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El Bogus

Dec 20, 2009
Leipzig, Germany
I wanted to play my favourite civ first. Isabellas Unique Power is very strong especially when you settle Sicily/Calabria with its two Natural Wonders.
  • The tech pace was fine with the tendency to be only slightly too fast imo. I played on Emperor difficulty.
  • I noticed only one serious bug: The Netherlands took very long to settle their capitol (over 400 years).
Spoiler :

NL bug.jpg

Further annotations:
  • I liked the Viking invasions. They were able to take my capitol, once. You can savescum their spawn, though.
  • Settlers are unnecessarily expensive imo. This makes the Independence tree obligatory if you want to build settlers. I was able to wait for my Conquistadors, though.
  • Additionally, Conquistadors can enter desert tiles making desert cities possible. On that note, I'm not liking that settlers can't enter certain tiles. It makes moving them very awkward, especially when playing as Egypt. If you want to settle Alexandria, for example, you have to wait to discover Sailing. (Or is it even the tech after that?)
  • Your starting position depends heavily on the Autoplay turns. Much more than in Civ IV RFC. E.g. I waited for a spawn where Rome had been razed to comfortably settle South Italy.
  • Regarding religions: the traits that are typically picked in the vanilla game are not as strong in this mod which is interesting to me. I have the feeling that the conversion of Barbarian units can be game breaking if used correctly. (China would be my go to example.) Another thing I noticed is that the "Initiation Rites" founder belief that usually gives 100 gold upon conversion gave me 200 gold, instead. Don't know if that is intended.
  • I very much like the Chateau on Mont St. Michel for France. =)
  • The Inca built a Moai Statue?
  • Overall, the game experience as Spain was very fun! A different spawn could probably result in a different experience, though.


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Dec 20, 2004
When you say it, I've also seen Netherlands use a very long time to settle their first city once in a while. Not sure why.


Oct 22, 2005
Tridentum - Italia
I saw the same for Portugal in my last game. I think they esistate for a couple turns and Spain buys the land around them.
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