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Johnson J. John

Jul 5, 2015
Aztec Report for v79

Turn 354: Alright, after a few test playthroughs, I am going to try and do my best. The overall strategy is to focus on the military until the Conquest event is dealt with, and then spam science and trade as hard as possible to close the gap. This means I will be investing my starting policies, currency, and research into military affairs.

Which is very fitting, no?

My biggest critique this early in the game is that the spawn isn’t a river hex, which is needed for the amazing Floating Gardens. Thus, I will spend the first turn moving to the coast to get river access. I won't report turn by turn, but more give mini reports as the game progresses every 10 turns.

Turn 370: This one is late to get to a round number. Normally a city state spawns to the north for me to fight, but it didn’t so far. I’ve built up a nice military, finished the honor tree and started on tradition, research bronze working, but no northern enemy. I guess I’ll have to deal with the Maya first. A trick I learned to deal with the high gold cost: make scouts and sacrifice them. A very thematic solution.

Turn 380: The conquest of Tikal went well, and still no sign of the northerners. I guess I’ll settle it then.

Turn 390: Using Caravans to funnel as much food into the Capital as possible.

Turn 400: Met the Inca, trading tobacco for gold. Starting to build a courthouse in Tikal. Starting to get really worried about when the boot is going to drop.

Turn 410: Working on a settler, fully integrated Tikal, booming economy, growing science, no points from killing units. Huh.

Turn 420: Enjoying the fruits of my first Golden Age, still working on the settler, still worried about that boot…

Turn 428: 100 years off schedule, the Europeans have arrived! This time, it’s the French. I probably wasted too much time with the settler that I finished, but maybe things will pay off?

Turn 430: And in an act of Divine Intervention, the French collapsed and the conquerors fled. A bit of an anticlimax, but I am not one to question the feathered serpent! Also, some players have reached the Industrial Age already. A bit early if you ask me.

Turn 440: Ran into the Spanish in Cuba and gave them a hefty tribute to appease them. The English took Paris, and I traded with them Tobacco for cash and iron. No epidemics yet, and the heavy plows + floating gardens are amazing. Spot some barbarians to the north…

Turn 450: The English settled Detroit in the far north, so I will be sending trade routes to the European outposts to get some tech generation. Finally got Iron Working to use that iron with.

Turn 460: Spanish missionaries convert my Capital, which I don’t really mind. Means I can use all this built up faith to build… Mosques? Eh, it’s still Catholicism, close enough. Used my first Great Artist to get a Golden Age. No time for slow build, only short term gain! Also, finally killed a few units of Native Americans and Barbarians.

Turn 470: A lot has happened. The British collapsed when the Germans took Paris. This had 2 effects. One, I now have to buy Iron from my Spanish “friends”. Two, there are a lot of free cities to the north to conquer! Stability is starting to be an issue, so I might just loot and raze them.

Turn 480: Detroit has fallen and burned, and soon Toronto will as well! Paris is now in Spanish hands. I guess The City of Light is now The Village Bicycle of Europe. I could write cruder remarks, but I’ll express restraint. Rationalism is being worked on, and now I have guns!

Turn 490: Was almost ready to go kill off New York, and then I remembered America would form very soon. Working on colonizing Louisiana before the Yanks get it. Built my first Mosque!

Turn 500: So, the Americans spawned, swept up New York, liberated it to the British, and someone finished the Manhattan Project. Also, I met Japan, and they immediately collapsed. Change of plans, I settled in the rockies, since I believe there is coal in the area. Building up a gunpowder army.

Turn 510: The British collapsed… Again. And now the filthy neutrals control Paris. I remembered the coal spawns correctly, and will soon be rushing industrialization! Also, I built the Newsh… Neusch… the Happy-Culture-Money-Castle Wonder. Met Turkey.

Turn 520: Continuing to settle the North, someone got an ideology, and I have scored 104 points from killing stuff.

Turn 530: Someone landed on the moon, a great scientist discovered Industrialization, and I met India, and the Thai.

Turn 540: Went with Order for an Ideology since my emp- uh, Glorious Worker’s Republic has gotten pretty big. Spain went Autocracy, those traitors! I struck oil, and created my first Great Work “Variations on America”, which is a perfect title, frankly. Built the Kremlin, met Brazil, and finished the Rationalism path. 120 points from units killed.

Turn 550: World Congress formed, and I am churning out a tank army. Airplanes are coming soon, and I am rushing Uranium. Starting to face civil disobedience.

Turn 560: Pentagon built, extracting artifacts, finished my own atomic project, extracting uranium.

Turn 570: Turkey and Korea fall. Airforce is up and operational. Hydroelectric plants being built. Working on Solar Plants. Welcome to the 20th Century!

Turn 580: World’s Fair and World Games at the same time! Beginning work on a navy.

Aaaaand then the game crashed. I could continue, but I’m not sure I see the need. I have the strongest military, the most tech, I am very stable, and I am rapidly approaching the development of FALGSC.

Overall, this was a lot of fun, though I definitely had some weird lucky breaks (no northern neighbor, no plague, conquistadors going poof, Spain liking me). My final kill score was still at 120, as you just don’t have enough enemies to kill until the Europeans (or in an earlier playtest, the Japanese) arrive. What if you could get points for building and then deleting units? Probably easy to exploit, but just an idea. If I was going to continue, I would probably go on a liberatory crusade against the colonizers, but I wouldn’t take many cities, as I don’t want to risk collapse down the line. Maybe an option to release cities as (permanently) allied city-states? Or maybe have puppeted cities have a significantly reduced effect on stability? This was with an old version of the mod, so these might have already been implemented, but these are the thoughts that came to mind.

I will say, of the many games I didn’t record, no two were at all quite alike. Bravo, Rhye!


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May 23, 2001
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thank you, very useful.
I noticed that the tech pace is very different when a human plays compared with autoplay. Simply the human presence speeds up everything.
When doing autoplay, the pace is tuned perfectly. I guess I have to find a variable to detect autoplay and depending on that apply a huge modifier
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