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v90 ready


's and Fall creator
May 23, 2001
Japan / Italy / Germany
Civs worth testing this time: the Aztecs, Arabia, Mongolia, Portugal, France, Native America

Rhye’s and Fall v89​

- all civs now rated by stars, as it was in Civ4 setup screen

- Mongolia not included, Portugal included in Native American games

- Pillars of Hercules removed after Middle Ages and in advanced starts

- quest of gift of units should be disabled now in order to stop peace with pirates

- updated Exploration policy text

- Milan called Milano in medieval times

- added fix by Iloveplayciv for new city name for languages other than English

- fixed bug, now European settlers are helped by a script with defending units when they reach the coast of North America, when playing as the Natives

- increased Native starting units

- Native units not created if the civ is already dead

- increased “Barbarian” Mongols in the game where Mongolia is switched off

- slightly increased Industrial techs cost

- small update of settlers maps and city names

- retouched Greenland

- opened passage east of Urali

- Removed iron from Korea

- reinforced France terrain, and moved Mont Saint Michel one plot to the left

- Iberian peninsula shifted one plot to the left, possibly making less pressure on France. Morocco also retouched

- Reshaped North Korea; Beijing and also Karakhorum shifted one plot to the left as consequence

- Arabia gains the ability to convert surrounding land units, and also gain victory points by that

Rhye’s and Fall v90​

- Location of Tenochtitlan made into a settleable lake

- The Aztecs will start further north, and get 100 Victory points for founding on the exact location of the lake

- Aztec starting date slightly anticipated

- Aztec starting units revised, no additional settlers

- Tlaxcala appears also when the Aztecs are not human player

- geography of Mexico revised in order to force the player to move out from the initial desert

- Latin American minor civ permanently hostile to the Aztecs, in order to be a challenge for founding the first city

- fixed zero gnp of human player (thanks to Jet, nice catch)

- added bonus or penalty for having number of cities higher or lower than the maximum reached, in Territory category of stability. It will penalize empires that get smaller than they used to be

- Mongol role play victory is achieved by spreading plagues to foreign cities, and expanding the empire incrementally on X and Y axes

- updated some city names

- added goal for Portuguese and Dutch role play, to be the first to meet Japan

- Russian ability switched to Pocatello’s, as more fitting

- useless Turkish ability replaced with Morocco’s

- added better civ description in the Dawn of Man screen
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The descriptions of most leaders' abilities have been removed from the Civilopedia.
France has a pretty good terrain set from my experience with this version! I was pleased with my core lands
I tried another game with the natives. No major problems to report, but I found something strange going on with barbarians and ideologies.


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