v91 France


Mar 31, 2023
I have been playing this game for a while now and it has been a great experience overall. I have had lots of fun. However, I recently noticed a possible issue while playing with france

Even after hundreds of years, the Portuguese settlers don't seem to be settling in Portugal, and are instead just sitting in the ocean. This behavior seems unusual, maybe they get wiped out or don't settle in Portugal but they it seems they haven't settled anywhere so I wanted to flag that. I'm not sure if this is a bug in the game or if there is a specific reason for this behavior, but it does seem like a problem. Let me know if I can assist with more information or in anyway on this.

Just noticed something similar may have happened to the Dutch too. They don't seem to have a city and their settlers are in the ocean
Also had this list pop up where they have 0 production in their cities seems to confirm that they have no cities at all
Thank you, I have been aware of this issue for a while. I thought I solved it, but here it is again. I actually saw also with Greece.
Every time I try to check they settle normally.
I need a savegame that 100% will reproduce this weird behaviour in order to catch the bug.
anyone can provide a savegame?
I still have my save where this occurred but you would need a save before they spawned not after correct? I played another game as Spain but no similar issues so can't use that. Let me know if my save after I noticed works otherwise I will keep playing new games to see if it happens again over the next couple days.
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