated the GEM map by Northstar1989 and DRJ
    - Given training costs to tamed animals
    - First part of the golden age for sacrificing humans (and Neanderthals) - does the calculations but does not give the golden age yet
    - Hidden the "Upscaled Costs" game option
    - Ski Patrol unit is now a culture unit for Norwegian culture
    - Changed Zheng He's Workshop wonder to be Zheng He's Voyage, fitting with real history
    - Now unloading units should regroup at their landing site
    - Renamed "Semiconductors" resource to "Microchips"
    - Moved Bulldozer unit into core
    - Star Fort now replaces Citadel too
    - Nano Research Department and Nanite Lab won't be National Wonders anymore
    - Moved Geoglyph improvement into core
    - City Raider V in ls612's promotions module was added to the City Raider promotion line
    - Added UNITCOMBAT_GUN to the list of unit combat groups qualified to take the Shock promotion line
    - Replaced all tech splash sounds for all techs added after Microwaves from AS2D_TECH_Electronics to AS2D_TECH_GENERIC in TechInfos. The only tech that uses that tag is Electronics
    - Changed Grand Manor to require Forge OR Foundry
    - Changed Mage Guild reward to Apothecary Guild in Scholars event
    - Removed Burglary crime type, and raised Revolution modifier of many crimes
    - Internal code additions and changes
    - Updated credits list

    - Changed dds of Olmec leader PoNgbe (a better looking one)
    - Changed Manchuria Civ color from Yellow to Blue
    - Made a new icon/button for Online Genealogy building
    - Gave Hubble and the ISS new icon/buttons since they did not have their own unique ones
    - Added new buttons and text for all Traditions
    - Changed Leader Portraits for Denmark and Manchuria
    - Found an amazing color portrait of Little Crow of the Lower Sioux and replaced the old one
    - New Hatshepsut leader art
    - Canute the Great now has color portraits
    - Updated tech buttons of Accelerated Germination, Jovian Exploration, Artificial Photosynthesis, Nanorobotics, Environmental Economics, Optronics, Conglomerates, Invisibility, Organic Photonics and Artificial Evolution

    - Now some worker build tasks will obsolete to tidy things up a bit:
    · "Build Grain Gatherer" obsoletes with Agriculture
    · "Build Rock Gatherer" obsoletes with Mining
    · "Build Stone Tools Workshop" obsoletes with Masonry
    · "Build Scavenging Camp" obsoletes with Hunting
    · "Build Scavenging Camp" (cow, sheep... version) obsoletes with Dog Breeding​
    - The following items will obsolete with Teleportation:
    · Four car-related Crimes and Automobiles resource
    · Speedway, Trailer Park and School Bus Station buildings
    - Tweaked Animal Testing Lab to go obsolete at Species Uplifting
    - Tweaked Shearing Barn not to go obsolete anymore since its the only source of Wool resource
    - Now Water Mill, Windmill, Cooper and Ghee Maker go obsolete at Globalization
    - Changed Perfume Maker to go obsolete at Globalization, instead of Vertical Farming
    - Waterclock now goes obsolete at Electronics tech (because of Quartz Clocks)
    - Orchestron Theater now goes obsolete at Mass Media tech
    - Clockwork Workshop now goes obsolete at Electronics tech
    - Su Song's Workshop now goes obsolete at Electronics to keep in line with the Waterclocks

    Tech changes
    - Changed Digital Warfare to Digitization, and moved forward in the tech tree (to X84 Y13)
    - Made new Pedia, Quote and icon/button to Digitization tech
    - Moved Cyberpunk forward (to X84 Y11)
    - Moved Cyberwarfare forward (to X83 Y13, now a Transhuman tech)
    - Cyberwarfare now requires War Simulations AND Wearable Computers
    - Digitization now requires Cyberwarfare AND Media Psychology
    - Cyberwarfare was added as a requirement to Cyberpunk, Military Robotics and Virtual Society techs.
    - Digitization was added as a requirement to Genome Encyclopedia, Virtual Society and Augmented Reality techs
    - Cyberpunk now requires Cognitive Robotics AND Cyberwarfare (removed Cybernetics requirement)
    - The following techs were moved from Galactic to Transhuman: TECH_SHIELDING, Artificial Evolution, Artificial Life, Advanced Shielding, Mind Uploading, Smart Dust, Terra Computer, Nanomining, Megastructure Engineering, Organic Cities, Advanced Warmachines, Cryogenics, Orbital Megastructures, Optronics, Photonic Satellites
    - Renamed Automated Services to Droids, and moved back (to X91 Y15)
    - Moved Holographics up vertically by 1 (to X91 Y5)
    - Moved Supersonic Flight to X90 Y3
    - Renamed Advanced Digital Warfare to Biometric Warfare, and changed its button
    - Renamed Advanced Molecular Biology to Genetic Biochemistry, and changed its button
    - Rapid Prototyping tech now requires 3D Printing AND Machine Learning
    - Automated Traffic tech now requires Rapid Prototyping AND Digitization
    - Derivatives tech now requires Communication Networks AND Conglomerates AND Legalized Gambling AND Long Range Forecasting
    - Completely changed Solar Propulsion requirements: now Planetary Exploration AND Nanotechnology. Now is a Modern era tech, and has been moved to X82 Y5. Also reduced its cost
    - Changed Magnetic Sails requirements: now Solar Propulsion AND Asteroid Mining AND Internal Shockwave Engine AND Lunar Tourism. Also moved to X93 Y3
    - Now Orbital Flight requires Magnetic Sails AND Advanced Computers AND Skyroads AND Photon Thermodynamics

    Trait changes
    - Organized: increased from +10%:gold: in capital to +20%
    - Humanitarian: changed -crime to -disease
    - Isolationist: an extra 5%:hammers:
    - Anti-clerical: changed % based free units to a solid number, so from +8 to like +22
    - Scientific: +25% war wariness instead of +20%
    - Temperamental: changed to -1 XP instead of -2
    - Excessive: +15% XP needed for promo up from +10%
    - Barbaric: 2 free XP for new units, extra 1 crime, -25%:culture: instead of -10% but no :gp: penalty
    - Industrious: added +disease and but also some sort of bonus that's relevant early game, +4:hammers: from the prehistoric quarry type improvements
    - Raised the effect of crime/disease changes caused by traits

    Related to new content
    - Modern Machine Gun upgrades to Unmanned Machine Gun
    - Reduced cost of Pit Traps and changed its tech requirements: now requires Trapping and obsoletes with Machinery. Now this building upgrades to Spiked Pit Traps.
    - Holographic Flight Simulator and Holographic Combat Simulator now require Holographic Projects resource
    - Now Fatty Acid Factory requires Factory AND Molecular Biology Lab, and population 13 to build
    - Protein Lab and Nucleic Acid Lab give bonuses with Enzymes resource and Biomathematics tech
    - Graphite Mine provides Graphite resource
    - Now Quern, Water Mill, Windmill, Donkey Mill and Oxen Mill upgrade to Modern Mill
    - Weaver's Hut upgrades to Cloth Factory
    - Perfume Maker upgrades to Perfume Factory
    - Cooper upgrades to Barrel Factory
    - Changed Coffee House and Cafe: requires Roasted Coffee instead of Coffee
    - Ghee Maker upgrades to Ghee Factory
    - Art Store gives bonus with Graphite too
    - Cartographer's Office upgrades now to Modern Cartographer
    - Safety (Orbital Prison) building replaces many punishment buildings (Maximum Security Prison and its free building, all "Capital Punishment" chain and Jail)
    - Hydraulics Factory also requires Biomorphics Lab (now requires Factory AND Biomorphics Lab)
    - Bionics Factory also requires Binary Consciousness Algorithms (now requires Factory AND Binary Consciousness Algorithms)
    - Changed yields of Greenhouse to 2:food: 2:science: 2:gold: and doesn't require water or give additional bonuses with techs anymore
    - Changed commerce of Hydroponics Lab to 3:gold: rather than 5%:science:, and doesn't require water, give additional bonuses with techs or produce +crime anymore. Added Water Pipes AND Greenhouse requirements too (now Laboratory AND Water Pipes AND Greenhouse)
    - Added Antigrav Generators resource requirement to Gravity Traps
    - Changed resource requirements of Metamateral Walls to Metamaterials, rather than Steel Wares AND Titanium Wares
    - Changed resource requirements of Superstrong Alloy Walls to Superstrong Alloy Wares, rather than Nanotubes
    - Changed resource requirements of Megastrong Allow Walls to Megastrong Alloy Wares, rather than Nanotubes
    - Changed resource requirements of Anti-Matter Battery to Antimatter, rather than Nanotubes
    - Changed tech requirements of many later Transhuman technologies due to MrAzure's redesign of later Transhuman era (too many changes, please press "Show" to see them...)
    Spoiler :
    · Now TECH_SHIELDING requires Evolved Construction AND Optronics, instead of Megastructure Engineering AND Fusion
    · Changed Artificial Evolution tech requirements to Quadruple Helix AND Novopaleontology AND Utopia Destiny
    · Now Artificial Life requires Botanical Alchemy AND Nutraceuticals AND (Whole Brain Emulation OR Homo Superior)
    · Added Artificial Nucleosynthesis AND Anima Materials prerequisites to Advanced Shielding (now Artificial Nucleosynthesis AND Anima Materials AND TECH_SHIELDING)
    · Added Social Calculus AND Synergetics prerequisites to Mind Uploading (now Social Calculus AND Synergetics AND Artificial Evolution)
    · Changed Smart Dust tech requirement to Binary Subconciousness, rather than Nanoelectronics
    · Now Homo Superior requires Species Uplifting AND Neuron Engineering, changed Biomimetics prerequisite
    · Changed completely Terra Computer requirements: now Knowledge Mercantilism AND Gaia Ecology AND Artificial Nucleosynthesis AND Humanoids
    · Changed Sentient Earth prerequisites to Human Transmutation AND Terra Computer AND Mythological Beastiary AND Binary Psychokinesis
    · Now Nanomining requires Smart Dust AND Botanical Alchemy (changed Nanobotics prerequisite)
    · Changed Megastructure Engineering requirements to Hypermagnetics AND Simulated Reality
    · Now Organic Cities tech requires Evolved Construction AND Nutraceuticals AND Botanical Alchemy (changed all prerequisites)
    · Changed Advanced Warmachines prerequisites: now Humanoids AND Anima Materials AND Droids AND Internal Shockwave Engine
    · Changed Cryogenics requirements to Homo Superior AND Hypermagnetics (changed Smart Drugs prerequisite)
    · Now Orbital Megastructures tech has totally new prerequisites, these are Astrogation Constellation AND Evolved Construction
    · Optronics requirements have been changed to Smart Dust AND Hypermagnetics AND Synergetics
    · Changed Photonic Satellites requirements to Anima Materials AND Orbital Megastructures (changed Optronics prerequisite)
    · Changed Artificial Photosynthesis prerequisites: now Hypothetical Biochemistry AND Interactive Glass AND Designer Microbiology (changed Invisibility and Advanced Germination prerequisites)
    · Added Ecological Engineering prerequisite to Advanced Germination (now requires Wireless Electricity AND Vertical Farming AND Novus Chemistry AND Ecological Engineering)
    · Added Automated Urbanization, Amplified Wavelengths and Photon Thermodynamics requirements to TECH_ANTIGRAV (now requires Skyroads AND Artificial Intelligence AND Automated Urbanization AND Amplified Wavelengths AND Photon Thermodynamics)
    · Added Smart Drugs prerequisite to Cyberimmuniology (now requires Exocortex Networks AND Artificial Evolution AND Smart Drugs)
    · Changed Droids (formerly Automated Services) requirements to Disaster Bots AND Mesh Networks AND Nanogenerators AND Affective Algorithms
    · Added Ubitiqious Computing prerequisite to Nanogenerators (now requires Liquid Metals AND Ubitiqious Computing)
    · Added Ubitiqious Computing prerequisite to Lunar Colonizization (now requires Space Colonies AND Lunar Exploration AND Ubitiqious Computing)
    · Added Media Hivemind requirement to Automated Urbanization (now requires Droids AND TECH_ONTOLOGICALENGINEERING AND Media Hivemind)
    · Added Augment Consumables requirement to Vertical Farming (now requires Automated Urbanization AND Augment Consumables)
    · Added Mainstream Cloning requirement to Rapid Recuperation (now requires TECH_GENEJURISPRUDENCE AND Mainstream Cloning)
    · Added Amplified Wavelengths and Photon Thermodynamics prerequisites to Quantum Computer (now requires Advanced Computers AND Amplified Wavelengths AND Quantum Teleportation AND Photon Thermodynamics)
    · Added Amplified Wavelengths prerequisite to Universal Translator (now requires Artifcial Inteligence AND Amplified Wavelengths)
    · Added Electromagnetic Voltage requirement to Cybernetics (now requires Cyberimmuniology AND Bionics AND Electromagnetic Voltage)
    · Added Electromagnetic Voltage requirement to Personal Robots (now requires Androids AND Universal Translator AND Plastic Electronics AND Electromagnetic Voltage)
    · Added Advanced Warmachines and Synthetic Sentience requirement to Artificial Intelligence
    · Added Supersonic Rails requirement to Skyroads, and removed TECH_STRAFFIC requirement
    · Removed Advanced Warmachines requirement from Knowledge Management
    · Added Advanced Warmachines requirement to Androids
    · Added Apocolyptic Pathogens requirement to Extraterrestrial Agriculture
    · Added Synthetic Sentience requirement to Smart Drugs
    · Added Synthetic Sentience requirement to Exocortex Networks
    · Added Utopia Destiny requirement to Social Calculus
    · Moved Jovian Exploration to x93 Y5, and changed its requirements: now Asteroid Probes AND Lunar Manufacturing AND Media Hivemind AND Fusion AND Mainstream Cloning. Its cost have been also increased

    - Changed resource requirements of Organic Lamps building to Organic Photonic Cells, instead of Microchips AND Fiberglass. Removed the tiny flammability increase too
    - Moved Highways, Expressway and Route 66 buildings, and Highway path type, to Highway Systems tech
    - Moved Burger Joint, Pizza Parlor, Taco Hut, Pancake House, Cafe, Deli and Diner buildings to Franchises tech
    - Moved Health Food Store and Energy Drink Factory buildings, and Energy Drinks resource, to Gastronomy tech
    - Walker Mech, Assault Mech, Power Armored Infantry, Anti-Personnel Mech, Police Mech and Dolphin Mech units now require Mechs resource instead of Mech Assembly Plant
    - Mech Assembly Plant now requires Epsilon Assembler

    Bugfixes and optimizations
    - Fixed crash reported by Faustmouse
    - Fixed some bugs in the DamageToAttacker mechanism
    - Generated a WIDGET_PEDIA_JUMP_TO_ROUTE and a Route Help Hover (helps to create Routes pedia pages)
    - Fixed crash reported by SO
    - Fixed crash reported by Chmoosi
    - Fixed pathing bug reported by n47
    - Fixed potential hang when using stack attack
    - Fixed rare crash when a player cannot build any city defense AI types, reported by SO
    - Reinstated incorrectly moved unit city defense modifier processing
    - Fixed bug with commander re-use reported by Azcore
    - Fixed incorrect ordering of tech choice and city production popups
    - Fixed lost sound when popping goody huts
    - Fixed concurrency crash reported by SO
    - Fixed crash reported by jscolton
    - Fixed a subtle (pre-existing) bug with ZOCs
    - Fixed potential crash when opening the Pedia from the main menu
    - Fixed bug with visibility range issues when moving out of forts
    - Fixed CTD reported by SO
    - Fixed CTD that can happen on conquering a city
    - Substantial speedup to AI tech evaluation
    - Substantial speedups by optimizing some bottlenecks related to combat type processing in the combat mod (about -40% of turn processing time)
    - Updated debug DLL
    - Source files: Splitted up CvInfos.cpp into CvBuildingInfo.cpp and CvUnitInfo.cpp due to its big size

    - Adjusted AI to handle separation of fort tags for culture, bonus provision, and ZOCs
    - Fixed a blind spot in the AIs building evaluation that prevented it seeing a poor building enabled a good one
    - Fixed a major bug with the naval AI that prevented it launching naval invasions
    - Improved performance of several AI navy routines
    - Some optimization of AI tech evaluations
    - Improved AI evaluation of tech and city trades
    - Fixed AI tendency to abandon newly built forts in neutral territory
    - Further improvements to AI trade evaluation (especially cities and corporations)
    - Small AI tweak to make more sensible decisions abotu which unit fulfills a mission if several are considering it

    - Removed plot yields for Natural Wonders now that they have been moved to the buildings - fixes "strange plot yields" bug
    - Adjust Platyping's Empire State Building Wonder to use C2C bonus classes for exclusion (doesn't give unique bonuses anymore)
    - Changed credits for "HydroMancerX", it should be just "Hydromancerx"
    - Fixed Italian leaderhead pictures
    - Croatian leader Tomilav had 3 positive traits! Gave him Fanatical instead of Organized
    - Took out the NoBadGoodies for the Hand Ram
    - Fixed Great Bath still being built if you don't exit Civ before starting a new game
    - Deleted duplicated Horse Archer and Horseman unit art styles for Rome
    - Fixed untranslatable text for Fort Knox and Big Ben
    - Removed ability to upgrade Captives due to an error in mission costs
    - Turned down the volume of the Tech Tracking, it was scaring a lot of people when they are playing it was so loud
    - Deleted duplicated Attila pedia entry
    - Cleaned up some tech' pedia entries
    - Fixed Bear, Deer and Dog Totem buildings not working correctly
    - Added Feline Domestication as a tech requirement for Zoology tech (fixes "dead end" of Feline Domestication)
    - Added Camel Domestication as a tech requirement for Cavalry Tactics tech (fixes "dead end" of Camel Domestication)
    - Fixed button of Speculative Physiology tech
    - Removed BUG start-as-minor check on pre-existing military when adding Clubman
    - Fixed the spacing in the Quotes of Nomadic Lifestyle and 2 others
    - Fixed Civilopedia text of Barter civic
    - Tweaked some combat-related UI texts to better describe a few things such as when Repel takes place
    - Fixed a text error on the Sidestep promotion line
    - Fixed tech quote spacing of ending quotation marks
    - Made Garden by the Bay wonder require a coastal city
    - Fixed spurious extra icons in main interface
    - Fixed terrains order in CIV4TerrainInfos file
    - Made void terrains visible so not to mess up all the space terrains after it

    TODO: add some forgotten changes from SVN 6060-6070, 6121, 6122, 6125, 6126, 6127 and 6133
  2. Kroji

    Kroji Chieftain

    May 20, 2013
    Reserved for future use...
  3. Epi3B1rD

    Epi3B1rD Chieftain

    Aug 21, 2011
    Whoa, that was quick (From v32 to v33)
  4. civfan613

    civfan613 Chieftain

    Jul 21, 2012
    Exactly shows why we love this mod so much. :)
  5. strategyonly

    strategyonly C2C Supreme Commander

    Mar 13, 2006
    Yeah sorry about that, i has to put out a FAST update because v31 was messed up, sorry everyone:blush:
  6. Azurian

    Azurian The Azurian

    Apr 10, 2012
    Florida, USA
    Are we still doing the Patches system so folks don't have to download the whole thing, but only the new stuff at v32. I know SVN supports this.
  7. Hydromancerx

    Hydromancerx C2C Modder

    Feb 27, 2008
    California, USA

    You are quite observant in the changes. Some of the changes listed I did not even list specifically (ex. Reduced Pit Trap costs).
  8. Kroji

    Kroji Chieftain

    May 20, 2013
    This mod changes almost every day, and many times. I suppose you know that v33 isn't ready yet, but I'm listing SVN evolution since v32 release, spend half hour every 2-3 days is easier for me than do this completely after v33 release.

    Yeah, most times I copy and paste the SVN commit text, but as I attempt the player knows even the smaller gameplay change, sometimes I look deeper and revise the whole SVN changes. I hope you and all C2C team continue giving me work on updating this. :goodjob: Of course, if there is something wrong, please let me know.
  9. Azurian

    Azurian The Azurian

    Apr 10, 2012
    Florida, USA
    Kroji don't forget to update this ;)

    EDIT: You are doing an amazing job!
  10. Lawrie

    Lawrie Chieftain

    Jul 20, 2008
    Well done chaps and thanks for putting all the hard work in :)
  11. Kroji

    Kroji Chieftain

    May 20, 2013
    Updated, sorry for the delay, but it's time of studying for university exams...

    Thank you! I attempt to update this between integral and integral... :D
  12. Azurian

    Azurian The Azurian

    Apr 10, 2012
    Florida, USA
    I forgot the mention the new Tech Whole Brain Emulation that was added (I forgot to put it in Notes).

    The Techs I moved were Optronics and Mind Uploading. Maybe fixed Hypersonic Flight vertical place.

    Yes, virtually all late Transhuman Tech after DNA computing got changes.
  13. Hydromancerx

    Hydromancerx C2C Modder

    Feb 27, 2008
    California, USA
    An impressive list I must say. This is becoming one of the most productive cycle so far! :high5:
  14. raxo2222

    raxo2222 Warlord

    Jun 10, 2011
    Excellent work, Kroji ;)
  15. Azurian

    Azurian The Azurian

    Apr 10, 2012
    Florida, USA

    734 Technologies in Caveman2Cosmos
    Redesigned Transhuman Era (164 Total Techs)
    44 new Transhuman Era Technologies since Version 32:
    Hypothetical Biochemistry, Cybersociology, Designer Microbiology, Unification Physics, Binary Legislation, Hypermagnetics, Simulated Reality, Oort Cloud Probes, Binary Subconciousness, Quadruple Helix, Neuron Engineering, Novo Paleontology, Binary Semiotics, Synergetics, Social Calculus, Astrogation Constellation, Evolved Construction, Botanical Alchemy, Nutraceutical Animals, Technological Singularity, Abyss Colonization, Comprehensive Cybernetics, Animamaterials, Transhumanism, Knowledge Merchantilism, Binary Psycokinesis, Human Transmutation, Whole Brain Emulation, Mainstream Cloning, Media Hivemind, Nanopunk, Augment Consumables, Mass Surveillance, Photon Thermodynamics, Amplified Wavelengths, Electromagnetic Voltage, Bacterium Engineering, Battlefield Sports and Supercharged Crystallography, Prototyped Pathogens, Dystopia Pathogens, Apocolyptic Pathogens, Synthetic Sentience, Utopian Destiny
  16. khh

    khh Chieftain

    Feb 5, 2012
    Under Bugfixes, DLL
    - Fixed unit flickering and spurious audio playing as you click around

    Probably shouldn't be mentioned, as it's a bugfix of the new graphical paging option, and thus the bug that was fixed didn't exist in the last version.
  17. God-Emperor

    God-Emperor Chieftain

    Jul 18, 2009
    And, for that matter, the whole very impressive new feature of dynamically displaying many graphical elements only when needed is never mentioned in the list. This is certainly the biggest new feature, so I think it ought to be mentioned in there somewhere.
  18. GiuseppeIII

    GiuseppeIII The Third Giuseppe

    Jul 12, 2011
    Chicago IL
    It's Allready there
  19. Azurian

    Azurian The Azurian

    Apr 10, 2012
    Florida, USA
    Time to Update.
  20. Nimek

    Nimek Chieftain

    Jul 7, 2010
    AI fix that enables naval invasion byb Koshling

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