v83 considerations (Greece, India)


Oct 22, 2005
Tridentum - Italia
I observed a Greece game and I noticed a few things:
- Greece collapsed shortly after the birth of Rome. Carthage and Rome expanded quite a lot but never tried to counquer any of the rebels in Greece. Also they didn' attack eachother. AI seems good at taking cities from minor civs they are in forever wars with, but they don't seem aggressive thowards other entities. Maybe "forcing" some more wars would be a good idea?
- Settlers don't stack with military units.
- Very early I saw the appearance of musketmen in Egypt. I attached a screenshot.
- Huns don't seem to do nearly as much damage as they should? Rome resisted without losing any cities and lasted until around 1000AD when I stopped.

Next I started an India game:
- The whole subcontinent has only one source of iron, but you need Biology to get access to it.
- The objective of not being at war seems very easy, I'm playing on emperor and nobody declared war on me. The game is not over but at the moment a declaration of war seems unlikey since I'm friends with everybody.


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