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Dec 20, 2004
Today was a China day! (Difficulty: King)
  • Economic stability a huge issue leading to two civil wars before 1500, the other stability categories were all good. But I guess it does make historical sense with China fighting itself more than anyone else.
  • With plenty of barbarians to the north I could easily gain a bunch of generals early on to build strategic citadels on my northern border. Together with me rushing for the Great Wall, I was well prepared when the Mongols arrived. Even with great wall + 3 citadels on the border and soldeirs on the ready, the mongol horde was a big threat almost capturing my capital. Very fun!
  • Religious bugs:
    • In the Religion overview window in the World Religions tab it says "There are no world religions". Even though I've encounted three other religions so far in additon to my own.
    • The indian city of Veranasi got weird after India collapsed. It become first barbarian and then captured by Kathmandu. No religion anymore, no religious pressure, and even my prophet couldn't spread religion to it. With there only being one space between Veranasi and Kathmandu, I couldn't spread religion to Kathmandu either.
Also, is there a reason why Tea only gives 3 happiness while all other luxury resources gives 4? AI won't trade their excess luxuries for my tea because of this
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El Bogus

Dec 20, 2009
Leipzig, Germany
I also played China (on Emperor difficulty) and ... man was it addicting!
  • I tried out a few slightly different starts and then figured out that beelining Writing for the Great Library (and building Temple of Artemis and Stonehenge on the way to get an early Great Engineer) worked best for me.
  • Choosing the Heathen Conversion as a Reformation belief gave me a huge army of Naresuan's Elephants with which I could have conquered the world but I was afraid of stability so I just saved them up for the Mongolian spawn and crushed their units which were also 50% weaker due to missing ressources. I converted so many units that I had to regularly delete them to avoid a production penalty.
Spoiler :
Naresuan's Revenge.jpg

  • The Taklamakan Desert is the best place for Petra imo and leads to a city with extremely high production.
  • I also had a Civil War due to bad economy but I could recapture the revolting cities with my converted units pretty quickly. In comparison to the secessions in Civ IV RFC the Civil War is a much less annoying experience since you don't have to deal with the Independent culture.
  • The plague never hit me. (Same thing happened to me in my Spanish game.)
  • When France invaded Germany and took their capital they flipped all their cities, ultimately leading to their collapse. Which in turn lead to England's collapse after they got some of the remaining cities.
Spoiler :

Europa Barbarorum.jpg

  • Some minor things: Vietnam spawns on top of a spices ressource and deletes it since it's mercantile city state.
    Persia can found a city that is not named yet. I couldn't find a name that would be fitting for the Persians. Maybe just call it Aral?
Spoiler :

missing city name.jpg

  • Tech pace was okay. In some instances, I was even a bit too slow (mainly in the Middle Ages where France, Spain and Arabia snatched three World Wonders from me)


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Dec 20, 2004
i havent touched the tea data in the mod component. Should I set it to 4? (it's going to be another boost to Asian civs)
I guess it's fine as is then. I was just surprised. I thought all luxury resources gave equal happiness, but I guess that it's balanced somehow.


Jan 25, 2012
There's no Tea in Civ5?

@Rhye That's a mod-specific resource, right?
So I guess it's just a typo when creating it, if not an intended balance on your part?
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