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May 23, 2001
Japan / South America
it's a pretty solid update, the late game should be more enjoyable now. But crashes still occasionally happen.
Looking forward for your reports

- Fixed bug preventing AI points victory

- added a cap for “turns alive” stability penalty – less collapsing civs in modern times

- revised military stability weights

- disabled archaeologists and sites

- added a cap of 5 workers per player

- decreased cost of improvements to match limited workers

- added a cap of 2 missionaries and 2 inquisitors

- added a cap of 6 to all industrial land units per type

- added a cap of 5 to all industrial sea units per type

- added a cap of 5 to all modern land units per type

- added a cap of 4 to all modern sea units per type

- added a cap of 4 to all air units per type

- added a cap of 4 to all nuclear units

- added a cap of 3 to special type units per type (such as Paratroopers, Anti-Aircraft, Mobile SAM, Carrier)

- added a cap of 6 to all other sea units per type

- added a cap of 7 to all other land units per type

- Privateer upgrades to Submarine; Battleship upgrades to Missile Cruiser: needed to streamline the upgrade lines and reduce their overall number

- fixed obsolete techs for Musketman, Samurai, Ship of The Line, Artillery, Infantry, Submarine and Tank: they are no longer buildable after becoming obsolete

- AI gets some periodical free updates of units that get lost in faraway lands/seas and would never get updated, only increasing the number of useless units on the map

- upgrading beyond unit caps brings 10 points Military stability penalty

- maximum zoom out changed from M to S (so that it won’t interfere with the move command)

- human player collapses convert units in 2 plot radius to the rebel faction

- revised spawn dates/eras of Zurich, Teheran, Baghdad, Babylon and other city states

- fixed bug of outer city radius

- Babylonia starts with Pottery instead of Mining

- Greece starts with Bronze Working instead of Archery

- The Vikings start with one additional longboat

- Rome starts with a spearman

- added settling ability to Roman Legions (experimental)

- Huns starting position moved 1 plot west (higher pressure on West Rome)

- Extended river to Mexico City

- Sheeps deleted from Northern Arabia and readded before Arabian spawn

- Sinai and Memphis flip to Arabia

- North Egypt flips to East Rome

- updated city renames

- updated Roman city maps in order to avoid double Ankara

- Great Admiral cannot cross ocean before Astronomy

- Settler moves changed from 2 to 3

- tuned down Chinese and Indian victory modifiers

- fixed wrong calculation of European cities

- added Portuguese RP Victory goals

- improved victory panel code: some point update will appear instantly

- reduced again science bonus to Korea
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Dec 20, 2004
Since archeologists and sistes are disabled, the perk for completing the Exploration policies should perhaps be changed. As the perk is to show hidden sites.


Oct 20, 2020
Not sure if anyone has this problem but every time I start a game I automatically get the defeat message before I even have time to press auto play. Tried last to start with Egypt and Rome but keep happening on various attempts.

Edit- I figured it out- been watching how the game develops on auto-play- will do a write up with screen-shots- might be next week as I am traveling for Thanksgiving
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Jan 29, 2021
Hi, I would like to be on the next beta version test, or maybe even on this one v81, is that possible?
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